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Digimon Endgame: The Last Strike of Darkness

Guest Altron Gundam

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Guest Altron Gundam
~~~Chapter 1-The Calm Before the Storm Part I~~~

All before the world expansion of Digimon which TK explains in his book, there are unmentioned records of what happened three years after the destruction of Malomyotismon. The original digidestined(basically Tai's group, and Davis' group, not the international digidestined) disappeared for several months, and never really explained in detail what they did, or where they were for that time. The world was still adapting to the full discovery of the Digital World, and the Digimon.

Through the three years three new levels of digivolving had been discovered through international training and battle competitions the original digidestined went through after Malomyotismon had been defeated. They kept training hard through the years because all the darkness had never been truly defeated. Tai had won the Japanese regional competition by helping Agumon surpass Wargreymon, into his Guardian form Volcanigreymon. This was extremely powerful, but not enough when he met Davis in the semi-finals.

Through various trips to the digital world Davis had acted as a guardian to the Digital world by defeated several uprisings of evil digimon in the west regions, through this Davis found a new digiegg being developed at the time. It was called a Mecha Digiegg according to Gennai. Mecha armor digivolving allowed Veemon to attain a level as powerful as a guardian therefore surpassing Mega.

When Tai and Davis met in the battle ring it was a total draw at first with Volcanigreymon and MetalExveemon. They exchanged their extremely powerful attacks with Volcanigreymon using his Nova Inferno and MetalExVeemon using his Positron Spread. Tai's emotions in the match became extremely high, and resulted in his courage strengthening his digivice into an Elemental Digivice. His was strengthened by both the trait of courage and the element of fire. This upgraded digivice allowed Volcanigreymon to revert-digivolve back to Agumon and Alpha Digivolve to Agumon's Alpha level AlphaWarGreymon. Tai's digivice's screen was also a digimon analyzer, so he looked it up.

It showed:

- AlphaWargreymon -
Level: Alpha
Type: Data(Dragon, Dinosaur, Warrior)
Attacks: Alpha Force, Alpha Vigor, Flaming Viper, Alpha Explosion
Description: Agumon's Alpha Level form, he is an upgraded form of Wargreymon rather than upgrading the base Greymon form making him extremely powerful. His armor is forged from the hottest fires of Phoenixmon, Golddramon, and Flameramon making it one of the strongest Chrome Digizite armor in the digital world. His Alpha Force attack is a huge sphere of fire energy that is 4x bigger than the Terra Force and 15x more powerful.

Tai yelled, "AlphaWargreymon, attack, use an attack that involves your dramon destroyers! Flaming Viper, now!"

Alphawargreymon's Dramon destroyers lighted ablaze with a huge fury, and he unleashed a huge slash piercing and shattering MetalExVeemon's armor. MetalExVeemon countered with a Mecha Pulse Missle attack that AlphaWarGreymon annhilated with a mini-Alpha Force attack. MetalExVeemon unleashed a full-powered Positron Spread from the huge cannons on his arms, but used it as a shield so he could attack from behind it with a Metal Fist attack, but AlphaWargreymon was too quick, flew up and charged his attack power doubled with the Alpha Vigor attack, and while charged, he shot his full powered Alpha Force attack, which made MetalExVeemon revert digivolve to his rookie form.

Noone elses partner digimon normally could reach past Ultimate and even then Megas were very rare too see, so Tai and Agumon breezed throgh his comptetion. After the tournament, Tai met up w/ Sora and the rest of the original digidestined where they were confronted by Gennai.

Gennai had very disturbing news about the digital world even though Malomyotismon was defeated, underground forces have been building up for quite some time now, and now those forces may not have been weakening the boudaries of the digital world, but the boudaries of the Dark Ocean. Rumor had it that Daemon had been battling long and hard gaining more and more power after every battle, and that he might have found a level beyond Alpha. Gennai wanted to keep this away from making this a huge international situation and as bad as the Malomyotismon situation had gotten, so he only brought the original digidestined which also included Davis, Yolei, Ken, and Cody. Again a look of doubted concern covered the faces of the digidestined, because they were being re-called again to defend the digital world from a force they had once been able to barely defeat. So hence the term "the calm before the storm".

See Chapter II in a few days.LOL thanx for reading.
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Guest Altron Gundam
~~~ Chapter II- The Controller of Time, Phoenixmon's Conqueror~~~

Darkness covered the air when the digidestined entered the southern regions of the digital world. Since the southern part of Kyoto was rumored to be guarded by the phoenix, it obviously shown Phoenixmon had fallen to a very strong and evil force.
Tai thought to himself, "It can't be...Daemon...there is no possible way he could broke through the Dark Ocean and into the digital world.."
As they walked through a dark forest that before was occupied by light and warmth it had become damp and dark. The digidestined all listened up to Gennai who has his own opinion on what was happening.
Gennai explained, "The forces of darkness are very strong in these parts, I have no idea how, but over the years they have been getting stronger by every second. When Malomyotismon was defeated, he was only a stepping stone compared to the real threat. You were really never able to match up with Daemon anyway, and if it so happens he has gotten even stronger you guys are in trouble. Phoenixmon is a strong Mega but unfortunately not as strong as some other Megas."
As Gennai left them to go to Azulongmon in the east regions, the Digidestined decided to make a pact to stay until they had crushed Daemon once and for all. With that said, they split up into two groups Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, and Mimi went to liberate the south regions, and defend the east regions, while Davis, Ken, Cody, Yolei, Joe, Kari, and TK went to the west and north regions.
Not so long after that with Tai's group searching through a town in the south named Calabera, they were confronted by a dark digimon named Shadowchronomon. He was one of the 5 lords of the south region belonging to Daemon, and attacked the digidestined.
While Tai analyzed ShadowChronomon, Matt and the others attacked. Gabumon warp-digivolving to Metalgarurumon, and Tentomon warp-digivolving to Herculeskabuterimon. The profile on ShadowChronomon read as follows:

Level: Alpha
Type: Virus(Dark, Time Controller)
Attacks: Chrono Blade, Time Incision
Description: A very powerful dark digimon. He can control and stop several attacks using his time controlling abilities. He has high speed skills, and attacks randomly with his Time Incision attack.

Metalgarurumon charged head on, firing a barrage of missles at Shadowchronomon only for the missles to all be sliced in half with ShadowChronomon using his Chrono Blade attack. Herculeskabuterimon, slow, but filled w/ power, unleashed a huge Mega Electro Shocker attack that made a huge crater in the ground, Shadowchronomon disappeared and reappeared behind Shadowchronomon showing his awesome speed and slashed HerculesKabuterimon's back causing him to revert digivolve to Tentomon.
"No!!", Izzy yelled.
"Its our turn, Biyomon, digivolve!", Sora exclaimed.
Biyomon warp digivolved to Phoenixmon for another head to head confrontation with Shadowchronomon who had defeated the other Phoenixmon that guarded the region. With sites set on destroying each other Phoenixmon dived in to slash it with its wing, Shadowchronomon fired his Time Incision attack, but Phoenixmon dodged it. Phoenixmon used its Star Light Explosion attack which Shadowchronomon blocked with ease, and then pulled out his Chrono Blade and slashed Phoenixmon. With Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon out of action, Tai charged head on yelling, "Agumon, Alpha digivolve!"
With the revealing of AlphaWargreymon, ShadowChronomon looked in shock, because he knew AlphaWargreymon was a very strong Alpha type with experience. Metalgarurumon also surpassed Mega by digivolving one more stage to his Guardian form of Blizzarugarurumon. AlphaWargreymon charged at Shadowchronomon with all his speed and using his Alpha Vigor attack pushed his power to the limit. AlphaWargreymon used his Flaming Viper to charge his Dramon Destroyers for hand to hand combat. ShadowChronomon responded by pulling out his Chrono Blade and they went at it slashing like crazy and blocking each others shots. AlphaWargreymon unleashed the real version of the Flaming Viper when he unleashed a flaming slash, and almost pierced through Shadowchronomon's armour. This knocked ShadowChronomon back, but not out, then AlphaWargreymon let out a full powered Alpha Force attack which left ShadowChronomon very weakened, but far from finished which is when an old enemy showed his face.....and left the digidestined in a state of shock when they saw him....

To be Continued....
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Guest Altron Gundam
~~~ Feasting Battle, Omnimon reborn, Nightmaredevimon Strikes! ~~~

The same Devimon that had been destroyed by Angemon's Hand of Fate attack, the same Devimon that had the Digimon Emporor screaming in his seat, and the same Devimon that has returned to torment the digidestined once again.

"No...this isn't possible," Matt said with disbelief, staring angrily at the huge shadowing figure walking up behind ShadowChronomon.

"Darn...just what we need...," Tai shouted angrily as his digivice glowed.

Nightmaredevimon finally revealed himself and used his Nightmare Drain attack on ShadowChronomon basically sucking his life force, and receiving ShadowChronomon's power. AlphaWarGreymon suddenly reacted and fired an Alpha Force attack, but Nightmaredevimon just deflected it off with one swing of his arm.

"What?!!!" AlphaWargreymon exclaimed when he saw his attack being bounced around like a volleyball.

By now Tentomon, Biyomon, and Palmon had regained their energy from the fight w/ ShadowChronomon. They had energy for one more digivolution for this battle. THis meant digivolving to Guardian. Tentomon digivolved to VoltageoKabuterimon, Biyomon to Falcondramon, and Palmon to Solarosemon. Unfortunately, during the three years, three new Digimon levels had been found. Guardian, Alpha, and the last one was unknown because it had been so rarely seen at points. It was clear Nightmaredevimon surpassed Alpha because he absorbed ShadowChronomon like he was nothing.

The fierce battle started with the firing of Voltageokabuterimon's Thunderstorm Electrucion attack, and Solarosemon's Geo Heat Viper attack. Nightmaredevimon deflected both and started firing shots of dark energy. AlphaWargreymon was weak from his last battle but tried his best to power up using his Alpha Vigor attack. Blizzarugarurumon charged at Nightmaredevimon only to get stomped viciously on, and hit with a Darkness Infusion attack.

Nightmaredevimon laughed,"You can't possibly defeat me! The powers of darkness shall again take over the Digital world and when that happens, Earth will also feel the wrath of Darkness! Fools, you have no idea what is about to happen!"

Nightmaredevimon spent so much time rabling, he had no idea AlphaWargreymon had been charging his power this whole time. AlphaWargreymon let out his most furious Alpha Force he could and it engulfed Nightmaredevimon. Once the smoke faded it showed Nightmaredevimon staring angrily and steaming from the Alpha Force.

"I WILL destory you, Digidestined!!!" he screamed angrily.

Nightmaredevimon fired another Darkness Infusion but not aimed at any digimon. He was firing at Sora so Biyomon wouldn't take the other Phoenixmon's place as guardian of the south regions. But to Nightmaredevimon's displeasure Tai pushes Sora out of the way, pushing both Tai and Matt over the breaking point.

"Wipe him into the ground, AlphaWargreymon!!!" Tai shouted.
"Its time for payback, get him Blizzarugarurumon!" Matt said after.

Blizzarugarurumon unleashed his Frost Bite attack but it was cut through by Nightmaredevimon's claws. AlphaWargreymon, still low on energy went in for the kill with his Flaming Viper attack but was kicked into a cliff by Nightmaredevimon's awesome power. Izzy was still using his Digimon Analyzer to view his profile but was still having trouble digging up the archive. At this point Izzy receives an e-mail from Michael telling him to open a digiport from Izzy's laptop so he could join the fight, which at this point he warps through.

Nightmaredevimon is man-handling AlphaWargreymon and Blizzarugarurumon at this point and time, and is squeezing the life out of them.

"Aaaaaaa..." Alphawargreymon groaned as his armor was starting to crack.

Blizzarugarurumon's strength was speed not defense as he was being squeezed he screamed in pain.

"Hahahah! Courage, friendship, it looks like those two traits are failing you two now! Bwuahaha!" Nightmaredevimon mocked at the digidestined.

Falcondramon entered right in and used a Crimson Wing Blade attack, which caught Nightmaredevimon offguard, and caused him to let go of AlphaWargreymon and Blizzarugarurumon.

"This battle isn't over yet." said a voice in the distance.

It just so happened to be Michael. Metalseadramon appeared from the distance and fired a River of Power attack at Nightmaredevimon. Unfortunately Nightmaredevimon just blew it away with one flick of his energy. AlphaWargreymon attacked one more time, this time using the last of his energy for his most powerful attack, the Alpha Explosion. This kept Nightmaredevimon busy for a while, but AlphaWargreymon was close to revert digivolving and the digimon were all battered and bruised. Nightmaredevimon came out of the explosion again, but this time he was dead serious about destroying the digidestined. He charged up, and fired his Land Shadow attack which consumes everything in darkness for a ten mile radius. THe attack is just about to hit, but then a strange light appears from Tai's Ruby Flame Digivice, and Matt's digivice, they start glowing in sinc, then the miracles of miracles happens.

AlphaWargreymon revert digivolves to Volcanigreymon and DNA Digivolves with Blizzarugarurumon to become MagnaOmnimon. This acts as more than an Alpha because Volcanigreymon has acquired the power of his Alpha form. So MagnaOmnimon has attained the Magna level with the incoming presence of danger. MagnaOmnimon charges to fight Nightmaredevimon and they go head to head. MagnaOmnimon charged the energy generators in his right forehand to form energy dramon destroyers. He starts slashing furiously but Nightmaredevimon dodges them.

"I'll analyze MagnaOmnimon for you Tai," Izzy says.

The profile appears:

- MagnaOmnimon -
Level- Magna
Type- Vaccine (Warrior)
Attacks: Magna Force, Lumination Swipe, Transcending Barrage
Description- When the two powerful digimon Volcanigreymon and Blizzarugarurumon DNZ Digivolve they become superior to most digimon and virtually unstoppable in their magna form. His main attack is Magna Force a charging of light energy into a sphere then shooting it like an energy beam.

"MagnaOmnimon, Transcending Barrage now!!!" Matt yelled.

MagnaOmnimon released a barrage of missles at Nightmaredevimon and the exploded on contact but a barrier appears around Nightmaredevimon.

"You think you'll defeat me that easily." Nightmaredevimon uttered.

"Revert Digivolve!" Nightmaredevimon yelled.

A dark beam soared at MagnaOmnimon, and then MagnaOmnimon countered it with his Magna Force attack..with the two beams locked on, on the opponent one light one dark, who will win???

To be continued...
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