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  1. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Most Frustrating Gaming Moments...

    All I can say is that at the moment the thing that is pissing me off most in the gaming world is Sonic Adventure DX directors cut. I have 100% with the six characters and then I try the Super Sonic ending! ARRRGGGHHHHHHH the damn Perfect Chaos keeps hitting me no matter how much I move and where I go it is so frustrating that I turned it off in anger!:flaming:
  2. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Mario Quiz

    Super Mario Bros. ( if you mean the shells) or Super Mario Bros. 2
  3. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition

    I got a copy of it yesterday. I exchanged it with some poor sap at work for Pikmin. who got the better deal I wonder? Anyway this is the first time I have owned MM and OOT (well actually this is the second for OOT) but I used to have the first Zelda and Links Adventure on my dear old NES until some bugger stole them! The thing I can't work out though is why you can't use the save from OOT that came with WW for OOT that came in the collectors edition. That way I wouldn't have to keep swapping discs when i want to play between each one.
  4. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming The time has come

    I'm pretty sure that Gary's Eevee beat Ash's Pikachu at professor Oaks house! (after they both sorted out Team Rocket again)
  5. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming The time has come

    I think Ash will lose, because Gary has won many of the matches hehas had with Ash, plus i think that ash has only beaten gary once and that was in the pokemon league.
  6. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

    hey dudes im green link! You're the original Green Link, focused solely on rescuing Zelda and saving the day. You get along okay with the other Links, with the partial exception of Purple Link, and you try to cooperate as much as you can to complete dungeons in as timely a manner as possible. Your item of choice is usually the highly versatile Bow & Arrow, and you get along best with the fierce Red Link, spurring each other on. What Color Link are You? brought to you by Quizilla gee whizz it is true what they say that the originals are the best!
  7. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Your best SSBM fighter!

    I'm sorry i have to disagree with everyone her my favorite is Pikachu. his speed makes him pretty easy to control and his electric move annoy even the best of opponants. true he maybe a bit slow with his thunder move (down + B) but hey i only use that for cheap knockouts if its really nessercery(sp?).
  8. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Zelda Bonus Disk Version 2.0?

    Im not saying that i don't believe you but the thing is why would they release Ocarina of Time again? and how would all them games fit on to one disc with bothe the N64 games?
  9. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Zelda movie?

    there was a zelda manga?!:wow: I've never heard of it! well I am from England.
  10. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Soul Calibur 2

    Links image will not be ruined as most people are saying it will be broaded, it will just be like the link for Smash brothers melee. he totally kick *** on there and he will totally kick *** on soul calibur. All the english computer games magazines are saying that the console only fighters are a welcome edition because of the fact taht they all have different fighting styles so there is something to suit everyones needs.
  11. maybe he can overcome the great sea by making portals and stuff or maybe just make it a bit smaller.
  12. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Pokemon Quiz

    Easy just go round through the back door of the mansion in celadon city, and climb all those stairs then pick up the pokeball off the table which contains eevee. My Q: In what film does Charizard save Ashes life?
  13. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Poke'mon Stadium, HELP ME!

    Okay lets have some suggestions for teams that i could use, also include move sets.
  14. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Conker's Bad Fur Day

    best bit i would have to say is the bit where you meet greg the grim reaper :laugh: that had me in stitches, stitches i tell you stitches!
  15. Raichu Tamer

    Gaming Oh. Almighty. Crap. SMA4 is YOshi's story.

    Heck, seems as i didn't own an N64 until last year you would think that i wouldn't know anything about this game, but in fact i do know its a big of.... you see i played it round my mates house when he rented it and jjust by watching him play it i thought it was crap, then i played and then i definatly knew it was crap. god why don't they just release a brand new mario game for the advance instead of keep on porting over older ones?