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  1. Devon

    cartoons overated

    were you refering to me wristcutter? because i dident say cartoons were dumb. i pointed out that hamtaro was dumb.
  2. Devon

    cartoons overated

    i think the dumbest thing on tv is hamptaro. it is the most redicolous show on tv. i hate it. i mean whats worse than a bunch of hampsters running around with peachy cheeks!
  3. yes. i do know what it means. it mean you hate me. so mind you i am not as dumb as i seem.
  4. what was that all about? "devon i dont hate you..... uhm* ahem*"?
  5. the reason he was like all sadistic was because he was under a spell by babadi and was under that spell for a while. so i think that he might of been "happy" in his childhood also.
  6. i absolutly love that 70s show. its so funny. i espicaly like the last episode. but kelsos my favorite charater. hes so funny. i havent missed one episode yet. well i saw the reruns but ive seen them all. and that 80s show was canceled. it dident get enough ratings to stay running.
  7. my favorite theme is probably when goku is gona kill frieza. i just wanted to get up and fight someone.
  8. i prefer the voice of vegito over getenks. i just like gokus voice and most of his voice is goku so.
  9. ya. it was funny. i mean there is nothing as funny as a piece of candy beating the crap out of a monster. i wana know how come he can fight back but the other " pieces of candy " cant. its mind boggeling.
  10. Devon

    Sex Pistols

    i like them a lot for two reasons. one they sound really cool. and two they are original punk.
  11. well it was good cause it stoped them from introducing themselfs in the other lounges and starting spam. but i still dident like it. it made them feel more powerful if ya understand what i b sayin
  12. why does goku eat so much? well if you think about it anyone would. if you burn so many callories then you need vitamins and nutrients. and look at all he ate. it was all healthy food. like pasta and soup. they were good for him. look at people who are in the olympics eat pasta the night before thier competition. so theres my theory.
  13. Devon

    Boston Public

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lalaith Ril [/i] [B]Personally I think BP is a great show. Some eps better than others but thats ok. I really liked the fact that they confronted the whole "******" issue. I was impressed by that. I mean you'll see shows about it everyonce in a while but you never see both sides, the pro's and con's. Also I like the fact that the teachers arn't all "We love eachother" it puts a more realistic affec to the show. Its a real down to Earth show that points out to America some of its problems in HighSchool. [/B][/QUOTE] which ****** topic do you mea
  14. Devon

    Boston Public

    and then their hooking up. HA! and for the record. i dident mean that the stuff happens at 1 school but school in general.
  15. i kind of play a game like that called mage knight but its sort of different.
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