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  1. I think bit would win. They both don't have real training... But bit has had real threats just like van. The difference is that there wasn't a war going on.. Bit as a pilot is a superb pilot when it comes to adapting and having a natural skill while van just gets what he learns from zee foe the most part. Liger zero actually for a while was not bits friend... Bit willd himself to learn how to move with him and so forth before any actual partnership.... Overall if bit was given as much time as van when he was young to his more mature years... Bit would win Because when van first got the shield liger . Or blade I forget. He was pretty reckless Bit in the other hand seemed to know what he was going except liger zero made it difficult for him to control Matter fact even pilots before bit could not control it ... I think if they both vs Bit has it period. Zeek helping van or not .