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Twenty Four: International terror plot


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If you know the TV show 24, then you will know the gist of this RPG, and insurmountable Crisis has occured. Terrorists are planning to blow up nuclear power plants all over the world, and unless you and a team of Agents can stop the global terrorists, the world may plunge into armageddon doom.

The only similarity to the show is it's name and structure, All events will be placed in real time, with each post generically taking up 5 minutes of this timne unless otherwise stated, and the crisis must be resolved within the 24 hour timeslot. Note: if this ga,e is still popular after 24 hours, the game will be extended by me by another crisis you must resolve.

A generic post would look like this.


FBI headquarters
Time. 0300 hours to 03 whatever.

blkah blah terrorist, blah blah, nuclear, bla blah

What you need for this RPG.

Government branch/terrorist cell:

Here's mine

Name: Alex Johnson (Alec)
Government branch/terrorist cell: Interpol, International FBI
bio: Alec works on the most dangerous cases of terrorism, he works wiht those nuts who can do some serious harm, this wears on his personal life quite a bit, he hardly gets a wink of sleep and is constantly wired. He is alone, no family, his commitment to Interpol FBI means he has no real security, no sure fire answer to if he will be still alive in a week.

Hope you have fun with this RPG, it is the most ambitious RPG ive put together since "convoy"
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sounds cool...

[b]Name:[/b]Michel Pedson


[b]Gov. Branch/Terrorist Cell:[/b]Michel is an agent for a orginization called Norht American Liberation Army. They believe the U.S. to be a curropt, failing system. They try to bring about radical change through militiant action. Michel believes in what he does.

[b]bio:[/b]Michel was born in the U.S., but still believes it to be curropt. He has serious issues, but is dedicated to his work.
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