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  1. My favorite shirt is the one I just bought it says [i] I got this shirt for my girlfriend. Best trade I ever made[/i] I love it and so does she...
  2. Anime... Duh Blue, Because it's the best color ever Chris... oh wait thats me Deandre, My little brother Eternal Life, Because I'll have it soon ( John 3:16 ) Friends, Without them life would be boring Gambit, The coolest X-Man ever Heros, Because without them all our damsels would be dead hehehe Indivduality, Because I would be like every other person out there Jesus, Because he loves me Keyblades, Kingdom Hearts Rocks!!! Love, Because I would be so bitter without it Music, It tells people who I am Nightcrawler, The second coolest X-Man ever Omnislash, Because I'll use it on you if we get in a fight Punk Rock, Because im african-american Quantum Physics, Ummm... it starts with Q Relient K, Because they rock Swords, I collect them Tenchi, Light Hawk Wings UltimaWeapon, ( look under "O" ) Video Games, Go RPG'S!!!!!! Wizardmon, One of my favorite digimon Xenosaga, enough said You, because everyone should be loved Zero, Because he is better than Megaman
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    The digital world has been at peace for over a millenia but now a new evil has emerged and it plans to take over both the human and digital world. His name is [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Millenniumon.html]Milleniumon[/URL], and he has control of the catalyst. Milleniumon now has control over the top cities in the digital world and is creating a massive army to take over the real world. Seven new tamers have been chosen to take back the catalyst and destroy this new evil. You Can Choose Any Kind Of Digivolution You Want Which Means You Don't Have A Partner If You Choose The Digivolution Type From Season Four You Know The Basics Name: Age: Digivolution: Normal, Egg, Card, Spirit Digimon: (And The Digivolutions) Attacks: One thing I want to ask is that you don't digivolve to a higher level if you dont need to. THANXS My sign-up is in my sig
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    [COLOR=Green]"I......Agree" Chaos said with courage "Terriermon please go stand with Nisha. I don't want you getting hurt" Chaos asked Terriermon "I understand" Terriermon said as he jumped on to Nisha's shoulder. "So shall we?" Damain asked. "Let's get this over with" [i]Chaos replied as he leaped through the air and came down with a slash. Damain lifted up his sword and blocked it effortlessly. Chaos then ducked down to the ground and gave a sweeping roundhouse to Damain which knocked him to the ground.[/i] "So you do have some skill" Damain said. "Well Ryoma taught me every thing I know" Chaos replied. "Well he didn't teach you well enough" [i]Damain said as he flipped back on to his to his feet and kicked Chaos backwards. Chaos ran over to Damain and swung his sword. Damain held up his sword and they were stuck sword to sword, eye to eye.[/i] "I won't give up! I won't loose to the likes of you" Chaos shouted[/COLOR]
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    [COLOR=Green][i]Chaos and Terriermon headed towards the tower after the others. Chaos looked at his digivice and noticed there were multipule signals. He remembered the others telling him about this.[/i] "How are we suppose to find them with all of these fake signals?" Chaos asked. "Taomon can teleport us to them stupid" Ryoma responded "Oh yeah I forgot...[SIZE=1]Im not stupid.......you are[/SIZE]" [i]The three grabbed onto Taomon and she teleported them to the room where the negitive tamers were just as Damian finished his last sentence[/i] "Ahhhh so the whole gang is here" Damain said. "So you still up to your same old tricks" Chaos said "If you want to fight........then fight me" Chaos added as he took out his two swords and threw one to Damain "So what do ya say?" [/COLOR]
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    [i]As Chaos was running towards to tower he was suddenly stopped by a bright flash of light in the distance. He took out his digivice to see who it was. The familiar signals of Nisha and Ryoma flashed on the screen. Chaos dashed toward the signals and stopped by his friends. They filled him in on what had happened in the tower.[/i] Chaos: So Angel's in there by herself why don't we go in and save her. She saved our lives why can't we save her life? We don't have to be afraid. [i]Chaos waited for a reply[/i]
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    OOC: Excuse me but you are the controlling one. You need to stop making the story go the way you want and taking control of everyone's character. The only power I have is to manipulate/create data how is that controlling? The only reason I used it was because you were holding everyone against their will. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [i]An unconsious Chaos is taken home by his digital partner. They sneek into his room window and Gargomon de-digivolves to Terriermon. Terriermon covers Chaos and locks his door. He then thinks[/i] "Why does he constantly use his ability? He knows it drains him of his energy." [i]An hour passes and Chaos awakens. He sees Terriermon sleeping on the end of his bed. Checking his surroundings he notices he is at home. Hopping out of bed he runs to the window and looks out to see if his parents were gone. He sighs, walks out of his room and freshens up in the bathroom. He returns to his room and changes into some clean clothes. As he is packing a bag Terriermon wakes up[/i] "Chaos, you feeling any better?" Terriermon said as he hopped on Chaos' back. "Im fine, but how are the others?" Chaos replied. "Well Damian ran off after Kyuubimon and Karumamon digivolved to their ultimate forms. As for Angel, Ryoma, and Nisha. I have no idea where they went." "Well we better get out of here before my parents get home." [i]Chaos said as he put his two swords in the sheaths he installed on his backpack. A car pulls up outside, inside were his parents. They noticed that Chaos' window was open so they ran inside the house. Chaos jumped out the window and and ran around the corner. His parents opened his door only to find a note. It said this:[/i] [FONT=times new roman]Dear Mom and Dad, Sorry I left without telling you. I couldn't go to that place and leave Terriermon behind. I will return home one day but not until the time is right. Love, Chaos P.S. Terriermon says he misses your cooking mom[/FONT] "We have to find the others" Terriermon said to Chaos. "I have their signals on my digivice we're headed that way right now" Chaos responded as they headed toward the tower.
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    [i] Slowly awakened by the call of his name Chaos awakens from his recent unconsiousness to see the face of his partner Terriermon. He asks what has happened and Terriermon explanes it all.[/i] "I can't let this continue I have to stop him...I have to stop him now!" [i]Chaos says as he gets up and is about to lundge at Damian[/i] "Chaos Wait!" [i]Terriermon shouts[/i] "Damian has a gang surrounding us, they'll kill you if you interfere". [i]Chaos was infuriated. He just knew he had to stop this madness. The fierce battle between Angel and Damian continued in the background. Angel swung at Damian he dodged and countered knocking her to the ground.[/i] "It ends here." [i]Damian says as he lift's his pole to deliver the final blow[/i] "STOP!!!" [i] Chaos screems as a light engulfs his body[/i] "I won't let you do this." " You guys know what to do" [i]Damian says as the gang members raise their guns. A glowing orb appears in Chaos' hand and takes the form of a card. He then takes out his digivice[/i] "Terriermon get ready" [i]Chaos says[/i] "Digimodify, Magnet Force Activate!!!" [i]Terriermon's hands turning to two giant magnets[/i] "What's going on?" [i]asks one of the gang members[/i] "I can't hold onto my gun" [i]he says as it flies out of his hands. The other gang members guns fly out of there hands and onto the magnets to.[/i]" Digimodify, Digivolution Activate!!!" [i]Chaos says as he slides another card and Terriermon digivolves keep to guns from the gang.[/i] "Go on Angel you can defeat him now. You no longer have to worry." [i]Chaos says as Angel swipes up and knocks Damian back[/i]
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    OOC: First off I would like to apoligize for not posting lot's of school work. Second off I would like to say I didn't mean to offend anyone, what I said was just a suggestion. Sorry ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaos' hands started to glow and the light from them surrounded Terriermon's body. "You'll be alright Terriermon you just need some rest" Chaos said as he laid Terriermon's body in their sleeping area. "Well I better go see what the rest of the gangs up to" He thought as he walked into the dinning area where everyone was eating. He sat down and apoligized for fighting LadyDevimon knowing he was going to lose, and getting his digimon hurt. "I'd better introduce myself" he thought. "My name is Chaos. My family tried to send me away to a testing institute because I...." He paused "if I tell them why they might dislike me and make me leave." he thought "Sorry for wasting your time" he said as he stood up and walked out the back door and into the backyard.
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    The bats grab Gargomon and Ginryuumon. "Whats this!!!" Lady Devimon Said looking at Gargomon. "You have it the data of the sovregns...But how?" "Data of the sovregns. What is she takiling about?" said Chaos. "I will have this data and gain full control over all worlds hahahahaha!" Lady Devimon says as she lundges at Gargomon. "Look out Gargomon" Chaos Cries as Lady Devimon stabs through Gargomons chest as he screams out in pain. Lady Devimon pulls out a orb of light from the passed out Gargomon's chest. "It's finally mine this ultimate power!!!" Lady Devimon shouts joyfully as Gargomon falls to the ground and de-digivolves. "Not if I can help it" Ginryuumon says as he breaks the hold of the bats "BATTLE ROD BREAK!!!" His armored tail swings around and knocks the orb out of Lady Devimons hand. "Noooooooooo!!" she screems as it flies into the portal leading to the digital world. "You fool now you shall die, DARKNESS WAVE!!!" she screems and flings Ginryuumon on to the ground. "TERRIERMON" Chaos screems as he runs to catch his fallen comrad. "Terriermon can you hear me!?!" No resonse. Terriermons body has a strange purple glow. "It must be a virus" Chaos thought. "I must reveal my power now"
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    Chaos looks and sees his partner laying on the ground. "Gargomon!" He cries. He starts to think 'What can I do? I could just use my ability, but then everyone will think I'm a freak... ... I've got it!' "DIGIMODIFY! Zenryoku bakuhatsu!", he cried, sliding the card through his digivice. An auracame around Gargomon, and he was instantly revitalized, and he could feel his power increase ten fold. "It's payback time!", said Gargomon. "GARGO LASER!" Dirusmon was destroyed by a gargantuan laser beam that erupted from the weapons on Gargomon's arms. Dirusmon's body exploded into digital bits, and Gargomon absorbed the free flying data. "Keep the change" Chaos smiled "As for you, Damian-" Chaos was interupted by a familiar voice coming from his Digivice. "You guys....please help me....I need you", Ryoma managed to gasp. "Ryoma?", Chaos exclaimed. There was a long pause. "Damian, if you want to continue this, follow me. Come on Gargomon!" The two head off towards the signal coming from Ryoma's digivice. When Chaos arrives, he sees Ryoma and Ginryuumon in the heat of battle. Ginryuumon launched an armor piercing blade attack directly at Lady Devimon, but she easily deflects it, sending it right back at him. Ginryuumon avoids it easily, but the unsuccessful attack did nothing to help his morale. "Lenny, I'm here to help!', Chaos shouted. "Very funny Chaos, but this isn't the time to be playing around!" Lenny, er I mean, Ryoma responded. (It's an inside joke folks, just ignore it... Hehehe) "Who is this new enemy, Ryoma?", Chaos shouted. "It's Lady Devimon, and incredibly powerful Digimon! She's not going to go down easily!" "She doesn't look too tough! Gargomon, try a bunny blaster!", Chaos shouted! Gargomon aimed his guns at Lady Devimon, and sucked in the air around his guns to form a ball of aeroic energy at the the end of his barrels. Finally, he released the energy, and a whirling ball of wind was sent straight at her. "Delightful breeze", she commented, holding out her hand and deflecting the blast back at Gargomon. "Oh cr-", Gargomon cried as the wind hit his body and sent him rolling across the cement. "This is going to be harder than I thought..." OOC: Please don't digivolve into your ultimate forms! The story will last longer if we don't go to our highest levels this early. Save it until later.
  12. I have a few jokes: #1 A man leaves his house after a huge dinner and is driving around on a road trip. After about three hours of driving he has to take a crap. The is not a gas station around for miles. A couple miles down the road he runs into an abandoned gas station "well it's better than waiting for another couple hours" he says to him self. He enters the bathroom and takes a crap, but then he realises there is not toilet tissue. On the back of the bathroom door there is a sign. The sign says "Wipe you butt with two fingers then stick them through this hole and they will be licked clean." The man figures he has no other choice and does what the sign says. A person stands on the other side of the wall with two bricks and smashes his two fingers. The man pulls back his fingers and sticks them in his mouth. #2 What did the mathmaticly inclined acorn say when he grew up gee-im-a-tree (Geometry joke) #3 A (non-African American) man wakes up with a horrible hang over. He looks down at his hand and sees a ring on his wedding finger and (insert hot star here) sleeping next to him. He gets out of bed and goes to the fridge to get a drink and inside of it was a suit case full of money. Next he walks to the window to look out and see a gang of KKK members shouting for him to come out. At this point he is thinking what is going when he sees a leprecaun passed out on the floor. He asked him what was going on? The leprecaun explaned that the man saved his life the night before and was granted three wishes. The first wish he already knew he wanted a supermodel wife. What about the second he asked? The leprecaun replied you wanted a cool million. And the KKK members? You wished to be HUNG like a black man. Thats all hope they don't offend anyone.
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    A lone digimon runs away from the tamer who abandoned him. Tired from running he turns down a side street and sits down to take a rest. A sobing Terriermon "I can't believe he just left me behind" An expolsion comes from the right of him. "DIAMOND STORM" he hears a voice say as he runs to check out the situation, Renamon and Ankokumon are locked in a feirce battle. Two tamers sit on the sidelines as they cheer on their digi-companions. "Why are they fighting they should be friends.... Hey you two stop fighting!!!" Terriermon shouts as he runs onto the battlefield, one of the tamers shouts to try to stop him. Nisha: Hey get away it's dangerious! Angel: Ha ha ha destroy him Ankokumon Ankokumon lunges at Terriermon and is about to destroy him then a familar voice hits Terriermon. "Digimodify! War Greymons Shield Activate!" The attack is reflected as the shield appears in front of Terriermon, the dust clears to reveal Chaos. Terriermon: Chaos you came back! Chaos: Chaos I couldnt leave without you buddy Terriermon leaps into Chaos's arms and the two are finally reunited again. The battle in the background continues. Chaos then proceeds to ask the two who are they and what are they fighting for? Nisha: Long story short she's is the bad guy [i]if you couldnt tell[/i] im the good guy Chaos: Hi im Chaos and this is my partner Terriermon We..... Angel: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Shut up and fight already! Ankokumon Destroy them now! Chaos: Lets do it Terriermon Digimodify! Digivolution Activate!!! [i]Terriermon Digivolve To Gargomon[/i] "GARGO LASER" Gargomon says as he fires at Ankokumon. She gets blasted backwards in to a wall. Chaos: Are you happy now? :raspberry
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    ooc: also sorry for being late (sigh) "I wish I didnt have to go" Chaos says as he packs his clothes. "where are you going?" asks Terriermon. "My parents are sending me away to that institute", "What institute?"asks Terriermon. "It's called The Norton Institute it's for people with special abilites." "Awwww don't go Chaos if you do i'll be all alone." Chaos zips up his bags and leaves the room with his head hanging. "Well fine then be that way" Terriermon says as he jumps out the window "I'll find a new tamer." (sobing) "Im sorry Terriermon" Chris says as he heads toward the stairs "I wish it didnt have to be this way." Chaos hears voices from down stairs. "What do you mean he won't be comming back!" His mother shouts. "He won't be harmed we just can't let him stay out in public" a mysterious voice replies "Why" she screems "if he does the public might try to kill him" the mysterious voice replies. "Well if it's for the best, I will still be able to visit him right?"she asks " "yes" he replies "Won't be able to come back" Chaos thought to himself. "I can't go now i'll never see mom again" Chaos runs into his room. "Terriermon oh Terriermon where are you?..... He must have run away I have to find him" Chaos throws a couple of supplies in his backpack and jumps out the window after Terriermon
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    You forgot VenomMyotismon Maybe you could use him
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    Name: Chaos Age: 16 Role: Positive Appearance: Black boots, black trench coat, a black samurai sword on his back, silver shirt, pants and glasses, long silver hair and eyes and a pendant shaped like the original digivice Attitude: Very nice person always puts others before himself. Country: England Bio: Chaos was an orphan. He was adopted at age seven by the Hartford family and has lived with them ever sense. Chaos has a very unusual ability he can remove any virus from a computer by touching it. His parents thought this was strange so they plan to ship him to the Norton Testing Institute and so his story begins. Digivice/element: Transparent Grey / Wind Digimon Rookie: Terriermon Champion: Gargomon Ultimate: Rapidmon Mega: Mega Gargomon Bio Merge: Ex-Rapidmon Type: Vaccine Element: Wind Attacks: Typhoon Saber, Virus Buster, Ex-Charge Disc: Rapidmons body armor on a human body only not so round still has the long ears one arm has a hand so he can hold a sword, the sword looks like Sephiroths (FF7) and the armor is black and silver instead of green. Off Topic : I know Mega Gargomon is his Bio-Merged form but can I please keep it like this it will help you understand my characters past more.
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    Who do you think would win in a fight no with no power ups MegaMan or Zero?
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    Sorry it took me so long to start problems at home ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chris: Yawn *Rolls Over and Falls Out Of The Bed* Chris: Ouch Patamon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Chris: Good Morning To You To Patamon Lets Go See What Mom's Cooking For Breakfast *They Rush Downstairs And Sit At The Table* Chris: Morning Mom Whats For Breakfast Mom: Morning Chris We Are Having Pancakes Patamon:Mmmmmmmm Pancakes *Drool* Mom: Good Morning Patamon *Digs In Her Pocket* Mom: Here Chris You Got This In The Mail *Hands Him A Small Envelope And He Opens It* Chris: What Is This *In The Envelope Is A Small White Card Thats Says...* You Have Been Choosen To Join The Elite DigiFaction. The DigiFaction Is A Team Of The Top Tamers In The World Choosen To Defend The Digital World. We Discontinued It When We Thought We Had Finnaly Destroyed The Final Evil In The Digital World. Now A New Evil Has Emerged And We Need Help To Stop It. Signed Jijimon. Chris: Mom Im Gonna Have To Go Away For a Few Days Im Needed To Save The Digital World Mom: Ok Dear Just Be Back For Dinner *Chris Gobbles Down Breakfast Gets Dressed And Runs Out The Door* Mom: Teenagers And Their Wild Imaginatons Patamon: How Are We Gonna Get To The Digital World? Chris: I Don't Know Maybe I Should Check The Rest Of The Envelope *Checks The Envelope And A White Card Falls Out* Chris: Ahhhhhhhhhh *Swipes Card* Chris: Digimodify Digiportal Activate!! *A Portal Opens In Front Of Him* Chris: Let's Go!! *They Jump In*
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    Reconmon: It's time to begin your first mission. Chris & Patamon: FIRST MISSION??? Reconmon: Yes Chris: But we just got here, and what about the rest of the tamers? Reconmon: I will send them after you when they arive. Chris: And how do you expect them to find us? Reconmon: I have new digivices for you they are equiped with a tracker and a map of the digital world so it won't be to hard for them Patamon: Do They Have Anything Else? Reconmon: Yes Let's See.... A Walkie Talkie, A Digidex And A USB Port. Chris: Cool, so what the mission Reconmon: A renagade DigiFaction member has rounded up the leaders of the biggest areas in the digital world and plans to take over Chris: But how? The DigiFaction has more than enough digimon to stop them. Reconmon: Yes this is true. Patamon: Then why do you need our help? Reconmon: They have Calumon under their control Chris: Who is Calumon? Reconmon: Calumon is the catalyst he controls the digivolution of all digimon Chris: Oh... but why do you need us? Gabriel: Don't you see we are the only ones who can digivolve without the catalyst Chris: Ohhhhhhhhhh Patamon: So who is this renagade? Reconmon: He is a human just like you his name is Ben. His partner is Bhaumon Chris: Where do we find him? Reconmon: Our sources say he is hiding out in the digital city of Cybrea (Ci-Bre-Ah) but he doesnt stay in the same place for to long so you have to hurry Patamon: Alright lets go. Reconmon: We have transportation for you, good luck [i]A Trailmon Pulls up[/i] Chris: Is that a digimon? Reconmon: Yes his name is Trailmon he is a transport digimon Chris: Cool, well let's go [i]They Hop On A Trailmon And Head For Cybrea[/i]
  20. The Digital World Has Been At Peace For Over A Millenia But Now A New Evil Has Emerged And It Plans To Take Over Both Worlds. A Renagade DigiFaction Member Has Rounded Up The Leaders Of The Biggest Areas In The Digital World And Plans To Take Over. But Now New Tamers Have Been Chosen To Stop It From Collecting The Eight Digispirits That Hold The Power To Merge Both Worlds. You are an Elite member of the DigiFaction. Your mission is to protect the digital world from all kinds of evil. You Can Choose Any Kind Of Digivolution You Want Which Means You Don't Have A Partner If You Choose The Digivolution Type From Season Four You Know The Basics Name: Age: Digivolution: Normal, Egg, Card, Spirit Digimon: (And The Digivolutions) Attacks: My Informations In My Sig DigiFaction Elite: Chris/Patamon Kimana/Dorumon Matt/Biyomon Chris(2)/Agumon Michio/Impmon Josh/Ryuudamon Leon/Guilmon Hayate/Gabumon
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    Sorry I was on vacation to sort of. Well as Lrb said the Rp has STARTED!!!!!!!
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    [i]They spot the other tamers and greet them[/i] Chris: Where are we Patamon? Patamon: I don't know A digimon approches ?????: Hi you must be Chris Chris: Yes I am. Who are you and where are we? Reconmon: I am Reconmon and this is the DigiFaction resistance base. You all have been chosen because of your elite skills as tamers Patamon: Elite my a.... Chris: Patamon!!! Patamon: :rolleyes: Reconmon: Now that you two are done bickering lets go to the recon room and wait for the others. [i]They head towards the recon room[/i]
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    Name: Chris Moore Age: 16 (17 Really) Gender: Male Appearance: 5'6 Brown Skin, Short Blue Hair, And Dark Brown Eyes Personality: Quiet At First But Talks Alot When You Get To Know Him. Very Funny Always Telling Jokes. Background: I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when I was about 7. My whole family loves rap, I dislike (Not Hate) it. Makes friends easily. (Sorry So Short Have To Leave Finish Later)
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    The Story Will Start Soon I Just Need Conformation On My Friends Digimon
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    (Sorry I'll Fix That) Yes You Can Create Your Own