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  1. EJ Kamiya02

    Anime relinquished

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Alexander [/i] [B]I might put up a picture of it if I have time(lol). I just need to scan it. BTW: Short for: "By the way." This translation was taken from [URL=http://www.stormpages.com/edhrzic/Yugioh.htm]Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Page[/URL]. Italics is stuff I added for clarity. THOUSAND EYES SACRIFICE Type: Fusion Monster Dark/Magic User [i]AKA Spellcaster[/i]/1/0/0 Effect: [Sacrifice [i]AKA Relinquished[/i]] + [Wicked God of A Thousand Eyes] When this card is on the Field, other Monsters cannot attack nor change their modes. Once during your turn, you may absorb 1 of your opponent's Monsters, gaining the attack and defense strengths of that Monster. You can only absorb 1 Monster at a time, and it becomes an Equipment card on this Monster. [/B][/QUOTE] What does it mean by the monster becomes an Equipment card?
  2. EJ Kamiya02

    Gaming Gym Leaders

    The easiest gym leader for me to beat in any version was Koga....I mean my Kadabra(in the old games) Espeon(in the new games) they lasted one attack........:smirk: And for the Elite four, I defeated my rival the easiest in the old versions and Will was easy in Silver/Crystal. EDIT: Forgot some things.
  3. EJ Kamiya02

    Anime Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Cards?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by gouf [/i] [B]well i know that. i already know 6 pepole with the Blue eyes toon dragon and none of themhave serpent knight dragon [/B][/QUOTE] Well.........that'll change as my favorties are...... Serpent Knight Dragon Blue Eyes White Dragon Blue Eyes Toon Dragon Shining Friendship And Toonworld Yeah, I know the cards are crazy, but I'm crazy so it all fits perfectly.
  4. EJ Kamiya02

    Gaming Beedrill??

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Paul [/i] [B]Beedrill is a definate no no Reasons: its a really rubbish pokemon just like magikarp and wobbuffet. i mean i once trained one up to lvl:100 but it took so long and the fact that whenever i battled it it fainted i got pretty pissed off at it and nearly ended up throwing the cartridge across the room! [/B][/QUOTE] I happen to like those pokemon, and it depends on how you train them, after all there is no all-powerful or all-weak pokemon........and I had a Beedrill that defeated a Dragonite.:rolleyes:
  5. EJ Kamiya02

    Gaming Pokemon Fan Club

    1. Lapras or Umbreon 2. Tracy 3. Dark 4. Golbat 5. Ash
  6. EJ Kamiya02

    Anime Your deck theme?

    I use a dragons/spellcasters deck.......it works quite well, really.