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  1. Hyper2

    Anyone here from 2001-ish?

    Oh man, this thread is such a trip. I used to be on here as Hyper/HyperShadow but couldn't figure out how to get back into that account, so I made this new one, haha. Every few years I'm reminded of this place and stumble down a nostalgia rabbit hole looking at old posts and sites, and though I've read this particular thread before, I don't know why I never posted until now. I think reading about the end of AIM made me remember how much I spent time on there talking to people from this website -- especially you, KittyLynn! I put my email in the "About me" section on this profile should you ever happen to come back here and see this message. Would love to reconnect again, even if it's just to trade emails about old times and what we remember. There's something special about how much this place was my life back in the day.