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Yu-Gi-Oh! card of the day/week.


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After some though, I finally decided to have a go at a Card of the Day/week thingy. Thefact his, I think a card of the day will most likely be a bit too short, so I'll have to make it a card of the week, which I personally wouldn't like.

The main idea is: I'll give a card with my rating and thoughs on it, plus any rulings pointers I can, than wait for your opinions. In the end, I'll compile the ratings.

Our first card will be a nice little bugger from Labyrinth of Nightmares: Bait Doll (LON-096)


-Normal Magic
-Force the activation of 1 face-down Trap Card. If the timing of the activation of the Trap Card is incorrect, negate the effect and destroy it. If it is not a Trap Card, it is returned to its original position. After this card is activated, it is placed into the Deck (not the Graveyard). The Deck is then shuffled.

This baby will see quite some play. Why? Because as of yet, the really dangerous cards to spring are few: Ceasefire, Imperial Order, Just Desserts, maybe Gravity Bind. Okay, Royal Command, Mask Of Restrict and some others in Labyrinth of Nightmares too, but springing them at unwanted times, and the fact they aren't gonna be used that much makes them a small worries.

Most of the times, you will destroy a Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, Shadow of Eyes, or counter trap before it's used, You may reveal some Offering to the Doomed or MST, but then You'll know what lies in the darkness...


It is to be noticed a recent ruling was made that you cannot chain the targetted card to Bait Doll, nor chain to said activated card, all of which only makes it better, and it keeps going back to your deck!

Paying any cost the activated card may have is also optional.

And finally, activating Imperial order doesn't negate Bait Doll, because it was never chained.


I'll give this card a 4 out of 5, it's a nice reusable card that won't fall prey to the now popular Kycoo and usually put your opponent in a lose-lose situation. Add to it that it's a great annoyer, and you've got a great card.
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Okay, forgot to post yesterday...

Today's card is one of the many FIRE monster in Labyrinth of Nightmares: Fire Sorcerer (LON-036).


Okay, now this card is bad. I mean, sacrificing 2 cards in hand for a measly 800? I can get the same amount easilier with Ookazi or Tremendous Fire!

Plus, it's risky that you loose key cards you can't get back. A lot of cards in LoN deal with removing cards from the game, thus we are given Miracle Dig to fetch back monsters. Problem is: we can't get back magic/traps! What happens if my Monster Reborn or Raigeki is removed?? In the end, I'd prefer using Lady Assaillant of Flames so at least it doesn't dammage my hand. His stats aren't even interesting enough to play it in ATK, though it [i]is[/i] Fetchable with both Witch and Sangan... But then again, the lady is better there. (1500/1000)

Well, at least the card has a sweet picture.


Note that the effect is mandatory: no way you can get around it (until you use Royal Command, that is)

Also, if you ave 1 or less cards in hand, you don't get the effect.


The only use I can see of this card is in a Fire deck (with strategy so you don't spring the effect) to get the Spirit of Flammes out.

I give this card a 1.5 out of 5. Uses at your own risks.
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errrrrrrrrrrrrrr I have a card that is almost exactly the opposite of that...It's ATK is 1500 DEF 1000 and it's Lady Assailant of Flames. It's a level 4 also and it's a fire attribute. It has the same effect as the second card of the week except you sacrafice the 3 top cards off of your deck..is it the same thing or different?
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Well, I mentionned it. It's slightly better in that you don't lose cards in hand. Still risky if you don't run miracle dig, though.

I haven't posted ever since monday because I though nobody read the thread... I suppose I was wrong.
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