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    Sticking out the time i have left in North Dakota before I PCS to Germany
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    Support Lackey
  1. Cowboys beat the Bears. Even I didn't see that coming O_O
  2. I'll Fly Away-Kanye West Not really listening to it, but rather, it's stuck in my head.
  3. [quote name='MistressRoxie'][color=#9933ff]*snerk* It's okay. I don't remember, exactly, where you used to hang out on OB. I wanna say Digimon, but you're a little too new for that. I remember seeing you in some interesting debate threads. (Some with Chabichou (sp?) perhaps?) I just thought it was cool you were in the air force.[/color][/QUOTE] I joined in 2002, I gotta think back now lol
  4. Cowboys played the Dolphins last week. Not sure about Week 1 though. I do know the Cowboys are playing the Bears this week Bye Bye 2-0 Record >_<
  5. These are a few of the pictures I've taken in my miscellaneous travels. There'll be many, many more soon once I get to Europe. San Fran: [url]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/San%20Fran/Picture009.jpg[/url] [url]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/San%20Fran/Picture099.jpg[/url] [url]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/San%20Fran/Picture015.jpg[/url] [url]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/San%20Fran/Picture061.jpg[/url] [url]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/San%20Fran/Picture011.jpg[/url] Plus a Random one....tire we found after a jet landed in the Desert. Off-Runway=No No [url]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/Deserts/IMG_1358.jpg[/url]
  6. I've smoked since my 18th Birthday. Yep. Buddy of mine said I wouldn't buy a pack....bought it and took it a step further. Only time I haven't smoked since is during Basic Training when I wasn't allowed. I smoke Marlboro Lights at home, but they disappear quickly at our base in the Mid-East, so I smoke Camel Lights over there.
  7. [quote name='spy46'] In some RTS games i have played, i would have a ..... rocket guy that should be able to take out that tank in 2 shots, according to his stats he kills tanks right? No, that tank fires a few time and he be dead :animeangr (yes in RL he would be)[/QUOTE] Speaking of RTS Games.....if you're looking for good AI, look at World In Conflict. I beta tested it, and have run through the Demo. Probably the best RTS I've played....and I'm a C&C Fan
  8. [IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/Motivation/1182791107772.jpg[/IMG] I've got a huge folder on PB to unleash on this thread.
  9. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]I remember that. I refer to middle school as the years the Bills didn't suck.[/color][/font][/QUOTE] Except when they played the Cowboys in....what was that game.....the Super Bowl :D
  10. [quote name='MistressRoxie'][color=#9933ff]Of COURSE I remember you LostProphet! How could I not? lol.[/color][/QUOTE] Sadly....I think you're going to need to refresh MY memory lol Also, I'm an odd man out here to an extent. I'm a Gamer, but I'm not huge on Anime or anything of the sort. I found the site through a buddy of mine a few years back.
  11. I was putting up my dishes a few minutes ago when I found a box of this stuff. I don't know what it is (I'm guessing my old roommate brought it home after a TDY and didn't take it when he moved out), but I can tell it's Japanese from the writing. If any of you guys know, please, fill me in. I'm guessing its still good because the bottom of the can says '080216'. [IMG]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/AirForceGuy1985/Random/japanese.jpg[/IMG] Just tried it...nothing bad, tastes like a cold cup of coffee, which is kinda bleh. But I'll admit, it's a kick in the *** after working out. Any info is still appreciated, I've got about 20 more cans....
  12. I'm not exactly new (I used to post quite a bit a couple of years ago), but I've been lurking on and off since then. I'd be surprised if theres many people here who remember me now. Long story short, I'm in the Air Force, currently based in North Dakota, but I'm moving to Germany in February.
  13. I've looked around on Google and Yahoo for places to go and things to do around San Francisco, but I was wanting to get some input from the people that live there, things that aren't normally covered in the guides.
  14. 'I'm a Pilot' by Dos Gringos. [url]http://myspace.com/theairman514[/url] Good luck adding me, I'm deployed and can't access MySpace out here.
  15. [b][U]Beer[/U][/b] Shiner Bock Killians Red Newcastle Sam Adams Guinness I'll drink anything with liquor once, but my weakness is Jack Daniels.
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