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  1. Desbreko's Mom

    RIP Desbreko 1988-2016

    This is a little late but I want to thank Ginger and SunfallE for beautiful flowers you sent in memory of our son Jonathan (Desbreko). I has been really heart warming to see how many friends Jon had and how well liked and respected he was. I want to thank all of you for your expressions of sympathy. Desbreko's Dad
  2. Desbreko's Mom

    RIP Desbreko 1988-2016

    Thank you to Laura for the beautiful flowers that were delivered this evening, and to all of you for your memories of Jonathon, or rather Desbreko. We miss him so much, and my husband and I sat here in tears ( good tears) reading all the kind things that were said about our son. We knew only a little of his activities online, but we did know that he considered so many of you his friends. A few weeks after Jon passed away I wondered how I could let you all know, but we were in such a daze that trying to get on the Otaku site never occurred to us. Laura's note made me realize that maybe we could reach her and all of his friends here. We're both in our 60's and not tech savvy at all, so I hope you all will forgive us. It's still hard to imagine our life without Jon in it, but hearing about him from you all has made it a little easier to bear. Thank you so much for sharing.