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The Untold Fight I


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Hello people...

I've come to the boards today not just a great gamer but...a writer.

Yes that's right, if anyone out there has seen my profile they would know that I am a writer.

And so I have come here to grace you all with a story written by me...Jason Ince :glasses: .

For you see tomorrows novels will be in my soft and smooth hands (thank my girlfriend for that opinion...I love you Alison :love2: ).

I have graced you with a story I call The Untold Fight I

This story is the first draft and I'd like to hear your comments...both postitive and negative.

It would be better for me if you e-mailed me or caught me on msn (neo_akira70@hotmail.com) or ICQ (173572147) but its your choice...

I hope you enjoy it...
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