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  1. NeoCactuar

    Gaming GTA Vice City Discussion

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinji Ikari [/i] [B][size=1] If you have a sniper rifle, you can take the cop out when he's driving. but you'll have a two star level instead of a one star. So it's probably wiser to jack the polica car in the way NeoC said, and get it to a respray shop fast.[/size] [/B][/QUOTE] If only you could respray cop cars... Just boost away from the cop and then the star will begin to flash and then just disappear.
  2. NeoCactuar

    Gaming GTA Vice City Discussion

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by G/S/B Master [/i] [B]I have a question: Is it possible to jack a police car? I tried to once and I got busted. Soon I find out that you could kill the drivers by aiming at the drivers seat and shoot away... So if you've done that, can you jack the police car? [/B][/QUOTE] It's entirely possible to jack one without killing the officer inside. Just go to the passenger?s side door and try to open it, it will be locked and Tommy will just grab at the handle. The officer will then get out of his car and try and chase you. Simply try the door again, and it will be unlocked this time, and then just drive away before the cop knows what hit him.
  3. NeoCactuar

    Gaming Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.... Looks horrible...

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by vegeta rocker [/i] [B]Whats the big deal with the graphics? I mean game play, game play, game play![/B][/QUOTE] Completely and utterly true. I found myself looking at the screen shots of C&C Generals and drooling, it looked amazing... looked. I of course went out and bought the game strait away, but once i got home and began to play it i found the game play to be to slow and the overall package unattractive. In my opinion the game was not as good as one of its C&C predecessors like RA2. The point i am making is don't be fooled by screen shots, they don't show an in depth look into the game, all they convey is a static image.
  4. NeoCactuar

    Gaming Enter the Matrix

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Agatio [/i] [B]Oh, so the game is based upon the Matrix: Reloaded but just from Ghost and/or Niobes point. Or am I wrong. [/B][/QUOTE] Yeah, that's right. Personally i don't see it as the best game of all time, or whatever you said in your opening post Agatio. To me it seems like max pane with a different setting and a million dollar title. The bullet time is nothing new. The running up walls is cool, but really nothing to write home about. The only factor of the game that i am impressed with is all the independent filming they did, it's god to see the movie and the game industry moving closer together.
  5. NeoCactuar

    Gaming Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.... Looks horrible...

    Graphics aren?t everything, it's the game play that matters. That's why you still find yourself playing those 8-bit games, and still loving them. Budokai was pretty good in my opinion; it had a lot more than what one would expect from a fighting game. I liked the capsule system, it took my back to the Final Fantasy days, and incorporated a feature for the more... intelligent gamer. You simply couldn't button bash your way through it, it took time, and patience. Something not applicable to other fighters, like Tekken. No matter what, i won't judge the game till i get my hands on it. It's the only way to be sure.
  6. NeoCactuar

    Caption Contests Begin!^^

    Jimmy's parents always told him not to cough that hard.
  7. NeoCactuar

    Gaming GTA Vice City Discussion

    Please try to say something a little more than that caffeinefreak5, we are trying to encourage discussion here but pointless posts that incur no reply are no fun for anyone. As for the matter of getting busted, I know all to what you?re talking about. Once I was in my Ambulance, up to about level 10 I think, and my driver?s side door smashed off. So I?m driving down the street, must be doing at least 50kph, but since I have no door, I go past a cop and... Busted... at 50kph, but a standing cop. Weird O_o
  8. NeoCactuar

    Gaming Shoot me if this goes against the grain...

    Yeah, now i think about it, i do agree with those points. Some of those camera angles, especially in the opening scene/act were very poorly designed. They were trying to recreate a movie type feel with more camera angles and innovative camera angles, as many games today are trying. But, unfortunately failed miserably. They instead confused the gamer, and took away from the game play and made people focus on the annoyances, what every game programmer wants to avoid. On the note of the Dantes personality, i didn?t really notice or mind the lack of conversation, and although i don't think it decreased any aspect of the game i admit a little more would have been better. And the larger areas, yes i did notice this, and i was severely disappointed and annoyed. The promise of bigger and better in a sequel is great, except when by bigger they mean a giant empty room. This situation was all to common, large paths, halls and outdoor areas that had no real use apart from running through them. I often found myself wasting a devil trigger in order to just try and run through an area quicker.
  9. NeoCactuar

    Farewell Possum Bourne

    A rally driver. A father. A friend. And a great ambassador to New Zealand. Farewell Possum, rest in peace.
  10. NeoCactuar

    The Matrix

    I just booked my 12:01am tickets. The first screening for Matrix Reloaded!!!
  11. NeoCactuar

    Gaming . Hack Infection Part1

    Well now we have that sorted I?m still not sure where I stand O_o So I?ll move it for now, that will get some activity in the .hack forum anyway. Charles, if you feel this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it.
  12. NeoCactuar

    Gaming . Hack Infection Part1

    Once again this now has it's own forum. -Move
  13. NeoCactuar

    Gaming .HACK//mutation?

    This has it's own forum now, it belongs there. And i know there are conflicting rules, but we put the Pokemon games in the Pokemon forum, and we put the Dragonball games in the Dragonball forum, so for now, this can be moved. -Move
  14. NeoCactuar

    Gaming Shoot me if this goes against the grain...

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by The Vampire: Ed [/i] [B]Don't bother with Devil May Cry 2. It's horrible. They completely screwed that game up, so I'd get the first Devil May Cry if you haven't all ready played it.[/B][/QUOTE] Really? I have played them both and I quite enjoyed 2. What did they do wrong in your opinion?
  15. NeoCactuar

    Gaming Game delivery delays...

    I have never really experienced game delays of this type, i think this is mainly because i live really close to my local game store, and don't order much. If for some reason i do it comes fairly quickly. But in general i know the frustration of waiting for deliveries, and especially trying to get through all the telephone operators and find out when the &%$# your package is going to be delivered.