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  1. [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][color=navy][size=1] OOC: Sorry it's taken so long, my computer was on the fritz :/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [i]There was a soft crunch, as a leaf was broken into many pieces. At the sound a rabbit took off startled. It was the rabbit's instincts that took in. There was a noise, and it couldn't be normal, so the rabbit had to run. It zig zagged through the forest, dodging bushes and jumping over fallen trees. It was fast and it knew it. He loved running, the feeling of complete freedom he got made him excited. Rabbits were some of the most agile of creatures. It ran past a snake who didn't even see it. The rabbit smirked. Snakes were such dull creatures and cocky to boot. They were pathetic hunters, only attacking the weak and defenseless. They had no honor, they were week. The rabbit chuckled, they were such pre madanas. The rabbit continued running. It ran past it's friend, it's family, ran past it's home, and continued going. It couldn't stop, and it loved the feeling. He heard a dull thud, but ignored it. It must've been a random branch falling, he continued running. The forest was so colorful. Reds, purples, greens. He took in all the colors, and then there was black. Ky walked to the now dead rabbit. He knealt down next to it, and pulled the arrow out from the back of it's neck.[/i] "I am sorry old friend, but I need to eat. You were a great creature in life, and you will be so after. Good luck, wherever you may go." [i]Ky smiled, the rabbit was a fast one. Probably a care free spirit, who enjoyed the thrill. The rabbit was a lot like him, except Ky did not enjoy the thrill of being hunted. He had been hunted for too long now, he was tired of running and hiding. He knew he had to though, he had to stick up for the weak, he had to stick up for the children. He wasn't going to let them do the same things anymore. Children were not going to die. He stood back up with the rabbit in hand and walked back to his "camp." He knelt down by the fire and added some more wood. He then stuck two branches into the ground, each on different sides of the fire. After cutting little notches in each, he set a stick on top of both of them, spanning the length of the fire. He then put the rabbit on the stick and slowly flipped the stick over and over and over again. It was a long and tedious way to cook, but it was a necessity. Too many people were dying of diseases, and any warrior knew that most of these deaths were because of their food. It took some time, but finally the rabbit was cooked. He sat there and ate the rabbit, enjoying the fresh meat. He did not take the time to cook meals meat normally, it was too risky, but he also knew he needed the food. He always chose one or two days a week to cook, and he loved those days. As soon as Ky was finished he cleaned up his mess, took care of the fire, got rid of all signs of a camp, and he left. Such was the life of Ky. Always on the move, always cautious, and always looking both forward and backwards at the same time. It was late in the day when he came across a town. Ky studied the town. He didn't like stopping into towns very often, but he was running low on supplies, and a bed did sound nice. He walked into the gate and looked around. He smiled it was a nice town. Kids were running about playing and laughing. The adults were busy doing what needed to be done. There was the hustle and bustle of a larger town, but the feeling of freedom that came along with a small town. Ky relaxed slightly and walked towards the inn. It was getting late, and he was tired. He walked in and surveyed the inn and smiled. It seemed safe enough. He went to the inn keeper and requested a room. The inn keeper nodded and offered him a basic room, for pretty cheap. Ky took it happily and walked up the stairs to his room. Once he was in his room, he locked the door, laid his weapons beside him, and then fell asleep.[/font][/color][/size][/i]
  2. [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]I originally joined during v1/v2 for a few months with a horrible screen name like "Prefessional T.V. Watch." I was really big into Gundam Wing, it had just come out. So then I joined up (again) a while after that as Duo Shinigami. I kept that name for a while, and then moved to Lalaith Ril. (Thats when I really started to RP) I look back at some of my RPG's and I was horrible when I started, it's almost embaressing. And then I again switched to my current screen name: Sui Generis. I've grown up with this place in my own way. I was extrememly active at times, and other times I'd stop be a few times a month. It has a special place in my life, as silly as that sounds. I've seen most of the events that have occured here. I guess *this* account has been around since 2001. I can't say I'm the most memorable member, but this place has been memorable for me! I miss the fun posts with DK, Queen Asuka, Myst, Shy, Transtic NErve, Nerdsy, Sere, Amber, Annie, GinnyLynn, Gavin (so glad you are still here), Des ( same goes to you), James (Stayin strong), hell I remember when Adam posted. :-p I really can't forget Britty Kitty, hell I spent 700 dollars on international calls in middle school talking to her. Haha that was a great time though:p There were so many people that I absolutely had a blast talking to. This place has definatly grown, and it's been awesome watching it grow. I really do miss everyone, and the times, but OB keeps on tickin, huh?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  3. [color=navy][size=1][font=garamond]Now now now, everyone calm down, the best hasn't even been introduced yet. My name is Bryan, and I've been here (off and on) since 2001. Yeah, it's been a while. Anyway, here's the thing. OB rocks, I rock, you rock, so we all rock, right? Wrong! Not till I'm president. After I'm the president, well then OB will really rock. It's going to grow, it's going to be huge. Well not huge, maybe just better. I tend to like the small town feel of this board. Furthermore I will push for a more thorough otakupedia. Otaku will continue to be a safe haven for all of us, however, if you don't vote for me, I can only imagine what will happen. Desbresko will become the national otaku squire. (Atleast he'll obtain the official title) So basically, it's gonna be fun, real fun. I mean REALLLY fun. The kinda fun that Raiha likes. So vote for me ;)[/color][/size][/font]
  4. [color=navy][size=1][font=georgia]Hahaha. Des, I remembered you could write, but I forgot how well it was. This is a great way to come back, reading your antics. Er I mean the the Otaku Daily's antics. Great job, great job! I can't belive you brought up the Newbie Lounge. That was such a crazy time. So much spam, so much arguments, so much fun. I miss the good ol' days. *tear* Keep it up!! [/color][/size][/font]
  5. [color=navy][font=georgia][size=1] [b]Name[/b] Kyte Nyvlen - Friends call him Ky, others Kyte, and opponents call him Nylven [b]Age[/b] 22 [b]Gender[/b] Male [b]Blood[/b] Pure [b]Appearance[/b] [url="http://flo-moshi.deviantart.com/art/knight-19117168"]Picture[/url] Kyte stands an unimposing 5'7. He has an athletic body, finely tuned for fighting. The signia on his breastplate/sword/cloak is that of his mercenary clan. He has several scars on his body from fighting, most noteably a cross shaped scar on his left arm. [b]Personality[/b] Kyte has no love for what he does. He is a mercenary fighter, and is a very adept fighter. He is loyal beyound his own life. While not quick to trust he is quick to defend, it is his way of reaching redemption for the lives he's taken. Kyte has a particularly soft spot for children, hopin to give them a chance to have a better life than his. He sees a particular security and innocence in childhood that he never had. For him, protecting their innocence is worth dying. This soft spot is what lead to his "downfall" or rather his "second chance." (Explained in Bio) Also, he has a brown leather necklace with three knots in the front. (Explained in Bio) People are somewhat of a quandry to Kyte. He was groomed for one purpose, to kill, and over coming that leads to an unusual timidness towards people. (Aside from children) Alike to an abused dog, he is kind but scared, not wanting to hurt or be hurt. [b]Biography[/b] As a child, Kyte was abonded by his parents. It was a time of great poverty, and children were becoming more of a hindrance than a help. The thieves did not need a child slowing them down. It was this unfortunate event that lead Kyte to his life of bloodshed. It was a peculiar night when a "ruthless" mercenary happened upon a child. The child was no more than four years old, covered in blood. Evidently, a survivor of the mercenaries succesfull attack. In an instance, the mercenary had decided to take the child in. Melikar took the child from his "home" and introduced him into a world of blood. And so Kyte grew up. He was constantly trained as a warrior. To kill or be killed, that was the life of a mercenary. It was a life loved and detested at the sametime. He knew it was the only life he would recieve, however, to live soley to take a life, it tore at Kyte's very soul. As soon as Kyte began training it was evident he was different. In fits of rage the ground would shake, and often times jugs of water would shatter as water fired into the air. These fits always ended with an unconcious and extremely weak Kyte. While the mercenaries had heard of such things they had never seen such magic. Kyte was treated as a marvel and a curse. Often times left to sleep at the edge of camp with only his father close by. He was seen as a danger. Kyte developed his abilites on his own. Draining himself day in and day out to control these odd sensations, not as a tool for war, but so he was no longer a danger. It took Kyte several years but by the time he was thirteen he was able to raise the Earth into a "shield" of sorts. It was an ability the mercenaries abused, relentlessly draining Kyte of all his strength so that the soldiers would be protected. It was a pain that Kyte endure graciously, rather saving than killing. Then his father died. It was on a routine attack of a northern town. However, the enemy had been alerted, and the mercenary clan was out manned 5:1. It was also the day Kyte killed for the first of many times. Seeing his father die to the hands of a soldier so enraged him that he ran into the battlefield still weekend from the "shield" he had created to stop an advance on the mercenaries left flank. He made his way to his father and took up his sword. It was an action that ment more than he would ever know. His "father" was a reknowned mercenary who attended the attack council, and thus Kyte was thrown into the inner workings of the mercenary clan. It was only two years after that, that Kyte left the clan. In a particular council the decision was made to kill everyone, women, men, and children. Kyte had faught hard for the lives of the women and children, debating with the mercenaries. As he watched the attack un-fold he could not bear to watch the children get cut down. His childhood was taken away by these mercenaries, he wouldn't allow it to happen anymore. Kyte took arms against his own men. Raising a 'shield' in front of the town cutting off the larger force from the city. He then engaged in battle with the small amount of mercenaries in the city. Siding with the locals he managed to save all the children, but three. To honor the three children he made a necklace, which he still wears. The necklace has three knots, one for each life he couldn't save. He was proclaimed a hero by the town, but he knew there was no home for him there. If he stayed the town would inevidably be attacked again. Regardless of the new "terrain change" the mercenaries would get to them, he knew he had to leave. He rested for a day at the town, figthing a fever that often accompanied a large spell, he left the town. Now a wanderer sworn only to protect who he can, and help those that are needy. Vowing to never allow a child grow up in the bloodlust that he was bathed in. [b]Weapons[/b] See picture. It is his "Fathers" sword. Recognizes the third in command of his mercanary clan. [b]Magic[/b] Draining much energy Kyte is able to raise the ground to serve as a shield to cover people. He has also developed a technique he called Earth Missle. He is able to hurl "spikes" of earth from his hand, however, this attack causes intense pain and is used as a last resort. (It often times causes intense scaring and requires many weeks of recovery before his hand(s) are usable again.) His water abilities are extremely under-developed, he has begun to train using water as a wonderer, but has not grown to master any "Technique" only controlling small amounts at a time. --Hope this is alright, let me know if you want any changes!!-- [/size] [/font][/color]
  6. [quote name='Japan_86'][COLOR="DarkRed"] We all have our stomping grounds on the net. On Otakuboards we all seem to have our moments of complaining and getting annoyed, (I blame PMS, but all girls seem to abuse this) but we always come back. The oldies always come back, curious about what is going on. I was in a bad mood today when I could not log on this morning. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] [SIZE="2"] [FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"] [COLOR="Navy"]Funny story, I haven't been here in forever. Thought about it, and decided to check up on the ol' OB and see how it is. I used to frequent these forums like it was my life. :catgirl: Holy cow I just realized I'm still in the top 25 post count. How is that possible? Anyway, I go to another forum called Fusion-Central. Aside from that it's just instant messaging and a game called Utopia. Oh and I can't forget the nicotines, facebook and myspace. Edit: Gavin, you're still here?![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  7. [FONT=Garamond][color=navy][i]Zida sighed as he finished cleaning his last sword. It was time for him to set out on his way the DH HQ. It was located in the village of light which was only a few miles away from Setsuka, his home village. Zida stood up and looked at what was left of Setsuka, it was a waste land, and barely habitable. Zida sighed, it used to be such a beautiful place. The destruction of Setsuka had simply become another reason why he had to kill the Prince himself. Zida sprinted across the medow, jumping from shadow to shadow as best as he could, until he reached the opening to a forest. Zida sighed and brushed his hand through his hair. He always felt so much more comfortable in the forest, really, just anywhere that wasn't wide in the open. Zida walked quietly as he entered the forest, carefully stepping as to not disturb it too much. This was someone else's home, and he knew very well what it was like to have a home destroyed.[/i] Miquel...where are you? [i]Zida continued on his way. He couldn't help but think of Miquel, and how he was doing. It was a stupid thought, and he knew it. It was impossible that Miquel was doing great, he was a prisoner. Zida shook the thought from his head and continued on. Soon he reached the edge of the forest and came to a road. Gritting his teeth, he set forth along the road.[/i] ...I hate roads.... [i]As Zida walked along the road he saw some commotion up ahead. There were three people. One on the ground, and another was standing. The third was...a female. He didn't expect girls to be walking around by themselves, but it was possible she was with the other two males. Zida shrugged and continued towards them, simply because they were on his way to the village of light.[/i][/color][/FONT]
  8. [font=garamond][color=navy] Hm...it's been a LONG time since I did any RPing, but I think it's time I returned! Name: Zida Age: 22 Race: Human Personality: Normally Zida is a little un-easy around strangers. He doesn't trust them for the most part, but never lets it show. He likes to "act tough" and refuses to show his weakness. However, one noticeable "knick in his armor" is children. He loves children and treats them with the utmost kindess. Tends to be loyal once a bond is created, but often seems selfish. Keeps his motives and his feelings to himself. Appearance: [IMG]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a387/_Shena_is_cool_/Anime/Guys/Twoanimemales.jpg[/IMG] (The one on the left is his brother. The one on the right is Zida) Weapon(s): [url]http://www.mwart.com/images/pl/Katana_Dragon_Katana_Red_Snakesk_AM146474_1281.jpg[/url] [url]http://www.knives.com/image/nahuarra/nahuarra_curved.jpg[/url] He duel wields these two swords. Often people would murmer how each sword represented him or his brother. Each having it's own personality. It is believed that the Nahuarra held the same personality as it's wielder and the Red Katana represented Miquel. Biography: Zida was born an orphan. His mother dropped him and his brother off on the stairs of some random person's home. Zida's "father" would beat him and his brother (Miquel) and make them work, virtually, as his slaves. Zida never saw the sun when he was a child, the first 9 years of his life were spent aside his brother, in a basement, doing the bidding of their father. Miquel and Zida spent their free time dreaming about the outside world, and sparing. They knew one day they'd be strong enough to defeat their "father" and be free. They imagined a world full of freedom and prosperity. Finally, at the age of 9, Zida and Miquel snapped. On a day, like any other, they faught back. It was Miquel's day to face the whipping post, but Zida had had enough. As his "Father" raised his whip for the first strike, Zida grabbed it. Before their "father" knew what was going on, his two 9 year old "sons" liberated themselves. Leaving his neck constrained by a whip, and his body cold. Zida and his brother lived on the streets, and they survived. The two used everything the could, including the sparing skills they had learned. They survived like anyone would survive, stealing and fighting their way to the top. Miquel and Zida soon become the most respected and feared people on the street. That was before Miquel and Zida found the rush of demon slaying. Soon they became the "Defenders" of their town, fighting off demon after demon. After years of defending their town, Miquel and Zida took their skills to the road. They traveled far and wide defeating demon after demon, earning money when they needed it, and doing it for free when they could. On one day, however, everything changed. Zida got a message from a stranger, saying that he knew where they mother really was. Zida and Miquel discussed it and they both took to the road. Each following the clues, and working together. As they got closer, another note came. A note from their own village. It was under attack, and needed help. Miquel agreed to go back and help the village, and allowed Zida to keep looking for their mother. After years of searching the trail for his mother finally ran cold. ZIda then decided to return to his old town to meet up with his brother. When he arrrived, the town was destroyed. There was nothing left of his old town, his brother was no where to be found. He heard the whispers of Miquel's valient fight, and how he vanished into the desert. They had said he was taken by the Prince himself, into the very depths of hell. Zida then made it his quest to find his brother, his only real family. After a couple years of searching nothing came up. Until he heard of a group being formed. He was soon contacted by DH and asked to join. They said they were hunting a demon and that it might lead to the Prince himself. Zida knew he owed it to his brother to continue his quest, and so agreed.[/font][/color]
  9. [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hm...thats a tough one. If I could go anywhere right now, I'd have to say Japan. It's not for your typical reasons of anime or what not, mainly because I want to study the way they play baseball. I'm in college right now playing on a team, and one of my team mates is Japanese (lives in Japan moves to the US in the fall to play) and his style of baseball is so different. I would just love to see how they teach their players. Another reason is, it's just a beautiful country. Even a city like Tokyo (which really could be considered a small country) has a unique beauty to it's crampness. I don't know. It's just somwhere I've always wanted to go, for more than one reason. The reasons always seem to change too. :-) Wow it's been forever since I've been on here.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=Indigo][CENTER][B]Smile[/B] [I] I looked over my shoulder today, and saw a smiling face in my way, it scared me; so I looked away When I saw a smiling face today People say its a rarity for a face to be smiling back at me, To others I'm not too great to see thats why people say its a rarity. Everyone seems to walk right by, No one ever stops; No one says Hi Our lives are just to busy to ask why, Why everyone seems to just walk right by. Maybe if I lok again; I'll see my wonderful smiling friend; I might even learn to smile in the end, If I take a chance and look again. But what if my friend is gone, What if I'm left all alone, Wondering what I did wrong, Wondering why my friend is gone, I looked over my shoulder today and saw another blank face in the way, thats why I decided I had to get away, When I looked over my shoulder today It was then I saw my friend was gone, No one was there; I guess I was wrong I've beared this pain for far too long, All because my friend was gone. I wonder if I'll ever smile again, now that I've lost my only friend, I guess my time has come to an end I know I'll never smile again.[/I] [B]Summer's Eve[/B] [I]The Summer's Eve, is a place to go, to escape our world's, wintery blow. Hold me close, And jump right off, go to SUmmer's Eve, Where our dreams are made of. Clean up your cuts, forget your scars, take this plunge with me, off to where our memories are. I've seen their faces, those demons you hide, lets go to a place, Where only angels abide. Baby, just hold your breath, and jump right in; Summer's Eve is waiting for you, its time to be forgiven. This cold winter; will freeze your heart, each gust carries a sin; each sin will tear you apart. But baby theres a way out, a place to make a brand new start, Take my hand; its not far from here, It begins, right here, in your heart. Ignore the pain, don't let it hold you back, Summer's Eve is calling, Its time to get on the right track. So baby...just hold your breath, and jump right in. Summer's Eve is waiting for you.... Its time to be forgiven.....[/I][/CENTER][/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR=Indigo]The answer is: language Okay, there's this old lady, she was driving on a country side, where there's no light in the light poles, and no stars and moon. Suddenly, a Dog ran down the road towards the old lady, the old lady stopped the car immdetialy... how did the old lady see the dog, while there's no light poles, and no stars, and moon, and the light from her car? [/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=Indigo]To The13thMan: Alright first off, yeah I re-read my first sentence and it came off a little sarcastic, sorry meant it to be a joke. Anyways yeah I'll apologize for that but thats all. Alright so you say that no person has the right to take another person's life. However, you still haven't answered the fact that knowledge is power. By not acting, you are the one responsible for what happens next. Every single person is responsible for their actions; as you would be. Whether that action was killing one person, or knowingly let desease continue on and killing more people. So every person has the right to live? Then why not save the over all majority? I still don't see how your "objections" grant you any ground to do anything but kill one person. Again you state that every person has the right to live, but you over react and allow this one person that "right" to live, and the consequence of that is (lets just underestimate) 100 people lose the "right" to live. How do you justify saving one person and letting 100 people die? My comment about it not mattering who was directed towards the fact that you have chosen the lesser of two evils. I never said you won't feel pain, and I'm not being insensitive. (I'll get to that later) No where in my post did I say the meaning to life is to exist. I'm just saying we exist to exist. By saying I'm over-simplifying that would be like saying that I'm oversimplfying everything by saying "I inhale to breathe." Its a simple fact, we live to live. We try to survive. Its common knowledge, no one wants to die, and you agree with that in your own posts! How am I even over-simplifying anything? So in your entire post, you've pretty much labeled me as ignorant, and questioning what I've experienced as well as calling me cruel. However, it was an incredably ignorant thing to say that the family members won't care that the person was a hero. I understand that there will be pain, but it WOULD be easier for the famliy if he was a hero. Think about the American Army, during World War 1, people were sad when they got their letters, about their sons, however, the Army made it a point to say that the soldier had died heroically as an effort to ease the pain. Second off, the person that was killed, deserves to be called a hero. There should be no question in this fact, because in effect that person cures a disease. Are you trying to say that Coretta Scott King didn't care that Martin Luther King died for his beliefs? I'm not even sure what you were talking about with the whole overpopulation bit, I was just saying that as far as the question was considered, all outside possibilites shouldn't be considered. They arn't even involved, and I threw in Martians in there to show that we could go extinct from anything, it doesn't matter. I really dont' know why I have to explain that to you. Ok; look. I'm not sure why you think I'm being uncaring. No where did I say that I would not feel bad for the person that dies, death is tragic, oh and check this out. To answer your question in the post. Yes I've experienced death. I've had my best friend die, my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my cousin, my step brother, and my grandpa die. I understand the pain of death, thats why I'd opt to kill one person. Because I would then be limiting the amount of suffering world wide. (Yet again the same exact argument that you've yet to even address. Its the whole basis for my decision. You do the lesser of two evils, and lessen the suffering world wide. So yet again; I'm wondering how I"m being insensitive (or anyone in this thread that doesn't agree with your point of view) when in effect we're the ones saving more lives, and solving the problems you've brought up on a much LARGER scale. [b] EDIT: But don't get me wrong I understand what you're saying; and I respect what you mean, I just personally think its right to save the most lives possible.[/COLOR][/b]
  13. [font=georgia][size=2][color=indigo] Ok let me get this straight, this has gone from a question about saving the planet to population control? Wow, philosophers behold, no wonder nothing is solved. Banter leads to more banter. While some people have put a lot of time in posting thier opinions, and analyzing every situation possible, I'd have to just get right down to the answer. The answer, when you think about it; is possibly the easiest answer to give in the world. In fact, I have more trouble ordering my food at Applebee's than I do answering this question. Everyone has the moral objections of "murder is bad" as well as "What about the feelings of the family members of the deceased party (Whomever it may be)." However, these are only very near sided (although kind thoughts, but as I said near sided) opinions. First off with the "murder is bad" concept. Now the deliberation goes that if you murder someone, your soul is tainted, and not only do you feel bad, but you get a one way ticket to hell. (or pick whatever eternal damnation you'd like) However, think about it. If you have the ability to, essentially, play God in the situation then you have two options. Have one murder on your soul, or have countless murders on your soul. Knowledge is power, and once you know that you can save the world, it becomes your responsiblity to do so. However, if you do not choose to do this because of a moral obligation you hold, you end up defying this obligation by letting countless others die. So really this whole "murder is bad" concept only strengthens your reasoning for killing this one person, because then you've done the lesser of two evils, and thats what everyone wants. (By the way this doesn't matter who the person is.) Now on to this other, hopefully romantic, concept of the party's surviving members. So..what? First off; I'd take the liberty or letting the party's surviving family and friends know that; the person I murdered had just saved countless lives. (So woah..suddenly the person's a hero...kinda like Jesus no?) Continuing on; this may sound cruel as hell, but so what if 30 people are sad? So what if 400 people are sad? Have you ever thought of the number of people that are affected by the diseases you will be curing. The sheer volume of deaths equates (exponentially) into the number affected and the pain felt. So again its the exact same as "murder is bad." You pick the lesser of two evls, by being the murderer of one person, and limiting the suffering to that one persons family/friends; instead of the suffering of easily over 1 million people. Sure it sounds great and happy to worry about tideouse things like an individuals feelings, and such, but in the grand scale of things the point of existance is to exist. The human race exists simply to continue existing. (Otherwise there would be no need what so ever, even in the animal kingdom, for procreation.) If we stop our existance then we're only defying the purpose we were put here. Think about it in a relgious point of view if you want. Whomever, or whatever created you, took the time and effort (or not whatever) to create you. Would they want you to simply die for th ehell of it, or would they rather you (and your brothers and sisters, and moms and dads etc...etc...etc...) to suvive. Creation is meant to continue, or else its a failed experiment, and we as human beings would become a failed experiment if I did not kill one human being. So as I've obcviously stated, I feel sorry for whomever it is, but that person would be dead in about...20 seconds. Not gonna say my one action stops the extinction of the planet from say...martians or even over population, any of those aspects are outside the realm of this question, and this debate. [/font][/color][/size]
  14. [QUOTE=MirrIll]It's not what I consider to be real emo, it's simply what emo is. The main difference between emo and what is considered emo now is the fact that, well, they sound NOTHING ALIKE. To set things straight, I don't even like real emo. I can't get into it. I'm actually a fan of a lot of bands considered "emo" nowadays. The only reason this topic fires me up so much is the fact that these people, these kids, these "music" stations are taking something that was once respectable and basically bastardizing it. Emo has become the signature term for "whiny kids who cut themselves, can't keep their girlfriends, and cry too much". Now every kid in girls jeans, every kid with black hair, every boy in eyeliner, every girl wearing tacky jewelry, is automatically labeled emo. Scene and emo do not equal the same thing, yet somehow they've become one. Scene is a pretty crappy word as well, and I'd say it's hardly a term to be proud of, but when it comes down to labels, that's what the whole girl pants, band t-shirt cliche fits under. And it SHOULD mean something to them that it means emotive hardcore. "Emotional" could fit in almost any genre of music, so that doesn't even make sense. People should know what they're claiming before claiming it. But why do people need to label themselves, anyway? I guess fitting in is more important in the majority of today's culture than being yourself, and it's pretty sad.[/QUOTE] [font=georgia][color=indigo] Ok so heres what I can't understand about this entire post. It bugs people (and you, considering your post) that kids are changing the label of "Emo" to mean something different than what it used to. You beileve that Emo should maintain the "sacred" meaning it had before as "Emotive hardcore," and continuing on you believe these kids should call themselves "Scenesters" instead of "emo" because thats really what they are, because they are "emo." Well...if everything stated above is how you feel, how can you really say that you hate labels? You not only reinforced them, but you also re-labeled these kids. Labels are a part of society, and no matter how many people claim to hate them, they are used. Sure you can have your romantic ideals of a soceity that doesn't label, and loves everyone equally, but unfortunatly, thats impossible. Human nature is to group things into different categories... Basic Example = "Good vs. Bad" This labeling has lead to the survival of the human race. So I guess you can promote extinction over labeling, and thats fine for you, but personally I'd rather be labeled than be dead. Second point, its the right of the person to label themselves whatever they want to be labeled. If they want to be labeled "emo" then let them be labeled "emo." Its their choice in the matter, don't tell them what they have to label themselves as, thats just ignorant. Also, all labels change. Just look at "Punk." "True" punk is all but lost in this generation, and thats a fact. Punk now sounds nothing like punk did back then, but its still punk. The music label reflects the label of the culter, because the culture creates the music, and the music then in turn defines th culture. In general who's choice is it? Its the people that label themselves, or dress themselves accodingly. If they want to be in the crowd that people see as "Whiney", "Self-loathing", "Needy", or whatever then thats their choice. I have no problem with them, sure sometimes constant whining might get annoying, but I'd rather have a world full of Neo-Emo's than a world full of Drug Cartels that would shoot every single one of us if they had a chance. So sure these Neo-Emos might be annoying, and they might even sound like fingernails on a chalk board (I HATE that sound) but atleast they arn't hurting anyone, besides themselves. So my say in this is: Go Neo-Emos, I sure as hell won't be one of you!!! [/font][/color]
  15. [font=book antiqua][size=1][color=indigo] Hm...man I've had a couple user names in the like what 4 or 5 years I've visited this site. Guess we'll start from the start then go to where I am now. [b]Professional T.V. Watcher:[/b] Not really particularly fond of this one. I was in what...6th or 7th grade when I decided to make this "cleve" little screen name. I made it because, back then thats all I did for a while, and I thought it was a fitting little name. God; I was immature...its true :-) [b]DuoGod of Death:[/b] This one is pretty darn obviouse. I wanted to use Duo Shinigami, but that was taking so I just decided to use the English translation. I was obsessed with Gundam Wing for a while, and as you can guess Duo Maxwell was by far my favorite character. I used this through my heavy anime phase, I still enjoy anime, but definatly not obsessed like I was back then. [b]Lalaith Ril:[/b] I think most of the users that would remember me, would remember me from this user name. I used this name the most, and I still like it. It means Laughter's Flame. I found it somewhere, can't even remember where, but I really liked it. Not much else to explain about this one, just that I loved the way it sounded. (Little did I know that later on I found out that Lalaith was a name for female elves or soemthing like that...that was odd...) And the moment you've all been waiting for.... [b]Sui Generis:[/b] My friends and I kind've got big into different languages, and dead languages in particular. Anyways to make a long story short Sui Generis means "One of a Kind" (roughly) in some latin dialects, and I figured that I was one of a kind so thats what my name was. So thats my name as of now...Just "One of a Kind"......yeah thats me :-) Anyways...have a great day!!! [/font][/color][/size]
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