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  1. [QUOTE=EVA Unit 100]I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: As of October 23rd, Rouroni Kenshin will return to Toonami. [/QUOTE] As far as I knew, they had already aired all of the Rurouni Kenshin episodes in America. Are they airing reruns, or some new ones, even though I thought the series was done?
  2. I dont know if this would be the right place to post this, but in cyborg 009 at the end of what CN showed it seemed like all of the events were all leading up to another season and then at the end, if I remember correctly, there is shown a big black ball of light and then CN didn't show any new episodes. Does anyone know if they are going to start airing new episodes, or if there are even any?
  3. magic_raditz

    Gaming .hack PS2 games question

    Hey, I am thinking about buying the .hack video games (.hack//INFECTION, .hack//MUTATION, .hack//QUARANTINE and the other one which I stupidly can't remember). When I did my research, one of the many things it was rated "T" for was "Mature Sexual Themes". I was just wondering quite what this was all about and to make sure that nothing too inappropiate is in it.
  4. magic_raditz

    Anime Which Animes Are Dubbed Best/Worst?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Rokuki [/i] [B]The worst dub i have ever seen has to be Shaman King! Why God Why!!? The voice actors are terrible, especially Tao Ren's english actor, they named him Lenny out of all the names, and they made him sound british! He's from China for God's sake!!! [/B][/QUOTE] Acually R and L sound pretty close in the Japanese language I believe. However you are right that the "ny" wasn't needed. It makes his name sound horrible in my opinion.
  5. magic_raditz

    Anime .hack// card game!

    Well the real card game will come out in just a few days. The 15th of october I believe. Iv'e played the game a few time's and its pretty fun. The tournament system sound's cool to. I know I will be picking up some cards and participating in the first tournament weekend for sure!
  6. Does anyone know [U]exactly[/U] how many more of episodes of Rurouni Kenshin are going to be aired? Or if you at least know if it will last until december.
  7. [B]Rating: 9/10[/B] Oh boy alberto! That episode was really good. However I did think that the look alikes of Tsukasa, Mimiru and Subaru were NOT very good imitations. It would have been SO much better if they seemed really like they are and then that would have been a cool thinking sort of thing. Its sad that .hack//SIGN is over, does anyone know when and if the extra episodes that you keep talking about going to be aired?
  8. [B]RATING: 9/10[/B] Wow! This episode was awsome! The only problems were that teh first few minutes dragged on a tiny bit and another problem that I had is how when they were fighting the guardian that they all attacked its ring. If they knew that was its weak point why didnt they attack it in the last episode? I also really liked how there were lots of game references in this episode. Next weeks episode should be awsome!
  9. Hey, I was watching SVES tonight and it showed commercials for these 2 new anime's that are coming to cartoon network. One has all of these tiny gundams that look odd (more like a funny sort of gundam series) and the other one is a sves only show and its about these people who are dueling for this armor or something. They sound intresting to say the least. EDIT: I just remembered the name for the one with the armor. It's called knight's of the zodiac.
  10. [B]Rating: 8.5/10[/B] Woah! That was a good episode! It had all the right elements- Humor, adventure and knowledge. I bet next episode is going to be crazyily good! I cant wait!
  11. magic_raditz

    Anime The Latest Episode of Yu-Gi-Oh

    I was SOOOOO mad today. I stayed up late last night, and totally forgot to set my alarm for kids wb :sleep: :confused:. I managed to catch the last 2 minutes of the seconds episode, and saw bakura use ectoplasma and win. What all happened? Could you please tell me?
  12. Does anyone know what will happen to .hack//SIGN when it finishes airing the last episode?
  13. magic_raditz

    Anime .hack// card game!

    I know that the card game for .hack is a little bit old news, but some info just came out in my latest gaming magazine (scrye). here is the article: "Dechiper announced that it has secured the rights to produce a trading-card game based on the .hack anime and videogame series. The game .hack//ENEMY will release in october and comes hot on the heels of the .hack//sign series and the series of .hack games for the playstation 2. The .hack universe revolves around a near-future virtual community called the world. Players in the trading card game play from the point of view [U]of the monsters and other entities trying to corrupt the world from within [/U] The game is won by the first player to accumulate a certain number of victory points. The art of the game comes from the playstation games and the anime. The games tournament system will also support the fictional role playing experience of the world. Players will earn points for each game played in a tournament, with extra points earned for a victory. When a player reaches 1,000 points (which should take four or five tournaments) the player "levels up" and will recieve one of five exclusive level-up cards in the mail from dechiper. The game is designed to be less complicated then deciphers "lord of the rings" and "star trek" trading card games and should take 20 to 30 minuets to play" So what do you think? I think its interesting that you play from the villians point of view! This should be interesting.
  14. Does anyone know when innuyasha will come back on? (I dont acually watch it, but a friend wants to know) Also does anyone know what will happen to.hack//sign after it finishes airing? Will they show reruns or replace it with something?
  15. [B]RATING: 8.5/10[/B] Man this episode was good! We got to hear lots of cool new information and now that tsucasa is snapped out of his funk things should get better.... I cant wait for next week's episode :) .