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    I was thinking...cancer treatments and funeral costs are expensive even with insurance. If Desbreko's Mom (or even Laura on her behalf) want to set up a gofundme page I'm sure that we could all pull together and help a bit. I know that there aren't a lot of us left around here and the total raised won't be a huge amount, but if we can help the family of a young man that meant so much to this community, then I say that we show why we are a special place and pull together! 
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    Wow, it has been... a very long time.
    Des was a moderator when I joined, so in my teenage excitement that automatically meant he was super cool and awesome; I later came to know this was a completely accurate description of him. He was always honorable, funny, charming, and immensely knowledgeable and encouraging. For the few times I did get to speak with him directly, he was nothing but kind and well-spoken. I always admired him, and I still do. It's such a shame that he's gone. I can only hope, and try, to enjoy life and know my passions as deeply as he did. 
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    Thank you to Laura for the beautiful flowers that were delivered this evening,  and to all of you for your memories of Jonathon, or rather Desbreko.   We miss him so much, and my husband and I sat here in tears ( good tears)  reading all the kind things that were said about our son. We knew only a little of his activities online, but we did know that he considered so many of you his friends.  A few weeks after Jon passed away I wondered how I could let you all know, but we were in such a daze that trying to get on the Otaku site never occurred to us.  Laura's note made me realize that maybe we could reach her and all of his friends here. We're both in our 60's and not tech savvy at all, so I hope you all will forgive us.  It's still hard to imagine our life without Jon in it, but hearing about him from you all has made it a little easier to bear.  Thank you so much for sharing.
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