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  1. Beaten the Shadow Temple? Do you have some tips to beat the boss Bongo Bongo? He always got me and shakes me and than he throw me away. It's the only thing I got to do before I can go to Ganon's Castle.
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    Gaming can anyone tell me....

    I heard the first is here (The Netherlands) in September, so I think it's the same in UK.
  3. Or if you're good with your sword, you can use your sword. I did it too, but just a tip if you're using your sword: cath some fairies.
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    Gaming what is the blue chicken for?!? (in OOT)

    And, remember if you use warpsongs you will be disqualificated.
  5. A part of a walktrough: [color=darkblue]Water Temple ------------[/color] [color=purple]After you enter the temple, reach the central area and go right, then use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom floor. Follow the passageway until you meet Ruto again, then take off the boots and float up to the third floor. Play Zelda's Lullaby at the Triforce symbol to drain the water completely, then enter the nearby room. In the next room, defeat the spike enemies and open the chest to get the Map, then leave the room. Drop down the hole to the first floor and use Din's Fire to light the torches, which open the door. Defeat the clam enemies in the next room to get a key. Follow the path back to the central area, and get to the far end of the room and push the block there until it drops. Follow the path until you reach the room with the rapidly moving water and put on your Iron Boots when you're above the pipe. Use the Hookshot to hit the switch in the statue's mouth, then use it again to reach the target on the wall nearby. Take off the Iron Boots and float up above the clams into another room and get a key. Then, go back to the main area and then enter the tower in the center of the room. Use the Hookshot to reach a higher platform and play Zelda's Lullaby there to raise the water halfway. Then, use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of this room and follow the new passageway until you reach the switch. Hit the switch and defeat the various enemies to open the other gate in the ceiling. Float into the new opening and open the chest to get a key. Now, make your way back to the room where you changed the water level and enter the door above the water! In the main area, go left and use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom, then follow the passage to where you met Ruto before. Then, float up to the second floor and bomb the cracked wall and get the key in the chest. Next, go back to the central area and float up to the second floor and go to the far end of the room and use your key to open the door. Walk by the water and wait for the spider enemy to jump down, then defeat it with your sword and stand on the water. Use your Hookshot or arrows to shoot the nearby switch to be risen up to the next floor. Enter the next room and play Zelda's Lullaby by the Triforce symbol to raise the water completely. Then, go left and enter the room and defeat the nearby bats in the room. After they're gone, drop down to the lowest platform and wait until it reaches its lowest point.[/color] [color=green]Use the Hookshot to climb the platforms coming down the waterfall to reach the other side. Get through the room by hitting the switch and using the Hookshot to reach the platforms, then eventually you'll reach the last platform. Stand on the statue-like head and hit the switch to go up to the door. Enter the next room and run across the room to the other door. Turn around and walk towards the tree to fight Dark Link! You can VERY easily defeat Dark Link by using your hammer because he can NOT copy it! You will just smash him, and he will even not defend himself nor attack you. After he's defeated, enter the next room. Open the chest to get the Longshot, then play the Song of Time behind the chest to make the block disappear. Drop into the hole and you'll be in an underground river. Drift down the river while avoiding the whirlpools and climb onto the ledge at the left wall near the end and shoot the eye switch with an arrow to open the nearby gate. Use the Longshot to reach the chest and get a key then follow the path out to the rapid water room. Use the Longshot to cross the pool and then follow the path back to the central area and get to the far side of the room. Use the Iron Boots to reach the lowest room on that side and follow that path to the room where you met Ruto and take off the boots to float upward. Once at the top, play Zelda's Lullaby to drain the water, and fall down the hole and make your way to the main area again. Enter the middle tower and reach the upper ledge with the Longshot and play the lullaby again to raise the water level halfway. Leave the room and get to the back of the room and you'll see an eye switch. Shoot the switch with an arrow and use the Longshot on the target behind the gate before it shuts and follow the path until you reach a block. Push the block as far as it can go and go right and open the chest to get a key. Go straight out of the room and use the Longshot on the target in the ceiling and you'll reach the main area again. Sink to the bottom of the room again and get to the right side and go through that passage to the next room.[/color] [color=firebrick]Surface on the ledge in the room and use the Longshot to reach the other side by the door and use a key to open it. Get across the room while avoiding the spider enemies and the other obstacles and enter the next room. In the next room, defeat the Stinger enemies and then drop down onto the ledge and bomb the crack in the wall. In the new passage, pull the block as far as you can go, then get to the ledge across the water and bomb it, too. Then, enter that side of the passage and push the block as far as possible, then go back to the other side and pull the block some more. When you have enough room, get to the other side and push the block into the water so it pushes down the switch, which raises the water, giving you access to the door! Enter the next room and hit the switch with your sword, then quickly go across the rising water pillars to the other side. In the next room, put on your Iron Boots, then after the boulder passes you, go right and drop into the underwater passageway. Follow the passage to the end and take off your boots to float up to the surface and take the Boss Key from the chest. Now, make your way ALL the way back to the central area and float up to the surface of the water and enter the room above you. Press the switch while you're standing on the water and go up to the top and play Zelda's Lullaby in the following ledge to completely raise the water level! Then, go left and stand on the platform across from the statue with the Longshot target. Aim your Longshot and go across the water and enter the next room. In the next room, run up the slope with the Blade Traps without getting hurt to reach the Boss's Room! (This may take a few times.) Jump onto one of the platforms in the water and the boss, Morpha will appear. Read the Bosses section of this guide to find out how to beat it. After you defeat Morpha, take the Heart Container and exit through the blue light.[/color] whoops, little bit long, but doesn't matter.
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    Sorry for the other tread, I thought dutch was allowed. I ask some friends to come here too, but they don't speak English. My English is very bad, my mother must help with translating.
  7. Nog meer Nedahlanders hiero? In Nederlands kunnen we alles zeggen, ze snappen dr toch geen reet van.
  8. AqUaWoMaN

    Gaming Fighting with a chicken

    If you slep a chicken a couple of times with your sword in MM and OOT a lot of chickens attack you until you're dead. It's funny to see but a less funier to die.