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  1.   Thanks Boo!   One of my favorite quotes from the podcast was when Taco-chan was talking about his new car, and you were like "So it's like a spaceship, but on the ground..." Good times. Btw, if you don't mind me asking, what was that background music you guys often used for the podcast? It had a sorta Napoleon Dynamite vibe to it, lol.   Thanks for the skype contact also! 
  2.   Thanks for the reply dude! I'm glad you guys are still alive and well, lol.   Another thing that got me interested in the OB podcast was that you mentioned you were stationed in Germany. When I was little, my dad was in the US Air Force, and we got stationed in Ramstein AFB for 3 years. I remember those endless gray skies and constant chilly weather throughout the year. I miss those chocolate hollow eggs with toys in them, lol.   As far as my podcast goes, we're gonna be doing an episode on the Summer Season line-up and then another episode later on to review Black Lagoon. So if you guys are interested in either of those, you're welcome to be on!
  3. Lol, yeah, it was late when I posted this. I'm gonna role with that excuse.   Scratch that, we're both wrong. I was supposed to say "Where art ye?" because I was asking about multiple people, not just one person. 
  4. What's up people!   I'm Marlon aka Wakashi....   I like to draw, rock climb, play videogames, and do other mulitmedia stuff.   I also co-host an anime podcast with a friend that we started a year ago called Anime On Top!   I knew about Otakuboards for years, but didn't join since I didn't know anyone here.    My main reason for joining Otakuboards was to try to get in touch with some if any of the awesome people who once did the amazingness that is The Otakuboards Podcast.   If anyone would like to talk anime with me or even on my podcast when we record, here's my skype name: wakashi_ml7   If you want to email me: otakubacon@gmail.com   Thanks for all the awesome memories you gave to me and many others with The Otakuboards Podcast!   I hope to say "What's up!" with some of you guys eventually.   To end this introduction of mine, here's a drawing I finished recently:      
  5. I loved the Otakuboards Podcast, and I still listen to it once in a while.    I miss Cory and Boo's crazy stories from Europe and all the politically incorrect jokes they had with all their guest hosts.   They also introduced me to the greatest fan-fic author ever, Hanz Von Hotzel!   They were one of the podcasts that inspired me and my friend to start our own podcast about a year ago and still going.   We're an anime podcast that record on a monthly basis (usually).   If anyone from the Otakuboards Podcast would like to chat with me on skype or be on an episode, I'd be more than super glad to hear from you guys again!   Here's my email if you want to contact me: otakubacon@gmail.com   My skype name:  wakashi_ml7   Here's a link to my podcast: http://aotpodcast.blogspot.com/   Our podcast ad that I threw together one day: http://vimeo.com/43990869
  6. [font="Tahoma"]Hello! [/font] [font="Tahoma"]This is something I hadn't noticed as a subject yet, so here we go. [/font] [font="Tahoma"]I drew this for Christmas and I wanted to know if anyone else can guess which character this is and from what show![/font] [font="Tahoma"]Btw, I sketched this on paper, scanned it, and then outlined/colored/shaded it using Paint Tool SAI.[/font] If you want, you can also post links to your Christmas-related fan-art too! (has to be SFW)
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