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EverQuest The Legecy Of The Twilight

Kabu Darkborne

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In the year 3486 ( this is not a futurestic game thru more futurestic then it is normally.) The people of norrath banded together and prepare for a war that will certainally change the world forever in this tense time only a few selected heros can step forward and stop the massive desteraion before it happens... In the great halls of palsa the fortress of the world and safehouse to the few remaining erudites a master and begining of the twilight lay Leylia Darkborne and Tenaru Ug'ets are two of the four grandmaster teachers of the lessons of the nameless. Their legecys are there grandchildren leylia's grandchildren were spilt up when they were born by a kidnapper the one twin Nall darkborne is with his grandfather Reyas a High Dragon of the Ring Of Scale. while the other child was called Kredion and was lost for over 17 years till his mother caught the trail of the his kidnapper and got the answers out of him before he died... he whispered the evil words [COLOR=crimson]Neriak[/COLOR] the Lair of evil the dark elf city... Now their mother goes in to find him but may come out with something else.......

IF you wish to sign up plz do this

name: (first and last plz)Trell Ka (plz don't use the name Kredion I have a plan for it in the future)

age:17 ( funny huh)

race: Dark Elvein

bio: he was raised in Neriak as a lslave built for battle to please his masters what trell ka doesn't know is he has a very important future....

other: (moves and such)ultravision and double dragon (please sent me a tell for more info)
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