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bragonballz movies


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Dbz Movie #02 - Worlds Strongest
Dbz Movie #03 - Tree of might
Dbz movie #04 - Super Saiya-Jin Son Goku
dbz Movie #05 - Greatest Rival
dbz Movie #06 - Greatest Rival 2
Dbz Movie #07 - The Ultimate Battle
Dbz Movie #08 - Bring Your Spirit to the
Dbz Movie #09 - Strongest in the Universe
Dbz Movie #10 - The Dangerous Partners
Dbz Movie #11 - Super Warrior Clone
Dbz Movie #12 - Rebirth of Fusion, Goku and Vegeta!!!
Dbz Movie #13 - Exploding Dragon Fist!!!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by WarGreymon01 [/i]
[B]There aren't 13 movies for DBZ there are 15 if you include 'Bardock:Father of Goku' and 'The History of Trunks' [/B][/QUOTE]

ummm...no, those aren't one of the movies, they are television specials aired in Japan. there are 13 movies and two TV specials
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