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  1. Ooh thank you, I'll just keep playing around with the place till I get used to it. :3 thaannkk yooouu <3
  2. Xbox 360 - Mass Effect (ohh just the first one, I always wait a long time to buy a game because I don't like paying 60 big ones <w<;) Dragon Age Origins beat, but I go back often for achievements. Dragon Age II, Fable II, blahlahlahalaa... DS - Pokemon White, Harvest Moon Ds Cute!, Dragon Quest IX.. PC - I bought DAO again. eheheh..Star Trek online, whatever my friends drag me into on steam..
  3. Haruhi - Host Club. Then I noticed the voice actor was a lady, but I didn't know if it was just one of those anime thangs they do.. Luckily they cleared it up in the first episode. :3; Momiji - Fruits Basket... ehhhh...
  4. Forgive me, but I'd like to jump back into this community... -_- I'm an old member from MyOtaku.. I've been a member on MyOtaku since 2003, and apparently I have missed a lot of changes.. I've read some posts about TheOtaku and MyOtaku, but I'm still horribly lost. I made this new account for the boards, err? Could someone please fill an old one in? TELL ME OF THIS NEW WORLD! Much appreciated UwU
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