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Fantasy Decks, lmao?

Guest Altron Gundam

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Guest Altron Gundam
Well, with there being a made-up cards topic, I decided to make a fantasy decks topic. This means you can use any made-up cards you want(in combination with real cards as well lol) in a deck. Anyway here's my go:

(if a card name has an * beside it its madeup)
Fantasy Fire Deck

01. Ruby-Eyes Tyrant Dragon*
02. Ruby-Eyes Tyrant Dragon*
03. Tyrant Dragon
04. Tyrant Dragon
05. Tyrant Dragon
06. Volcanic Dragon*
07. Volcanic Dragon*
08. Volcanic Dragon*
09. Magma Soldier*
10. Magma Soldier*
11. Magma Soldier*
12. Warrior of the Flame - Aragon*
13. Great Angs
14. Great Angs
15. Black Forest Witch
16. Star-Light Nova Phoenix*
17. Recoverer of the Flame*
18. Recoverer of the Flame*
19. Molten Rock*

20. Thunder Bolt
21. Black Hole
22. Raise Dead
23. Angel's Gift
24. Jar of Greed
25. Magma Ruby*
26. Magma Ruby*
27. Magma Ruby*
28. Flame Incarnation*
29. Dragon Inferno Raze*
30. Sealing Swords of Light
31. Cyclone
32. Change of Heart
33. Fireball
34. Midnight Inferno
35. Dragon Burst Fireball*
36. Dragon Burst Fireball*

37. Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
38. Magical Cylinder
39. Magic Jammer
40. Magic Jammer
41. Thieves Seven Tools
42. Dragon Rage
43. Blessing of God
44. Dragon Revival Ritual - Infernal Rave*

Made-up Card Effects:

Ruby-Eyes Tyrant Dragon(Fire/Dragon/12/4400/4000)
Effect: This monster may only be special summoned to the field by the sacrafice of a [Tyrant Dragon]+[Magma Ruby]. After it has entered play and dies by battle, it may be special summoned from the graveyard.This monster may attack twice during the battle phase if it attacks a monster during its first attack. Negate and destroy any trap cards that chain an attack by this card, or target this card.

Volcanic Dragon(Fire/Dragon/4/1900/400)
Effect: If this monster dies from battle or an effect, you may search your deck for a Tyrant Dragon and special summon it onto the field. The Tyrant Dragon may not attack on the turn it was summoned. If [Volcanic Dragon] is special summoned from the graveyard, increase its attack by 500 points.

Magma Soldier(Fire/Fire/4/1900/1400)
Effect: When this monster is summoned, reverse summoned, or special summoned, search your deck for a [Magma Ruby]. If sacrificed to summon a fire main type monster, this may be the only monster sacrificed to summon that monster regardless of level.

Warrior of the Flame - Aragon(Fire/Warrior/4/1900/1200)
Effect: When this monster is summoned, you may choose to reduce its defense power to 0, and attach a magic counter to [Warrior of the Flame - Aragon]. You may then remove a magic counter to destroy one magic or trap card on the field.
Note: Restricted to one.

Star-Light Nova Phoenix(Fire/Fire/6/2400/1400)
Effect: Remove any monster destroyed by [Star-Light Nova Phoenix] from the game. Reduce any monster on the field with the same attack stregnth by 500.

Recoverer of the Flame(Fire/Animal/2/450/600)
Effect: Reverse: You have the choice between these two effects, choose one:
- Special summon a fire main-type monster from your graveyard.
- Return a magic/trap from your graveyard to your hand.

Molten Rock(Fire/Rock/3/1000/1000)
Effect: Reverse: Destroy all the monsters on the field. You and your opponent draw five cards from the top of your deck and special summon any fire main-type monsters that are level 4 or less in any desired mode.
Note: Restricted to one.

Magma Ruby
Type: Instant Magic
Effect: Raise the targeted monster's attack by 1200 points, and this monster may only be a fire main-type monster. If engaged in a battle with a monster of a water main-type attribute, decrease the targeted monster's attack by half.

Flame Incarnation
Type: Normal Magic
Effect: You may special summon a monster from either graveyard. That monster now is a fire main type monster and is removed from the game when destroyed through battle or an effect.

Dragon Inferno Raze
Type: Normal Magic
Effect: Destroy all the magic and trap cards on the field for both players. However, if you have a dragon sub-type on the field, only destroy your opponent's magic and trap cards.

Dragon Burst Fireball
Type: Instant Magic
Effect: Choose one of the following two effects:
- Destroy one magic or trap card on the field.
- Do 1000 damage directly to your opponent's life points.

Dragon Revival Ritual - Infernal Rave
Type: Normal Trap
Effect: Sacrifice 1000LP and destroy all the monsters on the field in attack mode. Special summon two level 4 or less dragon sub-type monsters or summon one level 5 or more dragon sub-type monster.
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i dont think that i would want to speculate on my "dream deck"..its not my style!. however, i know it is a dream deck, but i wold like to say that, if it was real, you would have all bases covered, it seems that every thing there is "in place" although i would not duel you, fo rthe simple reason that i dont enter a challange that i am most defiantly going to lose, and with that i would.
every thing has its downside.
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Guest Cute_eyes
that's a nice deck but if u summon so many dragons at once buster blader will surely get you is all i know
it happened to my poor harpie dragons damn it lol
well just make ur deck ill do u
duelist show me heart and wot ur made of
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