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  1. [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][color=navy][size=1] OOC: Sorry it's taken so long, my computer was on the fritz :/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [i]There was a soft crunch, as a leaf was broken into many pieces. At the sound a rabbit took off startled. It was the rabbit's instincts that took in. There was a noise, and it couldn't be normal, so the rabbit had to run. It zig zagged through the forest, dodging bushes and jumping over fallen trees. It was fast and it knew it. He loved running, the feeling of complete freedom he got made him excited. Rabbits were some of the most agile
  2. [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]I originally joined during v1/v2 for a few months with a horrible screen name like "Prefessional T.V. Watch." I was really big into Gundam Wing, it had just come out. So then I joined up (again) a while after that as Duo Shinigami. I kept that name for a while, and then moved to Lalaith Ril. (Thats when I really started to RP) I look back at some of my RPG's and I was horrible when I started, it's almost embaressing. And then I again switched to my current screen name: Sui Generis. I've grown up with this place in my own way. I was extrememly
  3. [color=navy][size=1][font=garamond]Now now now, everyone calm down, the best hasn't even been introduced yet. My name is Bryan, and I've been here (off and on) since 2001. Yeah, it's been a while. Anyway, here's the thing. OB rocks, I rock, you rock, so we all rock, right? Wrong! Not till I'm president. After I'm the president, well then OB will really rock. It's going to grow, it's going to be huge. Well not huge, maybe just better. I tend to like the small town feel of this board. Furthermore I will push for a more thorough otakupedia. Otaku will continue to be a safe haven for all of
  4. [color=navy][size=1][font=georgia]Hahaha. Des, I remembered you could write, but I forgot how well it was. This is a great way to come back, reading your antics. Er I mean the the Otaku Daily's antics. Great job, great job! I can't belive you brought up the Newbie Lounge. That was such a crazy time. So much spam, so much arguments, so much fun. I miss the good ol' days. *tear* Keep it up!! [/color][/size][/font]
  5. [color=navy][font=georgia][size=1] [b]Name[/b] Kyte Nyvlen - Friends call him Ky, others Kyte, and opponents call him Nylven [b]Age[/b] 22 [b]Gender[/b] Male [b]Blood[/b] Pure [b]Appearance[/b] [url="http://flo-moshi.deviantart.com/art/knight-19117168"]Picture[/url] Kyte stands an unimposing 5'7. He has an athletic body, finely tuned for fighting. The signia on his breastplate/sword/cloak is that of his mercenary clan. He has several scars on his body from fighting, most noteably a cross shaped scar on his left arm. [b]Personality[/b] Kyte has no love for what he does. He is a
  6. [quote name='Japan_86'][COLOR="DarkRed"] We all have our stomping grounds on the net. On Otakuboards we all seem to have our moments of complaining and getting annoyed, (I blame PMS, but all girls seem to abuse this) but we always come back. The oldies always come back, curious about what is going on. I was in a bad mood today when I could not log on this morning. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] [SIZE="2"] [FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"] [COLOR="Navy"]Funny story, I haven't been here in forever. Thought about it, and decided to check up on the ol' OB and see how it is. I used to frequent these fo
  7. [FONT=Garamond][color=navy][i]Zida sighed as he finished cleaning his last sword. It was time for him to set out on his way the DH HQ. It was located in the village of light which was only a few miles away from Setsuka, his home village. Zida stood up and looked at what was left of Setsuka, it was a waste land, and barely habitable. Zida sighed, it used to be such a beautiful place. The destruction of Setsuka had simply become another reason why he had to kill the Prince himself. Zida sprinted across the medow, jumping from shadow to shadow as best as he could, until he reached the openi
  8. [font=garamond][color=navy] Hm...it's been a LONG time since I did any RPing, but I think it's time I returned! Name: Zida Age: 22 Race: Human Personality: Normally Zida is a little un-easy around strangers. He doesn't trust them for the most part, but never lets it show. He likes to "act tough" and refuses to show his weakness. However, one noticeable "knick in his armor" is children. He loves children and treats them with the utmost kindess. Tends to be loyal once a bond is created, but often seems selfish. Keeps his motives and his feelings to himself. Appeara
  9. [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hm...thats a tough one. If I could go anywhere right now, I'd have to say Japan. It's not for your typical reasons of anime or what not, mainly because I want to study the way they play baseball. I'm in college right now playing on a team, and one of my team mates is Japanese (lives in Japan moves to the US in the fall to play) and his style of baseball is so different. I would just love to see how they teach their players. Another reason is, it's just a beautiful country. Even a city like Tokyo (which really could be considered a small cou
  10. [COLOR=Indigo][CENTER][B]Smile[/B] [I] I looked over my shoulder today, and saw a smiling face in my way, it scared me; so I looked away When I saw a smiling face today People say its a rarity for a face to be smiling back at me, To others I'm not too great to see thats why people say its a rarity. Everyone seems to walk right by, No one ever stops; No one says Hi Our lives are just to busy to ask why, Why everyone seems to just walk right by. Maybe if I lok again; I'll see my wonderful smiling friend; I might even learn to smile in the end, If I take
  11. [COLOR=Indigo]The answer is: language Okay, there's this old lady, she was driving on a country side, where there's no light in the light poles, and no stars and moon. Suddenly, a Dog ran down the road towards the old lady, the old lady stopped the car immdetialy... how did the old lady see the dog, while there's no light poles, and no stars, and moon, and the light from her car? [/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=Indigo]To The13thMan: Alright first off, yeah I re-read my first sentence and it came off a little sarcastic, sorry meant it to be a joke. Anyways yeah I'll apologize for that but thats all. Alright so you say that no person has the right to take another person's life. However, you still haven't answered the fact that knowledge is power. By not acting, you are the one responsible for what happens next. Every single person is responsible for their actions; as you would be. Whether that action was killing one person, or knowingly let desease continue on and killing more people.
  13. [font=georgia][size=2][color=indigo] Ok let me get this straight, this has gone from a question about saving the planet to population control? Wow, philosophers behold, no wonder nothing is solved. Banter leads to more banter. While some people have put a lot of time in posting thier opinions, and analyzing every situation possible, I'd have to just get right down to the answer. The answer, when you think about it; is possibly the easiest answer to give in the world. In fact, I have more trouble ordering my food at Applebee's than I do answering this question. Everyone has the
  14. [QUOTE=MirrIll]It's not what I consider to be real emo, it's simply what emo is. The main difference between emo and what is considered emo now is the fact that, well, they sound NOTHING ALIKE. To set things straight, I don't even like real emo. I can't get into it. I'm actually a fan of a lot of bands considered "emo" nowadays. The only reason this topic fires me up so much is the fact that these people, these kids, these "music" stations are taking something that was once respectable and basically bastardizing it. Emo has become the signature term for "whiny kids who cut themselves
  15. [font=book antiqua][size=1][color=indigo] Hm...man I've had a couple user names in the like what 4 or 5 years I've visited this site. Guess we'll start from the start then go to where I am now. [b]Professional T.V. Watcher:[/b] Not really particularly fond of this one. I was in what...6th or 7th grade when I decided to make this "cleve" little screen name. I made it because, back then thats all I did for a while, and I thought it was a fitting little name. God; I was immature...its true :-) [b]DuoGod of Death:[/b] This one is pretty darn obviouse. I wanted to use Duo Shinigami, but
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