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    Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, dragon ball Z,etc....
  1. seed28

    Anime what anime is good out there to watch?

    cooking, hmmm.... ya i heard about Ramen Fighter Miki too, but if ur out of choices, check Maid Sama. its bout a girl who works at a cafe so it might be about food
  2. an anime i never thought id like was Fullmetal Alchemist but i watched it any way since my cousin watched it....and thus my 1st crush....(dont u dare laugh) Edward..:)
  3. hey there anime fans freaks and other people! waSSSSuuuppp??!

  4. seed28

    Request Free Sketches!!! [5 slots left~]

    hi!! im new here too!! and i saw those sketches you made & i luv em!!![color=#ee82ee] can u make an anime sketch of me[/color]? i have black hair, i make two pony tails and black eyes! hope you make mine as good as your other sketches!!!