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  1. Just your average get kicked out of every toy store in the area of your house stuff here. Cherry bombing meat products, Seeing if you put one in a turkey, If it will fly around with fire coming out of its ***.... Of course, This was all a few years ago, Don't even live in that area now...
  2. [SIZE=1]I live on the edge of a large wooded area. The [i]Monsters[/i] that live in there.... I swear, We have Mosquitos the size of my fist. We has wasps that nest in the billions. Thats a billion nests, Will a billion wasps in each nest. Thats 1,000,000,000 X 1,000,000,000 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 wasps.... We also have the Lady bugs of doom in western massachusetts. i think we have locusts too... I have pool that has recently been changed to a locust body holding area...... [/SIZE]
  3. First, I'm not sad about the topic, Just wanted to use that image. I think its awsome. Let me put it this way. Your girlfriend is in a car crash. She's broken her arm,Leg, And neck , and before she passes out, asks to see you. Her parants call you, Tells you what happened, and asks you to come there. Your parents arn't home, And all you have is a bike. You ride the 10 miles there in 3 hours, While its raining and the sidewalks are ice, Where there IS sidewalks. When you finally arrive there, you sit by her bed side for three full days, without food, water, or a minute of sleep. That is love. Sacraficing Life, Well being, and health is love. Falling asleep in the one your with's arms and feeling like if a bomb exploded next to you, She would keep you safe, That you'd both come out un touched. that is the feeling of love.
  4. I support sex before being married. I mean, I may only be 13, I've actualy had sex with my Girlfriend, Not for the feeling, But to represent our love to each other. We have used comdoms, She has put herself on the pill, and our very careful about how we go about our love making. Now, I do not mean to tell people that at our age it is okay to do something that holds such impact on your life. We our both very mature for our age, And truely love each other. I believe age is only a way to calculate how long you've been alive, And nothing else. As I have said to many people: "Love oversteps the boundrys of age, The restrictions of society, And the opinions of others."
  5. I once fell asleep In my bed, But woke up under my christmas tree christmas morning... Yes, I'm a sleep walker. I once Walked into my cousins room when him and his girlfriend*Cough*...And preceded to sit in the chair across the bed, And wake up.:eek:
  6. Anime

    Man, Everything I post in dies....
  7. Anime

    Hey, Just ta' let y'all know, I'm back, And where else to post, But in a topic about the Digistory [b]I[/b] created, Along with Ginny, Sara(Cera at the time), Ben, And a few others. Thanks for bringing this back cera, This really means alot to me. Makes me remember about how I'll always have a home with my Otaku kin. :bluesweat I mean, Me, the creator of probably the biggest Role playing game, Up there with others like WAR, Big brother, And others along that line, Being remembered and carried on through a story that many people toiled over for about a year, Mabey a year in a half. This is what being a Otaku is all about....
  8. Anime

    Okay, So, i need some help. I was wondering if someone could explain to me in an easy to undestand, idiot lway of thinking? Currently I have both the Yugi and Kiaba starter decks, But i cannot understand the instructions on how to play the game. i need someone to explain to me EVERYTHING about the game in, As a said before, An easy way to understand. Please help this idiot standing in the sea of Dumbassness.....
  9. Anime

    I was wondering if the card Dark Magician Girl was out in america yet. If it is, Or even if it isn't, Could someone give a link as to where i could find it in japanese or in english??
  10. Gaming

    I loved the movie. I hate it when people talk trash about it. it makes me feel like.....:blowingup
  11. Anime

    Actualy, You are wrong. He has to wear the mask becuase he was hurt by the devil gundam when it landed on earth. Trust me, I own the pure japanese subbed version, I know this. Oh, And when he stole it, He was Not, Never has, Never will, did not have the mask on.
  12. Anime

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GinnyLyn [/i] [B]*nudges her to one side* You can have Yami Kaiba, I'll take Seto Kaiba. :love: his cloak! [/B][/QUOTE] *Removes Pistol from side holster* Seto is mine. I love Seto, Now let us be! *Runs off with Seto, Into his own little Yaoi world*
  13. [COLOR=firebrick]There Once was a war.....[/COLOR] We all know the story of the battle for the Holy stones, The story of a Young man Name Ramza Beoluve, And a Young man named Delita, But we don't know the whole story... We know that Delita had an alliance to knowone, But he always talked of having 'Comrades', Yet we Never meet them, So this is a RPG based on those people, Those soldiers, Of whom's main King, Or leader, Was Delita. This is The same exact story line, Or should I say same time, as the game, Yet you get to play it as high powered people you never meet in the game... Now, For the sign-up.... Remeber, You can't be a person that was in the game. This is my sign up: Name(Of Your Guy):Kieth Lavarde Place in Army(Rank):High Lord(Cammander) Main Class(Your job):Holy Knight(No holy swordmans) Sub Class(Your sub):Archer Also, You have ALL the powers of your sub in any form, Which means while i am a Holy knight, I can use a bow just like a mastered archer.
  14. Anime

    Nope, It's the true blue real versions. I got it off of ebay.
  15. Anime

    Thanks guys, I decided to buy the Japanese Subtitled Version, AND IT WAS ONLY $30.00!!! Thanks guys, This is gonna be a very fun summer.... :)