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in all your life, you learn, experience, and believe what your surroundings has taught you. religions and etc. this is what it's called belief system..which is known as filter..

there are 3 steps..after your death. but we only knows or may expeirence only 1 step..if you go all the way to 3 step, you know your dead compeletly :p

here's a step one. this is studied and told by near death experienced ppl..which i happend to read it on website somewhere.

when you die..by accident or whatever, you go on to other..ok..it's called heaven.:p but you are not always alone or friendless. there's a guardian angel out there for you to keep watching you even tho you are not aware of it. It watches you over lifetime and never leave you alone..because they are assigned to you..so you could be never alone when you leave physical body..their purpose is to guide you to after life place. NDE ppl usually see as "light". which is so overwhelmed by comfortable feeling and stuff..here's a part where your belief system comes along. they adjust you to see what you want it to see..or what you believed in..just to make it to the point where you understand the pharases you are going through..or not to surprise you.

mother was dying, and two of her daughter was 'gather in the hospital room..and waited her to get better. one sister fell asleep..she was walking in the forrests..along with her other sister and her mom. they reached to the point where there's a bright light..her mom told them, "this is point where i must go alone." and when they woke up, her mom was gone, and the other sister told her that she had a same dream..but different place(beach)..

only 3% have bad near death experiences..which is caused by fear. if you have low self esteem or fear for going to hell, you'll might experience it. not all people expience it(those who have NDE)..if they believe there's nothing after life, they will come back to life without remembering anything.

we are spiritual beings..we gone off to other places by dreaming.
1) we dream about our physical problems
2) we dream about going to different places but waking up not knowing where you are and what time it is
3) gone to spiritual world but not remembering it.

i'm interested in after death life..because there is one. we just don't come and go..it's a proven fact that they come back to life and remembering the stuff you didn't know before you temp. died. but there isn't enough evidence to prove it 100%(?).
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tien: all i'm saying is..err..we are guided and loved by god always, and we will not be alone forever. when you die, they show you from what you believe in(what do you think it would happned to you when you die)..to make you understand better what's the meaning of life and death and after life.

matt: yeah..wont it be? hehe. they said if you experience NDE, you never afraid of dieng ever again..unless if you experience hell..then that's other matter.
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it isn't that long to read..heh..just wanted to share it with ya..'cause i found it super fascinating;) i mean..it's not like we have options to avoid death..we all have to face it one day..as might as learn a little bit
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