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  1. I hope he's ok. BTW, i really like his name =D
  2. it's comming out as metal gear solid 2-substance.
  3. I play thee saxophone. I wanna learn guitar,
  4. This is more of a song than a poem, but songs are just poems that go wif a beat, so w/e. Let me know what u think. [SIZE=4]Document[/SIZE] The flames from my thoughts seem to be burning my skin, The voices in my head, controlling, taunting me from within. I've seem to lost myself somewhere deep in my soul. Manic depression becoming harder to control. Random answers flashed like an illusion in the sky . While the questions lay hidden in a prison deep inside. Your constant lies, painted on my vision of truth. The clouds part to reveal the problems plaguing my youth. Chorus* I've always had the answers, it's the questions that I've sought. The poison seeps down deeper, In my mind and in my thoughts.* Emptiness shrouds me, engulfing me in darkness. I'm trapped in my mind, spinning and left breathless. No escape for me now, as I run into the shadows. The walls come closer, as my path just seems to narrow. Your voice just seems to linger, an endless echo in my head. The choices that I made just seem to backtrack all I said. Frozen flame revealed, to the brake of a new dawn. This place is not for me, it's time that I've moved on. *Guitar Solo* *Chorus, till end*
  5. [FONT=century gothic]Yo. who's ur personal favorite dbz character? Mine happeneds to be piccolo. how bout u guys?[/FONT] :box:
  6. lol. like we're gonna do ne thing. plus, we're not even on a track.
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by G/S/B Master [/i] [B]My user there is Apocalypes_Weapon.I go there almost everyday [/B][/QUOTE] ohh! ur dat one dude i dont like! sup.:devil:
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SSJGoten [/i] [B]::looks around and raises hand slowly:: I go there sometimes. [/B][/QUOTE] lol, dont be ashamed.
  9. Hey. u might know me. I'm tryin to find out if ne one from the chat comes here, sept for juu. l8erz
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mist [/i] [B][color=crimson][size=1] Actually, I think there's just as much underground garbage then there is mainstream. Most underground stuff is based off of mainstream, so therefore, most of it sucks. The fact that the artists haven't been noticed has nothing to do with it. Hmmm...bum blub... *adds to dictionary of funny words* ^______________^;; (Don't poke my mouth, Juu!)[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] hey, whatever floats ur boat.:tasty:
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mist [/i] [B][color=crimson][size=1] God, help us. They have already begun to invade...^^ Anyway, there's no doubt that Linkin Park is a great band; one of my favorties, actually. I just don't enjoy their 'new' sound (I.E. Reanimation) as much as I did their old. Actually, I think that Reanimation was a genre target. You know how when someone hears the words Linkin Park, then you brain usually processes as "Alternative/Rock". I think they're trying to reach the rap and hip-hop industries as well, by using underground artists (Kut Masta Kurt), while still clinging to their home genre. (Aaron Lewis). Basically, they're aiming for a larger audience and more record sells. ^^[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] lol. I say word to be funny, u bum blub. I dont think that's the case. They've always been a group that has based themselves on rap, rock and electronica. Many people asked why they didn't get any main stream people to do their album, but instead they chose underground rap artists, who in my mind are alot better than the garbage rap that hits the mainstream these days, i.e. Nelly. Mike produced the album himself, bein a b-boy, so it's of no suprise that he decided to put his own touch on it. I understand that some people can't exept that fact, but to each his own I guess. It has been one of the better remix albums that I have heard, and I hate the fact that people asked me "Why buy it? it's has all the same songs as hybrid theory." WELL DUR, it's a remix album. the new album comes out end of this year or early next year. ne way peace. oh yeah, WORD! u mugs
  12. Linkin Park is my favorite band for the reason that they have a unique sound that is recognizible with them. I laugh at the fact that people say they're angry white boys, knowing that only 4 of them are white, exeptions being Mr. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Joseph Hahn. I agree, they are not a rock band, not completely. Anyone who has heard the sweet remix album, reanimation, will agree. They have a way of expessing themselves that is very unique, for they are very discriptive and dont have to scream like some other rocks bands, i.e. Slipknot, whom I do like very much. I just think they rock and that they rule. Ne way, peace! Word.
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