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  1. i talked to upperdeck and they said that they would not be making english god cards for a while. however, you can get the japanese ones in the duel monsters video games from japan. Keep in mind that none of these are tournement legal.
  2. Alex


    This proves that Vampires ARE real!
  3. I got relenquished!!! This card is awsome!!!! I also made some cool combos that are good for getting rid of ritual cards. Giant truanda and card destrucion is really good for getting rid of things like toll and chain destruction. And gravedigger ghoul is good against things like Griggle! Oh, and is wall shadow supposed to have the number thing in the left corner? Because mine doesn't O_o
  4. Bakura's dad is an archaeologist. He was in Egypt and saw the ring at a merchant's stand. And the merchant was an agent of Shaadi. And even though the person might be evil, it is for the item to decide, NOT Shaadi.
  5. [img]http://www.yugiohkingofgames.com/images/monsters/big/dark_magician.gif[/img] Is this what you wanted?
  6. No, it is not spam. I posted this yesterday... and I was just saying what the theme of my deck was, and it's not bragging either.
  7. Right now i'm to lazy to type it up so i'll do it later 0.o
  8. Well? Mines Yami Bakura
  9. I still say the ring is best... oh, I almost forgot... it can also bring people to the shadow realm...
  10. Age: 12 Favorite Monster: Chaos Mage Favorite Character: Yami Bakura Favorite Card(s): Ameba (if one) Card you Relate to:Change of Heart Favorite Episode: Champion v. Creator
  11. Actually, there are better cards that Seto and Yugi use... Like Seto's Blue eyes ultimate dragon and Yugi's Magician of Black Chaos(Chaos Mage).[IMG]http://www.yugiohkingofgames.com/images/monsters/big/blue_eyes_ultimate_dragon.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.yugiohkingofgames.com/images/monsters/big/magician_of_black_chaos.gif[/IMG]
  12. [QUOTE] [B]Would you mind showing us your deck? Ussually people include Cardlists, so that others can see what you're using and how to improve. Because, really, a single Starter deck has pretty much everything on that list. Besides, any monster can do direct damage if they aren't blocked. Ones like Queens Double are simply disasters waiting to happen. [/B][/QUOTE] I know all mons. can do DD, but my deck has cards that can do DD when the opponent has mons. on the field.
  13. I just made a new deck! The Direct beatdown deck. I have monsters that do direct damage and magic cards that boost their power. I've got traps like Ookazi and Just Deserts and field cards too!
  14. The mill. ring is the most powerful. Powers: 1.Mind erase 2.Transfering souls into inanimate objects 3.Using cards (for real) out of duels 4.Ability to locate other items
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