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Mobile Suit Gundam


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[color=indigo]Well, I am finally back her at the Gundam forum. I think theres only four or five people who post here anyway, but im back so maybe this place will pick up a little.

How many episodes does MSG have total? I think it was originally 90 something but they trimmed it down. I was also wondering if its near the end cause I have missed alot of episodes. I have not missed a single episode of 08th Team though.
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I have not post here for a long time... Anyway, here is the info:

Mobile Suit Gundam has 43 episodes. It was originally planned for 49 but had to cut short due to low rating back in 1979. The 3 movies are made from the 43 episodes. After several re-run on TV, the show becomes so popular that a number of sequences are made. Hope this clears it up.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Seifer [/i]
[B]No, theres more than 16. It was said that it was originally 90 but it sucked its first year out so they cut it down to 40 something. [/B][/QUOTE] yea i think dats rite!
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