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Writing Eve of the Midwinter Knight


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[i]The noise rang out through the training area, stinging the ears of those not used to the sound of Jacen defeating his master, Sabre. It was Jacen's first victory over the mechanoid master, Sabre's Beamblade handle collapsing to the stony ground. Jacen smiled as he sheathed his Crossblades on his back, taking in the scent of the snowy region. Sabre smiled as well, but for a different, unrevealed reason.[/i]

"You've gotten better, Jacen Raxus."


[i]The silent protagonist smiled at the ever-winter sky above, his grin turning to a frown as his memory turned to the day he decided to kill his heart, the day Rose died to him. He winced at the pain flowing through his heart, remembering his promise to Rose as he closed his heart to emotion again. He walked out to the village he lived in, stopping in horror as he saw the entire edifice in the Cliff Mountains aflame. He looked over at Sabre, who nodded and picked up his energy sword. Both ran towards the blazing city.[/i]

"What the Hell happened here?"

[i]Sabre's cry of anguish rose above the emaciated buildings, mixing with the sorrowful snow above. Jacen simply stared at the remains of his house, then Rose's, and finally at Sabre. He pulled out his Crossblades, strapping them to his wrists as Cross Knights were famous for doing. Sabre looked back at the now-mute hero.[/i]

"No, Jacen. We must cure your voice first. Then we can wreak our vengeance."

"No, Master. I need no restorative for my voice, I was mute merely by choice. We need no vengeance, but we do need to find survivors."


[i]The soft sound of Rose's injured tones leapt like a dagger into Jacen's frozen heart. He turned away, knowing full well that she was alright. He began walking away when a demon cackled in the sky above.[/i]

"Ahahahaha! We have found you at last, Rose Sirene! Come to us, and open the door to the Alaris for our master!"

[i]The demon swept down, grabbing the young women from the town square and flying off into the distance, cackling as he dared Jacen to retrieve the woman he once called love.[/i]

"Come if you dare, Cross Knight! Our master would enjoy seeing you writhe in agony as he murders this young woman! And remember this, Jacen Raxus: you are next!"

"Jacen! Don't do it! I'm not worth it!"

[i]Rose's cries for Jacen to save himself fell on deaf ears. The demon passed Rose to another messenger as Jacen readied his Crossblades. The messenger rushed off to appease his master as the demon pulled a large, bloodred longsword from a sheath on his back. Jacen dashed into the battle, using both of the longswords strapped to his wrists as an added advantage. It was futile. Before Rose was taken even twenty feet away, Jacen has a poisonous wound, inflicted into his left shoulder by the evil blade that was the demon's. Jacen didn't even scream as the poison coursed through his system, the demon and his messenger cackling as they left with a cryptic finality.[/i]

"Jacen, if you live, then come to Boumont City if you hope to save Rose. You have three weeks before she is killed to appease my master's hunger for the Alaris! And remember, Jacen, you can't fight the tears that aren't flowing! Ahahahaha!"

[i]Jacen closed his eyes as Rose's cries faded, his head litling back into a nightmarish sleep. Sabre rushed forward, picking up the injured knight and carrying him into the one standing building: the apothecary. Jacen, in his nightmares, uttered a single word.[/i]

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[color=teal]"Where is my opponent?!?! I thought you left him with an ultimatum, Damor!"

"I am sorry, Master Kerlas! I left him with the ultimatum, but as a human, it is his choice whether or not he comes..."

"I know this, Damor! I AM A HUMAN!"

[i]Damor rushed from the hall as his master rushed into a rage. As Artem Kerlas calmed himself, he sat back on his throne. He grinned fiercely as he came up with a plan to call forth the one person that could stop him: Jacen Raxus. If he was to destroy the world and ascend to his rightful place as the Angel of Death, he needed the Sword of Neverwinter, Midwinter, EverWinter. He needed the Alaris......

[b][/i]Meanwhile, in the remains of a burned village....[/b]

[i]Jacen awoke from his sleep, his Crossblades bent and broken at his side. He looked to Sabre, whose blood was running down to the floor.[/i]

"By the Gods of Everwinter, what happened? Master!"

"Jacen.....do not worry. My time here is almost spent. You must quest to save Rose. I did not expect the Knight of Midwinter to be you...."

"Knight of Midwinter? What do you mean?"

"Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, our world was balanced by the seasons of summer, fall, spring, and winter. This balance was upheld by a blade and its master Knights, the Knights of MidFall, MidSpring, MidSummer, and MidWinter. Over time, these knights died out, leaving the seasonal sword, the Alaris, unprotected. An evil man, learning of the blade, stole it from its sanctuary and used its power to turn the balance into one of NeverWinter, a world where heat pervaded the land, destroying villages, drying rivers, killing crops. You see, the Winter and Summer balances were what caused the rest of the seasons, and if one's power overcame the other, catastrophe would strike. This man, a vile demon by the name of Artem Kerlas, was murdered by his own greed. He was cast from his position of Angel of Death to be one of what he hated most: humans. While he was asleep in his tomb, a hero arose who tried to reverse what had transpired. The Cross Knight, your ancestor, Blaze Raxus, used the Alaris and returned it to its temple. However, he could not restore the balance. He left a prophecy that one of his descendants would fully reverse the world to balance from the EverWinter. That.....is....your.....legacy......"

[i]Jacen hung his head as his beloved master died before his eyes. He picked up the Beamblade, heading towards Boumont City to end the threat of EverWinter and Rose's death once and for all. With his telepathy, he sent a silent message to the woman he thought was worth anything and everything.[/i]

-Do not fear, Rose. I will be with you shortly. I will save you.-

[b]Meanwhile, in a dank cell under the capital city of Boumont....[/b]
"Jacen....I'm not worth it. I....I hurt you....Why do you want to save me? Even when you know they'll kill you?"

-Because, Rose.....Because I love you. Without you, I'm nothing. I will save you. Count on it!-

[i]With that, Rose Sirene fell asleep on her straw bed, wondering why she ever let Jacen go. One word escaped her lips before she drifted into a dreamful sleep.[/i]

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