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  1. Oooooooo ok I remember now. I remember Quatermain. He does remind me of Indy too, I'm sure he was an influence on the character. There were also some Quatermain movies back in the 80s. Does anyone have a full list of the characters? I can only remember a handful. I know they added Sawyer, even though he wasn't in the comics.
  2. I believe in the comics that Harker's vampireism was subtlely hinted at. I never read Dracula in it's entirety, so I can't add anything about Mina's character. Anyways, this looks like an interesting movie. Mixing in English literature is a very unique twist that is a treat for many fans of both literature and comic books. The CGI for Hyde does look a bit fake, but luckily he's not like that the entire movie. So it looks like a fun action/adventure movie. I'm not too familiar with the comic books, but many of the fans are pleased with how it looks so far.
  3. Well, Gloria Foster really did die, so they replaced her with another woman. Revolutions does give some sort of reason why she looks different however. The game does touch on it a bit, but it is never fully explained.
  4. I can't really speak on it as a whole as I have only listened to the second disc. The score was pretty good with a lot of catchy tunes. And for those wondering... Song during the 100 agents fight- Burly Brawl Song during highway chase- Mona Lisa Overdrive The score consists of a odd mix of electronica, techno, and orchestra. Sounds weird, but it turned out well. Also, the disc has a lot of cool extras such as a preview for Reloaded, preview for Osiris, behind the scenes stuff on the Enter The Matrix game, and a nearly 5 minute preview of the Animatrix.
  5. It was a meh movie. It wasn't funny at all, and the fight scenes weren't that great. They relied too much on the kooky tuxedo angle. I mean, he's Jackie Chan, he doesn't need a tuxedo. The whole film felt like a poor James Bond spoof. Nothing about it stood out or was good at all. Even hardcore Chan films should skip it. Luckily, he reedemed himself with Shanghai Knights, which was one of the best Chan films I've seen in a long time.
  6. It's a good movie, I liked it. Those who doubt Williams acting ability should go watch Good Will Hunting. He even won an oscar for his performance. While he has gained the reputation for being a goofy guy, he can be very intense and serious when he has to be. Anyways, the movie is very good. Sy is a great, tragic character and Williams does a great job portraying him. The story is interesting too, although I expected the photography aspect to be creepier, such as the film Peeping Tom. The directing was also from a newcomer who has just done music videos. I think he did a good job;
  7. I don't understand why people are against Cruise being the last samurai. Would you prefer Jackie Chan? Cruise is a great actor that was in one of the best films last year (minority report), and I have confidence in him. So what if he's not Japanese? Being a samurai is about honor and duty, not about race. And by the name Last Samurai, they most likely mean he was the last one to accept the code and training. The movie does have other samurai. The story looks like a great epic, and I will definitely check it out. We need some good samurai films anyways. There's Kurosawa of course, but I
  8. Anyone else excited about the game? It comes to GCN this November, which will mark the first time Square hits a Nintendo console since SNES. For those who don't know what it is, here is a brief run down: It's an action/RPG, think secret of mana. There are four people in your party, they can either be CPU or human players. That's right, it's multiplayer. It's not a mindless hack and slash like PSO. There are real towns, and a supposedly deep storyline. Single player is estimated to be about 30 hours. One thing interesting is that it's not split screen. It all takes place on on
  9. I'm not so sure about that. Here's how I perceive it: [spoiler]Ok, we all know this is the sixth Matrix it seems, since the archetect said that there were five before him, and they all failed. They all chose to start over, and not to save their love. Neo, however, chose to save her, leaving the fate of Zion in the devil's hands it seems. Everyone who was freed in the previous matrices died, and everyone in their pods most likely just got their memories altered, as if nothing happened at all. Therefore, the process starts all over again. There are two theories: The rebellion is
  10. It's true. Soderbough and Clooney are on board, but the rest is questionable. [URL=http://us.imdb.com/Title?0349903]Go here for the IMDB page on it.[/URL] It's still in the early stages, a script isn't even done, but it should be out by 2004. This time it takes place in England. The remake was a really fun movie, so I'll hope that this one will be a worth sequel.
  11. Oh, has anyone seen An Evening With Kevin Smith? It's a DVD full of footage of Smith answering questions at colleges. There's nearly four hours of footage. He talks on everything from his movies, how he met his wife, and even the whole Superman movie fiasco. He even has a bizarre anecdote about Prince. Any Smith fan should pick it up. It's funnier than most of his movies!
  12. I agree with you that his method of directing is close to many amateurs. The difference is, he is thinking about this stuff, he wants his angles this way. He's isn't absentminded, he knows what he wants and how he wants to do it. The style isn't for everyone, but I don't like it when people call him an incompetant director. His style isn't anything special and doesn't blow me away, but it's definitely not bad like many make it seem.
  13. Some of my favorite comedy movies are Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Austin Powers series, Adaptation, The Royal Tenenbaums, some Jim Carrey movies, Smith films, Spaceballs, and more. Adaptation is comedy/drama, but it was one of the funniest movies I saw last year and everyone should check it out. It comes to DVD this Tuesday!
  14. I'm just going to do the whole movie in spoiler tags so I don't have to switch off periodically. [spoiler]I loved the film. A great set up for Revolutions, which was pretty much the reason this film was made. There were quite a few flaws with it, which I will address now. First off, the pacing. The first hour or so of it is just political jargon and showing Zion. It reminds me of the Jedi Council debates which flood the new Star Wars movies. I'm all for them showing Zion's political side, but they spent way too much time on it. Also, Neo's character seemed to devolve. At the e
  15. I enjoy his movies. Very funny and witty in a time that's filled with comedy that involves people falling down or "hilarious" ethnic mismatches. A lot of people bash him for his writing and how immature and unnecessary it is, but that's just his style. It's really a personal preference. I personally love the long monologues about pointless things such as the rules of the food court in Mallrats and the Storm Troopers debate in Clerks. He does a lot of bold things though. Dogma was very risky, but he did it anyways. He is also one of the few people I've seen who portrayed gay people as no
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