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Gargoyles: Mists of Avalon


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[COLOR=deeppink]I finally got it done. ^_^[/COLOR]

[color=purple] Xanatos sat at his desk, tapping his fingers together. No matter what he tried, the Gargoyles would not trust him. He had lavished them with gifts for the past two weeks. He had given Broadway expensive, imported food, he had given Lexington access to countless gizmos and gadgets, he had even furnished Hudson with a brand-new reclining chair and a big-screen color TV with cable! But they still don?t trust him.

He had been trying to come up with a better idea for hours, but to no avail. What would possibly please the Gargoyles? Suddenly, a devious smile crossed his face. He had just gotten a great idea. He reached for the intercom on his desk, and pressed the small green button.

?Owen, may I see you in my office for a minute??

Almost instantly, Owen walked through the door.

?Yes, Mr. Xanatos??

?Owen, extend an invitation to Goliath to have him and the rest of the Gargoyles for a cruise on one of my yachts three nights from now. Oh, and place an order for a private yacht.

?Right away, Mr. Xanatos.?

Owen started toward the door.

?Oh, and Owen??

?Yes, Mr. Xanatos??

?Make sure it?s the newest model.?

?Of course, Mr. Xanatos.?

As Owen exited the room, Xanatos turned in his chair and looked out the window. The sun was setting.

[I]The Gargoyles will be waking up soon.[/I], he thought, [I] and if they accept the offer, it will surely be an interesting trip. [/I]


?Xanatos wants them to do [I]what[/I]? ? yelled Elisa Maza.

?Mr. Xanatos has extended an invitation to Goliath and the rest of the Gargoyles to join him on a private cruise on the third night from today. This invitation is extended to each of the Gargoyles individually. And, of course, you are invited as well, Detective Maza,? said Owen in his usual monotone voice.

?Of course,? growled Elisa.

?I have other affairs I must attend to, so I will leave you to decide your answers.?

As Owen exited the room, the others looked at each other with grave expressions on their faces.

?I don?t trust him,? said Lexington. ?He?s planning something.?

?I agree,? said Brooklyn. ?You know, he?s probably watching us right now, through some hidden camera.?

?Is there going to be any food on this trip?? asked Broadway.

?Ay, I don?t think there?s anyone arguing about the untrustworthiness of Xanatos. But I need to relax. I?m going.? Hudson said. Bronx nudged up against him, signaling that he wanted to go too.

?Well, what do you think, Goliath?? Elisa asked.

?I think that we need to give Xanatos a chance. We live in his home; we should at least try to trust him. I?m going to go.?

?I want to go with you, Father,? piped in Angela.

?We?ll go too!? yelled Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington at the same time.

?Then it?s decided. We?re all going,? said Goliath.

They all went to the edge of the castle and glided off, starting their nightly watch of the city.

Owen walked into Xanatos? office, and found his employer sitting at his desk, looking at a small monitor on his desk. He had a pleased look on his face.

?I trust they accepted??

?Yes, Owen, they did. In fact, all of them accepted. I am a little surprised by this; I thought that at least a few of them would stay behind, either from wanting to protect the city, or from distrust of me.

Could you please inform Fox of our little plan? She?s been wanting to take a nice, relaxing trip with Alexander and I, and I?m sure she?ll want to join us.?

?You?re taking Alexander, sir?? A look of surprise and excitement almost crept upon Owen?s otherwise blank expression.

?Yes I am, Owen. You are also coming. I thought that was implied??

?Oh, I hadn?t realized. Excuse me for my temporary incompetence, sir. It won?t happen again.?

Owen bowed, and left the room. Xanatos leaned back in his chair. He was really looking forward to this trip.

[I]Hmm? I?ll have to have Owen uninstall some of the security cameras in the castle. If I want them to trust me, I have to give them some grounds to, don?t I?[/I]


On the third night, Xanatos and his family (along with Owen) stood at Xanatos? private dock, waiting for the Gargoyles to arrive. They were five minutes late.

?Do you think they ran into any trouble on the way?? Fox asked her husband.

?I wouldn?t be surprised, my dear.?

She gave him a playful smile. ?But you?re never surprised.?

?Well, I think it?s one of my better character traits. Besides, I hate surprises. They?re so hard to deal with.?

Just then, the Gargoyles came gliding over; Hudson was carrying Bronx, and Elisa was riding on Goliath?s back. They sat down a few feet away from Xanatos.

?Well, Xanatos, we?re here.?

?I can see that, Goliath. Come this way, I?ll show you around the ship.?

The ship was s small ship, as Yachts, go, and wasn?t very flashy. It didn?t take very long for Xanatos to show them around the ship (Owen was taking care of Alexander). After the tour, Broadway immediately went back to the cafeteria. He had seen the most delicious looking ham he had ever seen. Lexington went to the navigation room, curious about how the ship was piloted. Hudson and Bronx both went to the lounge to relax. The rest of the Gargoyles went to the main deck.

Goliath stood next to Xanatos. ?What was your purpose for inviting us??

?Why, Goliath, I?m only trying to earn you trusts. I no longer bear any ill will to you; in fact, I am in your debt for your help in saving Alexander. I thought that this little midnight cruise would be good for helping to build our trust.?

Goliath gave him a disbelieving look. Just then, Owen came up to them.

?Mr. Xanatos, the ship is ready to set sail.?

?Very good, Owen. Tell the pilot to set sail?

They set off from the dock. After an hour had passed, a fog had begun to build up on the ocean.

?Mr. Xanatos, maybe we should pull back,? Owen said. ?The pilot said he cannot see anything, and the radars are jammed.?

Suddenly, Goliath stood up. He had a surprised look on his face.

?I? I know this feeling. And the feel of these waters? they are familiar to me. I have been here before.?

?Father?? Angela said. ?Is this? the Mists of Avalon?

Just then, the mist cleared up.

?Where have we ended up?? said Brooklyn. As he said this, a shocked expression came over his face. He pointed over to a large battle raging between two groups of warrior. The warriors had a familiar kind of armor on?

Goliath was taken aback. ?I know where we are. We?re in Scotland. We?re in our own time. We?re home!?[/color]
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Warning: Beware--Slaughtered Latin.
Also, loopholes? No, things get explained in their own time. That's how [i]Gargoyles[/i] has always worked. ;)

[color=royal blue][b]Several weeks ago[/b]
She had planned it for the longest time. A way to finally get back at that wretched trickster.
Demona held in her hand a small crystal globe, encasing in an iron casting. The iron looked as if it were holding the globe up, holding it captive, on a small, hill shaped pedestal of sorts.
"The Full Moon Nigh," Demona purred to herself; her tailed lashed from side to side, and she looked much like the proverbial cat that had eaten the canary.
"I simply catch sight of him in this globule," Demona said aloud, "then recite the incantation:

[center][i]Estuans interious ira vehementi
Venias sors immanis et inanis.
Inferi Puck et Owen suus maledictio
Inferi luna rotundus.[/i]"[/center]

Demona smiled so that her fangs shone in the moonlight, her horned brow furrowed in fierce vengance. "You will not escape me this time, [i]Puck[/i]."

[center]~ ~ ~ ~ ~[/center]
[b]A few days ago[/b]
"I'm sure you understand, Ms. Canji," Xanatos informed the young secretary.
"But Ms. Destine said--"
"Mr. Xanatos," Owen broke in dryly, as he walked curtly up to his employer, "your limo is waiting."
"I can never say it enough, Owen," his employer remarked, punching Owen lightly in the shoulder, "excellent timing."
"But what do I tell Ms. Destine about the shipment?" the bewildered secretary cried.
Owen motioned Xanatos to continue to the limo, then turned back to the secretary. A young one, obviously; she didn't have a quarter of the spunk or tenacity most decent secretaries needed to get ahead in business, especially major ones like NightStone Unlimited. His pale blue eyes narrowed at Ms. Canji slightly, and the poor girl cringed under the glance.
"You may inform Ms. Destine that the matter is closed. Mr. Xanatos has other pressing business to attend to. If the matter is that important to her, she may communicate her displeasure of this setback to us at a later date. Say, in a week."
"But why?"
Owen recanted his thought of her lacking tenacity. He wasn't about to admit to his employer being on vacation for a few days; the other businesses would trample each other attempting to get a foothold in the market while Xanatos was absent. Best to keep such problems at bay.
"Because," the major-domo replied in a "that is final" tone. He ignored further protests as he walked to join Xanatos in leaving the Eyrie building for a business lunch.

"My, but you're a secretive one," Ms. Destine said from behind her clapsed hands. Little did Ms. Canji know that she was nothing more than a walking camera, the reason that her skills as a decent secretary were not desired nor required. The commerative brooch Ms. Destine had presented to the young secretary was more than just decorative; it contained a camera inside that projected images to a hidden screen in Destine's office.
"But not secretive enough."
As the wall screen rolled back into the ceiling, the red haired leader of multibillion dollar business Nightstone Unlimited snapped a pencil in frustration. She could easily guess that Xanatos and his little servant--that infernal Puck and just as irritating Owen--were going to be lacking in appearances the next few days.
"A vacation. Mmm. Perhaps I am in need of one myself. Jacob," she said, pressing a red button on her desk, "I need you to do a few things for me..."
It was not long to sunset.

[center]~ ~ ~ ~ ~[/center]
Stowing herself behind large boxes containing essentials for the yacht voyage had not been easy, but it was doable, so Demona made do. She was patient. A 1000 years had taught her that.
The only problem she had was catching sight of that miserable, blond headed human through the Moon. She knew that she had to do so, and recite the incantation, before a true full moon showed...which would be in a few nights.
The yacht rocked uneasily, but Demona paid no heed. She crept closer and closer to the door of the storage room, peeking out and waiting for a glimpse of Burnett. She was slightly shocked to see a massive stretch of lavender and black blocking her vision, and recognized the wings of her daughter Angela racing past the door. A more daring peek revealed the entire Manhattan clan aboard the ship, as well as Xanatos, Fox, Owen, and Alexander. Oh yes, and [i]her.[/i]
Demona barely got a chance to growl at the raven haired figure when the voices picked up. Demona slinked back into the storage room and listened intently. There seemed to be a slight commotion going on.
"Mr. Xanatos, maybe we should pull back," Owen said. "The pilot said he cannot see anything, and the radars are jammed."
"I... I know this feeling..." Goliath's voice rumbled as the group moved to the upper level. The voices faded, and Demona was alone for the moment.
Silence descended.
No, not complete silence. Her ears detected a familiar sound, one of...clanging metal, yells and cries, the whinney of horses, the screams of death. Her nose breathed the scent of fire and bloodlust, a battle raging nearby.
Then Goliath's voice thundered back to her:
"I know where we are. We?re in Scotland. We?re in our own time. We?re home!"
Demona froze: home?
They were...home?[/color]
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[i]Gabriel sat quietly, perched on the tallest tower of Oberon's castle in Avalon. He couldn't beleve she was gone. Ever since Angela had left, his heart was full of sorrow. Her face filled he dreams, and the idea of never seeing her again haunted his nightmares. But there was nothing he could do, he had a clan to worry about. Yes, his clan. As he sat in solotude, they held a grand feist in the castle's main hall, as they did almost ever night. He tired of party's, they no long quelled his boredom. He wanted adventure, he wanted excitment, he want...her. Nothing could keep his mind of her, his dear sweet Angela. WHY DID SHE LEAVE HIM, OH WHY!? His inward cry was haulted when he noticed a disturbance in the fog.[/i]

Gabriel: What the heck is that?

[i]Stareing out into the fog, Gabriel noticed that the fog was shifting, signalling the passage of a group through it. But who could it be? Surly Goliath and the others had already arrived home, there had been no shifts of this type for months in normal time. Suddenly, a bright firey flash exploded from the fog. It could mean only one of two thing, either someone had activated the phoenix gate or...[/i]

Gabriel: Oberon...
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[COLOR=orangered]?Finally,? Owen sighed dryly. The yacht had successfully pulled away from the Manhattan border, and far enough so that anything happening on the ship would not be noticeable. Tucking his wire rim glasses in his left breast pocket, he stretched?high, higher, highest?-farther than any normal human could. But then, he wasn?t human.
?So much better,? the Fay decided as he settled back into his comfortable form. He tucked his red booted legs beneath himself, Indian style, and quickly floated off to find Alexander before Oberon noticed. Owen, or Puck now, snorted his indignation; like the King of Fays would notice if his servant was going to break his edict or not. Given the last time Puck disobeyed Oberon, though, he wasn?t going to take any chances.
?Alexaaaaander,? he sang, peeking into the baby?s cabin. The little red head boy gurgled happily and floated out of his crib to his mentor. Puck gave a delighted and pleased gasp. ?Look at you!? the Fay chortled. ?Floating around without any help from me!?
Alexander Xanatos cooed and faltered, losing his concentration. He pitched forward and snuggled into Puck?s waiting arms.
?Hmmm, need to work on that landing a little, kiddo,? he told the baby, hiding his love for the child. Permitting himself a soft smile, he stroked the child?s red hair, and decided that eternal banishment from Avalon was worth someone like him.
?Puck!? David Xanatos? voice rang merrily through the cabin, startling the Fay to zip high in the air?and bang his head on ceiling. Holding Alexander with one arm, he rubbed his aching head with his free hand and glared at the ceiling for being there. He switched the gaze to Xanatos, covering up his momentary fear with comicalness. There was no way anyone would learn that Puck?s heart was racing faster than Pegasus on Olympus.
?I?m sorry,? David grinned sheepishly. ?I just didn?t expect to see you so soon.? Puck floated down; upon touching the floor with his feet, the bespectacled Owen handed the babe to Xanatos.
?I apologize, Mr. Xanatos. I did not realize??
?Owen!? David reprimanded in amusement, ?I thought I told you to go on vacation.?
?But sir--!?
Pulling his glasses off, Owen rubbed at that ever imaginary dust on his lenses and placed them back in his pocket. ?Yes, sir.?
?Good. Now, if you will follow me, Puck??
The Fay followed after his human master, floating in eagerness to see what was to happen.

Puck paused for a moment when he floated past the storage room. "Huh, something's tingling my faerie sense," he thought to himself, chuckling aloud at the pun. He'd have to remember that for the next Gathering...
The thought of Avalon again. It gave him pause. He missed his birthplace a little more than a little. But as far as Oberon was concerned, the Fay was banished.
Puck felt the tingling sense again, and wondered. Some powerful artifact must be aboard. And if it was, Puck hoped that presenting it to Oberon would cause the Faerie King to reverse his punishment. It might not be the Phoenix Gate but--
The Fay faced Xanatos. "Listening," he grinned.
"You seem...distracted."
Puck just grinned enigmatically at Alexander in Xanatos' arms.
"Sir?" a small walkie talkie crackled into life at Xanatos' hip. "There seems to be something...ah, you might want to see this, sir."
The tingling sense was everywhere now, as if it pervaded the very air. Puck blinked in slight confusion, and decided he wanted to know more. "Allow me."
Before Xanatos could agree, Owen was walking to the captain's cabin.
The pilot hardly gave the pale human a look, just waved him toward the front window. A quick glance out instantly confirmed what was picking at his mind. A thick white mist lay over the waters, and they were rolling toward it. Owen furled his brow slightly.
Could this mean that he could return to Avalon?
Well, but never mind that now. There was Alexander to think of. Oberon may have given his word that the babe could stay with his parents, but Oberon had the mentality of a spoiled child--he took what he wanted, when he wanted it. An unexpected visit to Avalon could cause...problems. Owen strode briskly away from the pilot, back to Xanatos.
?Mr. Xanatos, maybe we should pull back,? Owen said. ?The pilot said he cannot see anything, and the radars are jammed.?
Suddenly, Goliath stood up. He had a surprised look on his face.
?I? I know this feeling. And the feel of these waters? they are familiar to me. I have been here before.?
?Father?? Angela said. ?Is this? the Mists of Avalon?
Just then, the mist cleared up.
?Where have we ended up?? said Brooklyn. As he said this, a shocked expression came over his face. He pointed over to a large battle raging between two groups of warrior. The warriors had a familiar kind of armor on?
Goliath was taken aback. ?I know where we are. We?re in Scotland. We?re in our own time. We?re home!?
Owen melted back into Puck and grinned impishly. "Oh goody, time travelling!" He zipped to the top of the yacht, then zipped down again, clearly delighted. "A chance to teach Alexander about skipping across the centuries!"
A large, ember smudged spear pinned the Fay to deck of the yacht, and Puck yelped in displeasure (and a bit of fear). The Gargoyles spread their wings instantly, and with but a single step, launched into the air.
"Can they do that?" Fox asked nervously. "What about time paradoxes and all that scientific stuff?"
"We are not sure if we are really at Scotland in 994 AD, my dear," Xanatos said, attempting to reassure her.
"We could be," the Fay pointed out, dislodging the spear with disgust and floating to the couple. "Besides, it's a little too late to stop them." Puck took Alexander in his arms protectively and watched the sillouettes of the Manhattan clan joining the battle. His mind was already speaking a shield spell that glowed around Alexander with a faint irridescent light. His memory, meanwhile, was trying to remember if they had iron in this time. He looked at his torn tunic with a withering glance.
He wasn't taking any chances. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=blue]Eliza till on board, looked up to see Goliath and the others go towards the battle.

Eliza: What are they up to now?

Xanatos: Let them handle it. We need to stay here for now.

Xanatos turned away to see Puck still holding Alexander and chanting. Seeing the seriousness of the battle and the way Puck was holding his baby he ushered everyone inside. Puck knowing the serious implications of having the baby here, went inside hoping Oberon was no where near their location.

Puck: We must not leave the ship yet.

Xanatos: But why? Either way we'll be in danger. Its best to leave while it still dark that way the Gargoyles can protect us.

Puck: We still must wait, Oberon has eyes everywhere and at this present time I'm concerned more for Alexander thatn for any of you.

Eliza in disbelief of the whole situation sat down.

Eliza: Are we really back in Scotland 944AD?

Xanatos: Who knows for certain. It could all be an illusion

Fay:This is no illusion, some one brought us here for good measure.

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[color=orangered]Puck stepped back into the lower level of the yacht, still holding Alexander protectively and glancing out the deck's hatch. In his arms, the baby eyed his mentor, and adopted a half scared, half puzzled look. Behind him, David and Fox Xanatos watched nervously; Elisa was closer to the hatch, keeping an eye out for any attackers, her gun warming in her hand.
An unearthy bellow tore the air; Elisa laughed without mirth. "That'd be Goliath, easily."[/color]

[color=royal blue]In the storage room, Demona heard it too. What had always infuriated her was that, with Goliath's cries, you could never tell if they were from pain, anger, or just the thrill of battle. Some deep stirring urged her to join the fight, if not for Goliath's sake, at least for the sake of the Wyvern clan. She had to warn them of the traitorous Captain, she had to convince her younger self to save them all!
Before she could gallop out the door, the door itself flew open, and a shaft of moonlight fell through the opening. Demona hid again.[/color]

[color=orangered]"Oh, but why can't I join in the fun?" Puck whined.
"Because Oberon charged you with protecting my son," Xanatos shot back. "And there's that little rule about not meddling in mortals' affairs. Don't take that lightly, and don't that I will either."
Alexander gurgled as Xanatos pulled the door close again. Strangely enough, the darkness did not bother the babe, and Alex reached up to pat Puck's neck with his tiny chubby hand, as if to comfort his mentor from the things that may go bump in the night.
Puck sighed. "Thanks, kid, really...but..." He looked wistfully at the door. "I could cause so much havoc out there it's not even funny."
He could feel the buzzing from earlier growing stronger in here, and decided to investigate, still chatting with the baby.
"Say, I wonder if that meddling rule applies to you, what with you being a mixed breed."
Alexander frowned at him.
"Hey, easy there, kiddo! What I meant was you can blend in easily as a human, and still have the fun of being all powerful!"
Alexander frowned harder.
"Whaaaat?!" Puck asked.
Alexander grunted...and his diaper was suddenly a lot warmer. Puck just about shriveled into nothingness, he was so disgusted. "Oh no nononononono! Puck don't do diapers! YEESH! And they wonder why I keep Owen around."
Holding the fidgeting babe at arms' length, Puck did a neat flip and turned back into Owen. Owen slightly raised one eyebrow at the odor. "I do not appreciate this," he told his alter ego, now deep within himself, as far as possible from soiled diapers.
The buzzing, tingling sensation had stopped.[/color]

[color=royal blue]Demona's ears pricked up at the sound of Burnett's voice. She fumbled in her side pouch for the Full Moon Nigh and attempted to catch sight of him in the globule without being seen herself.
[i]"Estuans interious ira vehementi..."[/i]
She crept from behind the darkened boxes, slinking closer to the crates by the door.
[i]"Venias sors immanis et inanis..."[/i]
Owen was bending toward one small compartment in the wall; it held an emergency diaper bag. The major domo had planned for everything.
[i]"Inferi Puck et Owen suus maledictio--"[/i]
As he straightened up, his warped reflection appeared in the crystal globule; it glowed brightly, and something akin to white lightning shot out.
[i]"--Inferi luna rotundus!"[/i]
Instinctively, Owen threw himself over Alexander, being exactly the target Demona needed. The major domo had planned for everything...except this.[/color]

[color=orangered]Owen's glasses hummed loudly with the magical energy coursing through them. They sparked sporatically and the lenses began to melt out of the rims. Owen snapped his head down to knock them off, and they clattered harmlessly to one side, away from Alexander.
The baby watched in panic as Owen's eyes, already alien without their familiar spectacles, widened beyond Owen proportions. The pale blue eyes turned paler, and paler still, till they were almost white. And then the white began to glow with a light of its own.
Owen clenched his teeth in unspoken pain as the Full Moon Nigh continued its assault on his person. He swore inwardly at Puck, that the trickster hadn't been quicker to find the artifact. Whatever this was, it was magic. The problem was, Demona had mixed an Avalon artifact with human magic, and [i]that[/i] was [i]always[/i] riddled with horrible results. Best to ride it out and discover what was going on.
It didn't take long. His shoulderblades itched terribly; the itch quickly escalated to fiery streaks of pain, and the Owen Burnett, still mentally back in the Eyrie Building, was calmly begrudging the fact that he had just torn one of his more expensive Armani suits. In an unfamiliar sense of feral indignation, he scratched at the tile floor to block out the pain...and instead scored it deeply with his new talons. Still in excrutiating pain, still transforming, he turned on Demona, who he sensed in an instant, and roared his fury. Completely ignoring Alexander, he leapt at her.[/color]

[color=royal blue]With a wildcat scream, she sprung backwards, her eyes glowing blood red. Dodging around the transforming human, she tackled the door, and busted it down, much to David, Fox, and Elisa's horror.
"Demona's here!" Elisa cried out.
"Thank you for being so perceptive!" Xanatos snapped.
Elisa ignored him and trained her gun on the gargoyle's head, in case Demona wanted to wear out her welcome. There was no fear of that as the azure gargoyle stomped to the end of the yacht, and sprung into the air. [/color]

[color=orangered]With a surprisingly calm motion, Elisa reholstered her gun. Then she slowly turned to face Xanatos.
"I [i]knew[/i] you wouldn't change!" the detective hollered as she got in his face. "It's either that, or you're completely ignorant!"
"How was [i]I[/i] supposed to know Demona was on board?" David yelled back, stung by her lack of faith in him, stung worse by his lack of not knowing.
"You have so much freaking security that you--"
A baby's wail cut them off short.
"Oh my God," Fox breathed, "[i]Alexander![/i]"
The trio rushed into the storage room, David pausing only to back out for a fresh breath of air. "Well, now I know why Demona was in such a hurry to get out."
"David!" Fox snapped with a mother's vengance. "This is no time to joke!"
"Puck? Owen?"
"Uhhhnnn..." Owen was stretched out on his side, his normally straight hair flying in all directions. His glasses lay partly melted to one side, and his clothing was torn. He traded questioning glances with the Xanatos' fearful ones, and quickly looked for Alexander. The baby was crying fitfully, cradled in his stone arm.
"Oh [i]Alex![/i]" Fox nearly sobbed, clutching at her baby. "You're ok!"
David looked at Owen with concern. "Are you?"
"I..." The majordomo faltered. He eyed the tatters of his clothes and his now-useless spectacles with puzzlement. "You'll forgive me if I am without a solid answer, sir..."[/color]
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Oberon: Greatings Gabriel, I trust you have been well.

Gabriel: What the hell do you want Oberon?

Oberon: Oh Gabriel, I'm hurt. I merely wanted to see the state of my castle. That, and make you an offer.

Gabriel: An offer from you. No doubt it leads to me or my clan being harmed.

Oberon: HAHAHAHA! Ever the suspicious one eh Gabriel. No, I am here to make you an offer to get off this island. So travel the world, have your own adventures, and to see...her.

[i]Gabriel was taken back by Oberon's statement. How did he know. Its as if Oberon had read his mind.[/i]

Oberon: Of cource I can read your mind Gabriel. I kow how you lust over that female gargoyle. WHat was her name again...

Gabriel: Angela.

Oberon: Ahh yes, Angela. Such a sweet young girl. And pretty to, well, as far as gargoyles go.

[i]Gabriel growled at Oberon's remark.[/i]

Gabriel: What is your offer fairy!?

Oberon: Settle Gabriel my friend, settle. I happen to know that the Angela is on a little adventure with her little clan. One that could prove quite periolous. One I could send you to...

[i]Gabriel interupted Oberon's speech.[/i]

Gabriel: Whats the catch?

Oberon: Well you see, this mission they are on is no ordinary one. In fact, they have traveled back in time. All the way back to Scottland, only a short time before your origional castle was decimated and your clan destroyed. I simply want you to help Angela, Goliath, and all your other little winged buddies to stop that from happening. That way you can keep your old castle and your clan, and I can keep my land.

[i]Gabriel was in awe of this proposition. His old home, the castle he had never new, the clan he had never met. Finally, he would have the chance to become a true gargoyle. And not only that, but he could finally be with her. This offer was to good. Scepticism finally began to set in.[/i]

Gabriel: What a second here. This seems to be well within your realm of control. WHy don't you just change the past?

Oberon: Obviously you have forgoten my oath, never to mettle in human affairs again, lest my sweet Titania leave me once more.

[i]Gabriel gave the fairy king a scepticale look. He could not pass up a chance for adventure, excitement, and love.[/i]

Gabriel: Very well Oberon. Take me there.

Oberon: Splended. I shall be watching you Gabriel. Do not fail me.

[i]Oberon chanted a short spell under his breath as a bright white light enveloped Gabriel. But the light disappeared as soon as it had appeared, and Gabriel allong with it.[/i]
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Angela smiles at the scenere around her.

Angela: this is amazing father.

golitah: yes it's quite amazing. but i think we need to find out why we're here.

angela: (sighs) ok father.

they glide over to the cliff and looked around the land. angela pulls back her hair to feel the cool breeze on her neck.

goliath: there, its the castle.

angela looked over to see the old castle with banners flying high. she was going tolike it around here.
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[color=royal blue]The Full Moon Nigh--it hadn't worked!
Demona screamed her banshee cry as she gained altitude, then tigress roared at the full moon. It didn't work because she had cast the incantation on a full moon! Who knows what that would do to the magic?
"But then," Demona mused, "even if it doesn't work exactly as I had planned, it should give Puck and Xanatos enough grief to stay out of my way here. With any kind of luck, it will give them enough to leave me alone permanently. But for now, I shall take what I can get."
Demona melded easily into the battle. Gargoyles filled the air, and most were too caught up in the battle to scrutinize her. If they had, they would have passed her off as her younger self anyway. As long as the two weren't caught together, all would be well.
"Demon scum!" a fur-adorned Viking roared as he swung a mace at her. Demona caught the handle just below the spiked ball, and growled at the Viking, her eyes glowing blood red. The Viking paled visibly and screamed in horror as she lifted him easily with one hand and tossed him back among the spear weilders of the group. They also reacted in horror.
Demona was going to love it here. So many humans to mutilate, so little time.
[size=1]Goliath wouldn't like it.[/size]
Demona shook the thought from her fiery head. What had brought that on? Goliath was no longer a part of her, so she could do as she pleased.
She turned around to bring her newly acquired mace on the head of a Wyvern knight, and stopped as he crumpled into a useless heap at her feet. Did she just take out one of her side? Ah, not that it mattered; the humans were going to betray her clan in less than 24 hours anyway, so best to get her vengance now, before the Vikings made off with them.
"What are you doing?" she heard a voice, a gargoyle voice, call over the screams of battle. Looking up, Demona saw a sickly yellow gargoyle glide past the soldiers, to land next to her.
Demona remembered this one. Webbed wings like Lexington, with hand talons at the end of the bone part; a forked tail; the hornridge on the left side of his face swept up in a soldier's form, the right crumpled downward as if someone had shattered it at a young age. Short white hair trailed listlessly down his back. He was no older than most of her generation, but seemed bent with age and knowledge beyond her comprehsion. As such, he sometimes prattled on in what others considered an insane manner, and they were always worried about his health. Seeing him in the midst of battle scared Demona badly.
"What are you doing?!" she yelped.
"I asked you first, Firewater," he smirked back. Firewater was his nickname for her. She had hated it, and it only chafed her achingly now. How she had missed him teasing her while she flirted with Goliath all those years back. The peaceful years, before the Wyvern massacre...
"Go back to the castle where you will be safe. You'll be slaughtered here!" Demona leapt at a Viking just behind him and tore at the soldier with her talons. While the man reeled back, Demona picked the yellow gargoyle up and glided to the castle, avoided spears and arrows that threatened to rip holes in her delicate wings.
Demona found a shadowy spot near the castle where even the yellow gargoyle could climb the walls. "I want you to go back inside, now!" Demona yelled, almost desperately.
The other regarded her calmly. "You are Firewater. But you are not our Firewater." He indicated the castle. "You must come from a world not our own."
A startled Demona gasped, then stared at him and sighed. "You...how did you know?"
"Now I know for sure!" the gargoyle cackled gleefully. "Our Firewater would not slay our humans, for fear of Goliath's upset. But you, you must know what ours does not."
"Stop it!" Demona cried out, grabbing his weak arms. "You must listen to me! Tell our clan to be ready to flee the castle after the battle is over. Promise me this!"
"Not from our world...not from our time. It doesn't fit," the gargoyle mumbled back.
"[i]Tell them![/i]" Demona roared in his face. "You do not know what I have seen, what will happen tomorrow. You must tell them!"
"To live a life we never had. To get a second chance. To rise from the ashes of memory." The gargoyle placed one hand on the straight side of his brow ridge, then touched the crumpled side with his other hand.
Demona nearly raised an arm in anger, but saw the sad look on the gargoyle's face. "Then you will speak to them?"
"Would they believe the word of a mind-sick creature?" the gargoyle queried.
"You must [i]try![/i]" Demona pleaded.
The yellow gargoyled stared at her for a moment, then turned to scale the wall. "You best go before Goliath's Firewater sees you. T'would not be something even I could explain to all."
Demona watched his ascent, to make sure he made it, then turned to go back to the battle.[/color]
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