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I don't know much about the game, nor have I played it. But I wanted to help. So I went to GameFAQs and got the walkthrough for Mission 2 for you, and even if you only wanted it for that one part the rest is there is you need it. I would give you the link right to the FAQ in case you needed it at a later time, but I'm not sure if that would count as advertising or not. Anyway, GameFAQs is a good place to check especially when certain game such as this seems to be unknown here. Good luck.

[quote][i][b]From GameFAQs a FAQ written by GameFAQs member VmprHntrD.[/b][/i]
Mission 2
Castle Leo - The Princess Gwenevere

Items to be found:
Fist of Needles

This mission opens up in the southern regions of Leo D'Grance's territories
outside of town. Moving north you will approach an intersection that goes up
and left or right. The right side you can burn down or run across to take out
two bothersome archers if you wish. The left side is a stone bridge that sets
off a cutscene for the opening objective of the game, burning down a bridge to
stop the advancement of Morgan's flanking troops, but let's not get that far
ahead yet as I have a special tip on leveling up for you here.

Double back and go across the bridge and get the blademasters to follow you.
Go back over the bridge with them in pursuit, then double back on its right
side and wedge yourself between the bridge railing and the shoreline. As the
blademasters approach you will find they can never lay a hand on you, but you
can slowly hurt them. Given about 30+ minutes of work you can raise Arthur to
around levels 5 to 7. At this level you can easily crush this level, and make
the following two easier as well. The only thing you lose here is a two AI
character backup that's quite useless.

Now back to the guide. Going north you can choose to take the highroad or the
low road, either is fine, but the low road you will need to approach to burn
down the bridge to stop the advancement of Morgan?s troops or you will fail
the mission in about 5-10minutes time as the castle WILL GET FLANKED. Also
keep your eye out for a gold bag next to the tree on the left side of the
bridge. Heading eastward eventually you come across a lower class peasantry
housing area. Following the path until you come to a bend in the road if you
go to the house there which has a tree just below it, and another house to its
right if you burn it down you will get the FIST OF NEEDLES. The other house
there makes it easy to know what I speak of as a maiden runs out as it's set
fire by two troops, so kill them and save her for fun.

Afterwards again, head more to the east crossing a bridge and entering the
main town which leads to the castle. Your objective here is to make it to the
church in the east, but it won't be that easy. As you enter town you will see
an ally run out of a home with a blademaster in pursuit who will now advance
on you. Use hit and fade tactics with this guy because he will lower your HP
quite quickly. Once he's dead, go for the church and take out anyone in your
way in a straight line to there. At the church you will need to kill two more
blademasters, one will advance on you, the other on the priest. Ignore the
one after the priest as he will never die, but you will, so kill that one,
then the other, and your AI backup will help slightly. From this point on you
can now get your life refilled. There are now two things you can do from this
point, help the priest find his daughter, or backtrack and head north through
the main gate (which I prefer doing.) If you choose to be helpful, she is
found in the southwest part of town by the water, if you go directly south,
then west you can find her, and a bag of gold by some crates. Once she is
found the priest will lead you to a side entrance to the castle grounds, but
first you will have to kill a few skeleton knights in the way which is easy
enough with the priest to refill your life, and you can get a pair of small
change gold bags here too in a dug out grave.

Now at this point I personally would kill them for the experience, but still
head back to the main gate and go north. Here you will find some troops
trying to escape the barracks, but being slaughtered by ground forces and a
pair of archers so kill them and get a large pile of allies to assist you.
Now head north up the stairs and into the main courtyard that branches into
three paths. From here head east and take out a pod of troops to free some
archers from captivity, and they will inform you of the Princess Gwenevere
being held in the west, so go that way, take out two blademasters and get
(after this stage is over) a new ally. With her heading northward, follow
her to the back wall. My advice is to get this over with fast to be on the
safe side, and to do this, head to the far eastern siege tower. Going down
this you'll find three blademasters, a sorceress, and some other general
lackeys. Just go for the group of four as they're the siege captains and once
they die, the level ends.[/quote]
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