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The Return Of Daemon...Shaun's First Digimon FanFic.


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Three years have passed since the digi-destined defeated MaloMyotismon. Not everyone has a digimon partner at this time. In fact, the digital world is still being kept secret, much the same way as before. The things shown in the last episode of 02 come later on than this story. Davis, TK, Ken and Kari are sophomores in high school. Yolei is a junior, and Cody is a freshmen. Tai, Matt, Sora, and Izzy are all in college. Joe became a doctor and moved to America. He asked Mimi to marry him. The wedding is next spring. Mimi is modeling, doing Broadway shows, and going to a culinary arts school. Tai and Sora have been going out since they started college and are planning on getting married. Sora and Matt dated for a while, but she broke up with him. She said she couldn?t compete with his music. Matt is majoring in music and his band is red hot. Izzy is the head of his class (of course) and is planning to graduate early.
Davis and Kari are actually dating, much to everyone?s surprise (especially TK?s). Kari said she?d seen Davis mature a lot since their battle with MaloMyotismon. TK took it pretty hard. He just didn?t know how to tell Kari how he felt. He?s been pretty down lately, even though he just wants to see her happy.
Ken and Yolei have been dating since Ken?s freshmen year. Everyone says they look so cute together. Cody was the Kendo champion for two years in a row. His grandfather was so proud. He?s taken time out to focus on his studies for now, though.

As for the digimon, they are as mischievous as ever! The new digimon, along with Gatomon and Patamon, stay in the real world with their partners. DemiVeemon rented some videos (via Davis and Kari) and learned to dance for Gatomon. They sometimes double date with Davis and Kari. Hawkmon and Wormomon have become buddies, and like to play board games when they?re not watching TV. Armadillomon is the high school cafeteria?s official taste tester, though they don?t know it! Patamon seems to always be comforting TK. Since Davis and Kari started dating, he hasn?t had time for much else.

The original digimon stayed behind in the digital world to protect it from any evil that threatens. They make frequent trips to visit their partners, however. Everything was great in both worlds, until one day?

Chapter one: Return to the Digital World?

Davis looked annoyingly at the clock. Only 2:30. The hands hadn?t seemed to move for an eternity. The last day of school always seemed to go on forever. Of course, his teacher wasn?t going to let them slack. Even on the last day. Davis let his mind wander to his plans with Kari for the weekend. It was their one year anniversary on Saturday, and Davis had big plans. His parents agreed to let him have the car for the day. He was thrilled. Jun complained of course.

?You never let me have the car when I was his age!? she?d whined. Davis shuddered as the memory of the episode played in his mind. He nearly fell out of his chair when the bell rang.

?Finally free!? Davis exclaimed. His teacher gave him a sharp look, but he didn?t notice. He was out the door with a shot.

As Davis headed down the front stairs, a warm summer breeze met him.

?Now that?s what I?m talkin? about!? he said. Just then, he saw TK.

?Hey! TK!? Davis called. TK looked up in astonishment. That was the tenth time this month at least that Davis had gotten his name right. Maybe Kari was right. Maybe he had matured. TK wouldn?t admit it, but he liked Davis. They were becoming good friends. Still, they?d be better friends if Kari wasn?t his girlfriend.

?Hey Davis,? TK said, brushing his thoughts aside.

?Hey, whatcha doin? later? I thought we could shoot some hoops!?

?Sounds great, but Matt?s concert is tonight,? TK replied.

?Oh yeah, I forgot. I hope I can make it,? Davis said.

?Don?t worry! I?ll pick you up if you need a ride.?

?Really, TK?? Davis was a little shocked. He?d sensed that TK was a little perturbed with him over Kari. Sometimes Davis would catch TK giving him a look. It wasn?t that playful sarcastic look that he was used to. It looked a whole lot more like a painful look. It was definitely something much deeper.

?I?ll pick you up at six then.?

?Great! See ya then!? Davis said as he turned toward home. About half way there, a familiar squeaky voice came from Davis?s backpack.

?Hey Davis, can I go to the concert too??

?DemiVeemon! I almost forgot that you were in there!? Davis replied, opening his backpack. ?Of course you can go!?

?GRREAAT!? the little digimon chirped.

For most of the afternoon, Davis thought about how he could talk to TK about Kari. He didn?t want to lose TK as a friend, but he definitely didn?t want to lose Kari.

?If you keep thinking that hard, you?re gonna set off the smoke alarm!? DemiVeemon teased.

?Wha? Oh, sorry.? Said Davis, returning to reality.

?It?s about TK, isn?t it?? DemiVeemon persisted.

?Yeah, well??

?Davis, TK is here!? his mother interrupted.

?Coming Mom! Gee, six o?clock already. Com?on
buddy.? DemiVeemon jumped into Davis?s backpack.

?Hey TK,? Davis greeted his friend a little reluctantly.

?Ya ready to go? This is supposed to be Matt?s biggest concert yet!? It was nice to see that TK was in better spirits.

Jun sighed. She?d never really gotten over Matt.

?Well let?s go, then!? Davis suddenly felt excited. He liked Matt?s band, and really didn?t care what Jun thought.

?Spiral Twister!? Biyomon aimed her attack at a pursuing
Devidramon. It was no use. It was gaining on her.

?Sora, I need you!? Biyomon sobbed.

?Biyomon! Down here!? She looked down. It was Palmon on the ground at the bottom of a huge cliff.


?Biyomon, hurry!?

Biyomon flapped as hard and fast as her exhausted wings would allow her.

?Quick, in here!? Palmon led Biyomon to a cave in the cliff side.

?Poison Ivy!? Palmon wrapped her vines around a
boulder and yanked it in front of the cave entrance.

?We should be safe for now,? she soothed. Palmon helped Biyomon to a large cavern deep inside the tunnel. Gomamon, Gabumon, Tentomon, and Agumon were there, waiting inside. Tentomon was working on what appeared to be a computer monitor.

?Any luck?? asked Palmon.

?We should be able to contact them soon, I hope,? Tentomon replied.

?I hope so,? panted Biyomon, ?for all of our sakes.?

Tai, Davis, Kari, and TK sat in the auditorium. Matt was performing the final song of the evening. As he wrapped it up, everyone stood and cheered.

?Alright, Matt!? Tai yelled. At his feet, Gatomon, Patamon, and DemiVeemon were struggling to get a look.

?Maybe I should just cut them down to size,? hissed Gatomon, flashing a shiny claw. Kari giggled and picked up her digimon. Davis and TK did the same.

?That?s more like it!? the digimon said in unison.

Later that night, Matt joined the four of them for pizza. He sat with Tai, and Davis sat with Kari. TK sat sort of off to the side. Matt sighed.

?I know,? said Tai, reading Matt?s thoughts. They both looked at TK, who was lost in the placemat on the table. He hadn?t even touched his pizza.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a beep.

?Geez Kari,? Davis teased. ?Do you ever not get mail??

Kari opened her D-Terminal, and silence fell on the group again.

?Hey Matt,? Davis broke the quietness, ?you guys were great!?

?Yeah, well when you practice as much as we??

?Yeah Right!? Tai teased. ?It?s just because you?ve got Izzy and Yolei at your sound boards!?

?Ha, ha Tai. We really do practice all?? he was interrupted again by a gasp from Kari.

?What is it?? Davis and Tai exclaimed.

?It?s from Izzy. The digital world is in trouble!?

?Well let?s go!? Matt shouted.

?TK?TK...? TK!? Patamon yelled.

?Huh?? TK came back to reality.

?We?re leaving!?

?So soon?? TK was confused.

?I?ll explain everything in the car. Now let?s go!? Matt nearly drug
him out of the booth.

Ken and Yolei were already at Izzy?s house when they arrived.

?Where?s everyone else?? Davis demanded.

?Nice to see you too, Davis!? Yolei muttered. Ken smirked. When his girlfriend and his best friend were together, it was classic!

?What are you grinning at?!? Davis and Yolei both snatched.

?N-nothing.? Ken blushed. ?Definitely classic,? he said to himself.

?Calm down. Everyone who can will be here soon, and the rest are to meet us in the digital world.? Izzy explained.

?Yolei!? Tai said.

?Right! Digi-port open!?

Nothing happened.

?Please?? Yolei asked, as if the computer understood.

?Whoa! It?s worse than I thought!? Izzy gasped.

?What?s going on?? Cody asked as he walked in the room.

?The digi-port won?t open!? cried Patamon.

?I don?t like this. Something is really wrong here.? Ken said. He had a long forgotten tone of distress in his voice.

?Ken?? Yolei recognized the tone. Ken squeezed her hand, a little too tight. Yolei felt him shudder.

?Your hand. What?s wrong??

Kari held on to Davis?s hand tightly also.

?What is it, Kari?? He asked.

?The waves.? Ken and Kari said in sync. They looked at each other knowing exactly what they were experiencing.

?You mean the Dark Ocean?!? TK snapped into life. Matt was startled by his brother?s sudden outburst. This was the first thing TK had said on his own all night. Cody recognized a familiar hint of hatred in TK?s voice.

?It can?t be.? Tai almost whispered.

?It has to be. I?ve only felt this feeling when I was near it.? Ken said.

?Me too. That same dark feeling?? Kari shuddered. Davis sat her down on the bed. Izzy notice that he was getting an e-mail. Tentomon came up on the screen when he clicked it.

?Are you guys coming??

?The digi-port won?t open!? Izzy replied.

?Oh no!? Tentomon said, the the connection was broken.

?Ahhh!? Izzy nearly fell over his chair scrambling to salvage the connection.

?What happened?? asked Sora, who?d just walked in. She joined Tai on the bed next to his sister.

?Okay, let me explain.? Izzy began. ?I called you all here because I got an urgent message from Tentomon and the others. It seems that there is some sort of rebellion in the digital world. All the virus-type digimon are running a rampage. It gets worse, too. Remember when Owikawa used his life energy to protect the digital world??

?Yeah,? the others replied.

?Somehow, it failed!? Izzy paused for effect. ?I can?t contact Gennai OR our digimon now and we can?t even get there to help!?

?But wait,? Cody said, ?you can?t close a digi-port from the digital world. It has to be done from the real world! You don?t think??

?Oh, the darkness!? Kari suddenly cried out. ?It?s so strong!? she sobbed.

?Fight it Kari! You?re the only one who can!? Ken encouraged.

TK, who was by a window noticed the sky outside was changing.

?Look at that!? he gulped. The sky turned nearly black, and clouds gathered above. They churned and swirled very unnaturally. Ken?s eyes widened as he heard a familiar dark laugh. He put his hands over his ears.

?Leave me alone!? he cried desperately.

?Who Ken?? Yolei asked anxiously.

?Oh no,? Wormmon sobbed.

?It?s?It?s?? Ken fainted. Yolei barley kept him from hitting the floor.

?Ken!? Davis ran quickly to his best friend.

?Are you okay, Kari?? Gatomon asked.

?Yeah, it was weird. As soon as Ken fainted, I was fine.?

?I?ll get some water.? Sora said calmly.

?Ken!? Yolei cried over him.

?Oh Ken.? Wormmon pleaded. ?Please wake up!?

TK was starring out the window at the churning sky. Something in the shadows flinted, and caught his eye. It darted past the window. TK gasped.

?What is it TK?? Patamon asked.

?I don?t know. But I can tell you this: It?s not good!?
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Chapter two: The Darkness Returns

It was an hour before Ken woke up. He stirred uneasily as the cool cloth fell from his forehead.

?Ken, your up!? Yolei cried.

?Hey everyone!? Izzy shouted, ?I?m getting something!?

Everyone rushed over to Izzy?s computer, including Ken (assisted by Davis and Yolei.)

?It?s Tentomon, but there?s so much static.?

??okay for now?sky?dark?not here but?your world?searching?ancient power?Gennai?DNA di?tailring??

?I lost him,? Izzy frowned.

?I thought we got rid of all this Dark Ocean stuff!? Tai complained.

?Wait! Do you know who is in that world?? Cody realized.

?Daemon,? Ken glared. Everyone stared at him. ?He?s back.?

?What does he want?? asked Sora.

?The Dark Spore. I still have it,? Ken muttered.

?Ya know,? Davis groaned, ?I?m getting real tired of everybody always coming after you!?

?Huh, you!? Ken smirked.

?I knew it!? Kari burst out. Gatomon jumped. ?I knew it was the Dark Ocean!?

At that moment, the phone rang. Izzy left the room to answer it, and came back a moment later.

?That was Joe and Mimi. They both were on vacation, and decided to join us here. Their plane arrives at noon tomorrow. What a coincidence!?

?Great!? shouted Tai. ?All the Digi-Destined together!?

?It won?t really matter if we?re all together if we can?t get your partners here,? Gatomon reminded.

Tai stared a whole through her. ?Oh yeah,? he groaned. ?So, what do we do??

?Nothing,? Ken spoke up again. ?We have to wait for
Daemon to make the first move.?

The group agreed to call their parents to say they were at a party at Izzy?s. They conveniently left out the fact that Izzy?s parents were away on a vacation! Yolei decided to call for pizza. Tai, Davis, Kari, and Matt moaned at the thought of more pizza. They all settled in for a long night.

TK had the most pizza, since he hadn?t eaten earlier. Davis and Kari looked at each other and shrugged. Davis couldn?t tell whether or not Kari knew why TK was acting so weird. He guessed she did, since they were best friends, but he just didn?t know. He?d tried to talk to her about it before, but she?d always changed the subject rather quickly.

?Earth to Davis!? Yolei snapped.

?Yolei, why are you being so mean to Davis? He didn?t do anything to you. You haven?t let up on him all night.? Ken said. Davis and Yolei sat stunned for a moment. They blinked absentmindedly. Davis saw that Ken sensed his problems. Still, he?d never stuck up for him like that. Did he know something?

?I guess you?re right,? said Yolei, sounding defeated. ? I?m really sorry Davis.? Davis stared blankly at her. ?Hello! I?m apologizing here!? screeched Yolei. Kari giggled. ?Oh, heh, guess I?m doing it again, aren?t I.?

?What else is new?? Poromon said, and everyone laughed.

?It?s okay, Yolei. I just?got a lot on my mind.? Davis managed to say.

?Maybe I can help!? Yolei perked up.

?Not likely,? Ken said.

?He does know!? Davis thought to himself. ?It?s okay, Yolei, really.?

Ken looked deeply at Davis as if to say ?don?t be so obvious?. How did he know? Then again, he was his best friend. He had a strange way of always figuring Davis out.

Kari had fallen asleep across Davis?s lap. She calmly stirred as Davis sighed. He looked down at the sleeping angel. He?d finally gotten what he?d always wanted, and now he wondered if it was for the best. Was it meant to be? Why couldn?t TK just talk to him?

In that instant, Izzy shouted.

?E-mail from Gennai!?
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Chapter 3: An Old Dog With New Tricks

?Hurry up and read it already!? Davis insisted.

?Alright, alright. Don?t get your knickers in a twist.? Izzy replied. Davis looked puzzled.

?No one ever did tell me what knickers were,? he
uttered. Kari, Awake by this time, giggled sleepily.

?Oh, never mind! On to the e-mail.? Matt snapped.

?Okay,? Izzy began, ?It says:

We are unable to travel to your world where the problem is.
Somehow, the Dark Powers closed the gate for everyone but evil digimon. We do have some hope, though. The digimon that are still here have stumbled upon the cave in which I believe the ancient power of the prophecies is hidden. They are searching it as we speak, err? write. Anyway, It will help you to defeat this new evil. Until it is found, however, I have attached a new program for your D3?s and D-Terminals. It allows each of your digimon to use all of the armor digi-eggs. Download the program into the devices and you will be able to share digi-eggs. I?ve also included a surprise. Good luck Digi-Destined. You?re on your own, for now. Have faith.

?On our own?? echoed Yolei, as Izzy began the program.

?Yeah, for now,? Cody added.

?Well, we can sit and mope all night, or we can go fight those evil digimon down there,? TK said, pointing out the window.

?Huh?!? Everyone gasped collectively. Sure enough, six champion-level digimon were pacing the streets below. They were ransacking everything in sight.

?Finished!? Izzy cheered. ?Let?s see what this program can do!?

?Right!? everyone agreed.

?Okay, here?s what I know so far: You can only use one digi-egg at a time,? Izzy explained. ?If one of you is using the Digi-egg of knowledge, for example, no one else can use it at that time. Each digi-egg has it?s own unique qualities. The digi-egg of courage will turn your digimon into a fiery or ancient beast type digimon. The friendship egg will give a digimon with sharp edges and weapons. Reliability produces digimon related to the sea, and sincerity yields plant type digimon. Knowledge produces insect types, hope produces constellation creatures, and light gives a mythical animal digimon.?

?That makes sense,? Ken said.

?Oh, this must be the surprise,? Yolei said, holding up her D-terminal. On the screen was a new egg.

?It has my crest of kindness on it!? Ken realized. ?What kind of digimon does it produce, Izzy??

?Ummm, o-kay.? Izzy collected himself.

?What?? Ken said anxiously.

?Strangely attired animal type digimon.? Izzy muttered. Everyone stared at Ken.

?Don?t blame me! I didn?t create it!? Ken was blushing very brightly.

?O-kay??The room was suddenly shaken by an explosion.

?Pardon me, but shouldn?t we be doing something about this?? Hawkmon asked.

?You guys had better get going!? Tai shouted.

?Okay then! Let?s go!? commanded Davis.

Everyone hurried to the street below. Ken, excited to try something new, pushed his way to the front of the group.

?Okay, me first!? he shouted. ?Are you ready

?Mmhmm!? Wormmon nodded.

?Digi-Armor energize!? Ken shouted. He?d always wanted to say that! Ken had chosen his own digi-egg: kindness.

?Wormmon, armor digivolve to??Bucchiemon!?

?Alright!? Ken shouted. ?Bucchiemon is a pixie type digimon whose Heavy Beam attack will leave his opponent crushed!? he shouted, reading the info from his D-Terminal.

?Heavy Beam!? The Tuskmon Bucciemon aimed for dissolved, and a black form was left.

?Look guys!? Kari shouted. ?It?s a control spire digimon!?
?Hear that Hawkmon? Give ?em all you got! Digi-Armor energize!? Yolei commanded.

?Hawkmon, armor digivolve to??Allomon!?

A huge dinosaur loomed over Yolei.

?Huh?? she said in disbelief.

?Which one did you choose?? asked Kari.

?Courage,? replied Yolei. ?Let?s see, Allomon. Ah yes! His Dino-Burst attack is da bomb!

?Dino-Burst!? An Airedramon was vaporized.

?Your turn, Armadillomon! Digi-Armor ener-gize!? Cody called.

?Armadillomon, armor digivolve to?..Sheepmon!?

Cody burst out laghing.

?It?s not funny!? Sheepmon scolded. ?Just because I?m pink doesn?t give you the right to laugh at me!?

Just then, a Clockmon attacked.


?Wool Grenade!? Sheepmon fired two smiley-faced grenades right into the Clockmon, who instantly shattered into a million pieces.

?La-a-augh at tha-a-a-at!? Sheepmon baaed.

Meanwhile, the others were discovering new combinations as well. Kari used the digi-egg of knowledge, and Gatomon armor digivolved to Butterflymon and vanquished a Dokugumon. Davis picked love, and Veemon became Sethmon, who easily disposed of a DarkTyrannomon. TK chose sincerity, and Patamon armor digivolved to Ponchomon, and took out a Phantomon, the last of the six.

?Well, that?s all of them,? Davis dusted off his hands triumphantly.
The digimon returned to their rookie forms.

?Ohhh, it?s not over. Not by any means!? said a mysterious voice. Kari?s eyes widened in terror.

?Oh no! Ahhh!? she cried. Dark waves had surrounded her. She was knee deep in the murky water. Ken waded in after her.

?You have to fight it Kari! You know what to do!?

?Right.? Kari said shakily. She held her D3 out in front of her.

?Mine is the crest of light: The worst enemy of darkness!? The symbol of her crest began to glow on the D3 screen. A bright radiance surrounded Ken and Kari, and the water receded. Kari breathed heavily in relief.

?I?ll be back!? growled the deep voice. The sky overhead began to clear, revealing a bright full moon.

?Let?s get back and regroup,? TK suggested.
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Chapter 4: Why Davis? Why?

?That battle wasn?t so tough, but I have the feeling it?s gonna get much worse,? TK said.

?Yeah. Who knows what that creep will send next!? added Cody.

?Well I?m ready for ?em!? Davis shouted. ?Just you wait. I?m gonna??

?It doesn?t look like anything mare is going to happen tonight,? Ken interrupted. ?We?d all better get home and get some rest.?

?Ken?s right. That way, we?ll be ready for whoever or whatever comes our way next.? Agreed Kari. Everyone got up to leave.

?Don?t forget guys. Joe and Mimi?s plane arrives at noon tomorrow,? reminded Izzy.

Yolei was standing in the corner of the room staring at the sleeping digimon in front of her. They looked so peaceful. Why would anyone want to destroy that? Her heart rose to her throat as she thought about what might happen in their next battle. She thought about all they?d been through before, and how close they?d come to losing the last time they faced Daemon. Ken put his hand on Yolei?s shoulder. She shuddered.

?I?m sorry. I didn?t mean to??

?It?s okay Ken. I needed to be brought back to earth,? Yolei said.
Ken smiled warmly. Yolei always felt better when he smiled.

?The Digi-Destined each picked up their sleeping digimon, and headed home. TK, Cody, and Yolei walked to their building together. Ken road the bus back to Tamachi. Tai took Sora home, and Matt took Davis and Kari.

When Davis walked through the door, he saw that June was waiting up for him.

?Hey Davis,? she sighed. ?You?re home late.?

?Yeah,? he yawned. For some odd reason, he and June had been getting along for the most part. Of course, she still had her complaining fits, but hey, who doesn?t? Davis smiled as he tucked DemiVeemon into bed. Obviously dreaming, the little digimon chuckled and rolled over. Davis grinned and put on his pajamas. He laid down and turned off the lights. Soon, Davis was thinking about TK. Well, Ken knew something was up, so shouldn?t Kari? Davis could hardly keep his eyes open. What was he going to do?


Davis opened his eyes to find Kari sitting beside him. She was running her fingers through his dark brown hair.

?Good morning, sleepyhead,? she giggled. ?Com?on. I?ve got something to show you.? Kari stood up and seemed to float across the room. Davis rubbed his eyes. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Much to his surprise, he found TK there. He was yelling at Kari, and she was crying.

?TK, what are you doing? She?s your best friend!? Davis broke in.

?That?s what I thought. Then she went out with you!?

?So what?s wrong with that??

?You knew I liked her! You?ve known it for a long time! How could you, Davis? I thought you were my friend! Why Davis? Why?? TK was nearly in tears. ?I?ve put up with this for almost a year now! I have seen enough!? TK lunged forward tackling Davis.

?TK, no!? Kari cried.

?TK, what are you doing? I don?t want to hurt you!? Davis pleaded.

?Well, it?s a little late for that!? TK hit him in the side of the head. Everything went black.


?Davis.? He heard his name called out so softly, so far away. Who was it?

?Daaavisss.? The voice was getting closer.

?DAVIS!!? Davis awoke to find DemiVeemon yelling at him. He could have sworn it was Kari?s voice at first. Davis rubbed his eyes. He was on the floor of his room. DemiVeemon was perched on his chest trying to wake him. A huge wave of relief flooded over him. It had all been a dream.

?Bad dream?? DemiVeemon asked.

?You could say that,? Davis replied sarcastically. He looked at the clock.
3:00 AM.

?Let?s go back to sleep, DemiVeemon,? he yawned.

?I thought you?d never say it!? With that, DemiVeemon curled up on the pillow next to Davis, and they both drifted back to sleep.
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Chapter Five: A Digi-Homecoming.

?Hurry up, Davis! We?ll be late!? screeched DemiVeemon.

?All Right, I?m up!? Davis moaned. He looked at the clock. It was only 10:30. Mimi?s plane didn?t even arrive until noon. Davis got dressed and headed down for breakfast. As he fixed himself some cereal, the phone rang.


?Hey sweet stuff!? said Kari on the other end.

?Hey yourself, baby!?

?Tai and I will be over in half an hour to pick you up. Try not to be late this time!?

?Hey, it wasn?t my fault the dryer ate my shirt!?

?Yeah, yeah??

?Ohh, whatever. I?ll see ya in a little bit. Bye!? Davis placed the phone back on the receiver. He ate his cereal and got together what he needed for the day. He placed it in his backpack. As Davis headed for the door, DemiVeemon jumped in.

?Don?t forget me!?

?Oh Yeah.? Davis said knowing he?d forgotten something.

At the airport, everyone had met to wait for Joe and Mimi. TK sat alone as usual.

?He needs to move on already!? Kari said. So she did know! Why then, wouldn?t she talk about it? Kari started over towards TK.

?Kari, don?t! I?m afraid?well?? Davis staggered.

?Well what?? Kari?s curiosity was aroused.

?Well, I had this dream.? Davis told her the whole thing.

?TK wouldn?t do that. He likes you. He?s just stunned
at how you?ve changed. A little jealous too, I think,? Kari reassured him.

?If you say so.? Davis sighed.

?Still, I think someone should talk to him,? Kari persisted.

Before she had the chance, the flight announcer came over the intercom and informed them Joe and Mimi?s plane had arrived. Everyone stood and walked towards the gates. Joe and Mimi, along with another girl walked through.

?Over here!? Yolei shouted.

?Hey sis!? Mimi cried.

Everyone exchanged greetings and hugs. Then Mimi introduced the brown-haired girl.

?Everyone, this is Macayla. She?s in the production with me, and decided to come along.?

?Nice to meet all of you. I?ve heard so much about you guys! All good of course.? Macayla wasn?t the shy type. TK suddenly took interest.

?Hi. I?m TK,? he smiled shyly. Kari nudged Davis.

?Well maybe I won?t have to give him that talk after all!? she giggled. Davis smiled. He hadn?t seen TK flirt for almost a year. It was good to have him back.

Later that afternoon, everyone was having lunch and catching up at a café. TK motioned to Davis and took him aside from the others.

?Davis, look. I?ll be honest. When you and Kari started dating, my world was crushed. I?d always taken it for granted that we?d end up together. But, now I see that she is happy with you. It?s taken a long time, but I?ve finally accepted that. I also want you to know that I still want to be your friend. I?m not mad. I was at first, but now, now I just want things back to normal.? TK sighed. It was good to get all that off his chest.

?Thanks TK. I was worried about you.? Davis said, putting his hand on TK?s shoulder.

?You were worried about me?? TK said in disbelief.

?Yeah, well?have you talked to Kari yet? I think she?s worried too.?

?Not yet, but I will. When the moment?s right.?

?Great. Hey, I don?t think its gonna take you lone to move on!? Davis smirked, thumbing towards Macayla, who in turn smiled warmly at TK.

?Yeah, I know. Who knew?? They both laughed and went back to their table. As the catching up continued, the digimon sat munching under the table. Gatomon looked up from her fish platter and caught a glimpse of something. She stared for a second, and then shook her head.

?What?? asked DemiVeemon.

?I must need glasses. I could swear I just saw my reflection, and
I was dressed in black!? she replied.

?There?s nothing out there but an old black cat.? Patamon said.

?I know. Weird, huh?? Gatomon said, and returned to her fish.

?We have to be getting close,? whined Tentomon, ?my wings are exhausted!?

?At least you weren?t chased by Devidramon!? Biyomon panted.

?Hey guys, overhere!? Gomamon shouted.

?I think you found it!? Agumon cheered. The digimon stood in a huge cavern at the end of the tunnel. There was a broad lake across the bottom. On the other side, were some strange lights and a huge stone door, marked with the symbols of the eight crests.

?This has to be it!? Palmon said.

?There?s only one way t find out!? Gabumon started down the cliff-side. At the bottom was a small rowboat resting on the shore of the lake.

?Man, I?m going to stink after this!? Gabumon said, pushing the boat into the water. They all climbed in and set off for the other side.

?Does anyone else think this is a little too easy?? Biyomon asked.

?Aw, you worry too much."
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Chapter 6: The Black Cat

Everyone had a wonderful evening with Joe and Mimi. Most of them were stuffed from dinner. Davis yawned and looked out the window he was sitting by.

?Uawwhhh?huh?? he yawned.

?What is it, Davis?? asked Kari.

?I?m not sure. It looks like Gatomon?s been rolling in coal dust.?

Gatomon is WHAT?!? Kari got up from the table and headed for the door.

?Wait, Kari!? Tai called. ?It?s coming up a storm!?

?I?ll get her,? Davis replied. ?Kari, wait up!?

Kari ran out the door anyway. Davis caught up to her just in time to see Gatomon run around the corner into the alley.

?Wonder what?s gotten into her?? Kari finally said.

?I don?t know. Why would she roll in the dirt?? Davis replied. ?Come on. Let?s get back. It?s starting to rain.?

You?re right I suppose.? Kari mumbled. Just as they entered the café, lightning flashed and thunder clapped loudly behind it.

?Looks like you guys were just in time!? Joe said. ?I don?t want to have to treat anyone for a cold on my vacation!? Everyone laughed. As Kari sat down, she looked down to check on the other digimon. She was so startled to see Gatomon there that she hit her head on the table.

?Ouch!? she screeched.

?What was that all about?? Mimi asked.

?Davis, look under the table!? Kari said, rubbing her head.

?Wha?!? Davis was shocked as well.

?Will somebody please tell me what is going on?? Matt growled.

?I wish I knew,? Kari panted.

?You look like you just seen a ghost. What?s wrong?? Yolei added.

?Not five minutes ago, we saw Gatomon run around
the corner into the alley out back covered in black dust!?
answered Davis. ?How?d you get clean so fast??

?That?s impossible,? said Upamon.

?Yeah! She?s been with us the whole time!? added Poromon.

?Maybe you need prescription goggles, Davis,? Patamon laughed.

?Then so do I, because I saw her too!? Kari corrected.

?But Kari,? Gatomon cried, ?I have been here the
whole time! Don?t you believe me??

?I want to believe you, but I know what I saw!? she replied.

?That?s weird,? DemiVeemon broke in.

?What?? Davis asked.

?About half an hour ago, Gatomon said she thought she saw herself dressed in black.?

?Hey, yeah! I?d almost forgotten about that!? Gatomon chimed in.

?What do you think it is then?? asked Sora.

?If it?s a digimon, I?ll find it on my digimon analyzer.? Izzy proclaimed.

?That?s great Izzy!? Matt said.

?Good ole Izzy,? Joe added.

?On a lighter note, let?s order dessert!? Mimi injected. Everyone moaned. They were too stuffed to even hear the word ?dessert?.

?Don?t you ever feed her, Joe?? asked Cody.

?Yeah. How can you still be hungry?? TK asked.

?Oh, you should see her eat on the set!? Macayla spoke for the first time in a while. Everyone got quiet. They?d just had an entire conversation about digimon in front of a stranger. Mimi giggled.

?I?m sorry. I forgot. Macayla?s a digi-destined too.? Everyone let out their breath.

?Yep. My digimon is Kapurimon.?

?Wow.? TK said. ?I?d have never guessed!?

Macayla smiled warmly at him. TK blushed. Matt and Tai laughed.

Just then, lightning flashed, and the room went dark as the thunder rolled.

?That?s nice.? Ken said.

?Gee, Ken. Is that all you?re gonna say tonight?? Davis teased.

?Sorry. Just got a lot on my mind, I guess,? he sighed. The waitress came around with some candles.

?How romantic,? Yolei said dreamily, and moved closer to Ken. TK was surprised when Macayla moved closer to him.

?Sorry,? she said, backing away.

?No, it?s okay. You just startled me.? TK smiled. Macayla looked into his deep blue eyes, glowing in the candlelight. She was sure they were a shade of blue that belonged to him exclusively. Davis smiled. Things were getting better.


?On the count of three, push!? Ordered Agumon.

?One, two, threeee!? The digimon shoved on the stone door on the other side of the lake.

?It?s no use. I?m too weak.? Biyomon panted.

?Just a little harder!? said Gomamon.

?Here, let us help!? said a voice. Several Divermon appeared from the shadows. Their eyes glowed in the cavern?s eerie darkness.

?Oh no!? shouted Tentomon.

?Hold your ground guys!? Agumon shouted.

?Palmon, get Biyomon to safety,? Gabumon said.

?Right! Poison Ivy!? She called. Palmon wrapped one vine around Biyomon, and another around a rock on a ledge above the door. Palmon pulled herself and Biyomon to the ledge.

?You should be safe here!? Palmon said, and returned to the fight below.

?Okay. Let?s do this!? shouted Gomamon.

?Right!? the others said in unison.


A black-cat digimon who looked remarkably like Gatomon, sat on the edge of Ken?s apartment building. Its ears drooped as the soaking rain dripped from its whiskers.

?Soon, Ken.? She hissed. ?Very soon!? Ken, still at the darkened café with the others, had no idea what was about to happen.
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Chapter 7
Ken and Kari Find Out

?Wow! This storm is intense!? Davis said staring out the window.

?At this rate, we?ll never be able to get home,? Cody said.

?It?s not so bad, I mean, at least we?re all together,? Sora comforted.

?Yeah,? said Tai, moving closer to her.

?I?m going to the ladies? room,? Kari got up and left the table. A moment later, TK followed.

?TK,? Davis whispered. TK turned to face Davis, half afraid of what he?d say.

?Good luck,? Davis smiled. TK stared in disbelief for a second, then he smiled back.

?Thanks Davis.?

Davis really had changed. And for the better too. Before, he would have snapped off something about Kari being ?his girl?. TK was glad for the change. He smiled even more as he headed after Kari. Then it hit him. What was he going to say? Even worse, what would she say? He?d known her for so long, yet he still got so nervous when he tried to talk to her about something like this.

?Hey TK, somethin? wrong?? Kari broke into his thoughts. Well here goes nothin?!

?I?uh?well?need to talk to you,? the words finally formed in his mind.

?It?s okay TK, you can tell me anything,? Kari?s tone made it easier for him to talk. Tk looked into her eyes.

?Maybe we?d better sit down for this one.?

They went to an empty booth nearby. Tk took a deep breath.

?Kari, you and I have been friends for a long time,? he began. ?I guess I always took for granted that somehow, we?d be together. Then you went out with Davis.?

Kari sat and looked solemnly at TK. TK could feel his throat swelling and his eyes burning.

?I was really mixed up over that for a long time. I was depressed, broken hearted, and angry all at once. I was mad at Davis, and even at you, because I felt betrayed. I fell into this darkness that I can?t explain.?

A tear ran down his face and glistened in the dim light.

?Then Davis came to talk to me. I was too stunned to say what I felt, but that was a good thing. See, Davis showed me just how foolishly I was acting. I have thought a lot about what he said, and now I see that I need to move on with my life. I also see that you?re the best friend a guy could have,? the tears ran down his cheeks like the rain on the window outside. ?I don?t want to lose that?? his voice cracked. He took a moment to regain himself. Kari just stared.

?Davis has really changed. He?s grown up a lot. You deserve someone like who he?s become. I guess I was just as bad as he was when we were younger. I had a huge crush, and it?s taken all this time for me to let go of it.? TK blushed, and more tears came.

Kari finally looked up.

?Tk, I?? Kari was at a loss for words.

?I?m sorry, Kari. This is so hard for me,? Tk lost it. He
began to let the tears flow freely. He needed to cry. Kari knew it.

?You always were the emotional type,? Kari said after a few minutes.

?Ha ha,? Tk said sarcastically.

Now it was Kari?s turn.

?Tk, I?ll always be here for you no matter what, just like you were always there for me. I?ve always thought that you liked me more than a friend. I accepted it at first, but then the kids at school started with all the comments. ?Oh, Tk and Kari are a perfect couple? ?Tk and Kari look so cute together? and so on. You know what I mean. You heard them too. But then I had to think. Did I really like you, or was I letting myself believe it because everyone else did. I tried for so long o make myself like you in that way. But I knew something wasn?t right. I just?Oh Tk I?m so sorry. I didn?t mean to cause you so much pain.? Now Kari began to cry.

?It?s okay, Kari. I?m not in pain anymore. I think I outgrew my crush, and didn?t realize it.?

?I just never could see myself with you. Not in that way. Then, after we defeated MaloMyotismon, Davis matured so much that I fell in love with him. He?s a lot like you, Tk. Please?Please don?t hate him?? Kari sobbed.

?I don?t hate him!? Tk assured. ?Actually, we?ve already talked about it. He even wished me good luck when I got up to come talk to you. He knew exactly what I was doing, even before I did,? Tk confessed.

?Oh Tk, I?m so glad!? Kari smiled. ?It?s good to have you back to normal.?

?It?s good to be back,? Tk said, and they headed back to the table. Macayla smiled and moved over to Tk. Kari hugged Davis as she sat down, and Davis gave Tk a thumbs up.

Yolei suddenly noticed Macayla petting Gatomon, who was asleep beside her. Yolei looked straight at Macayla. ?You know about them??

?Relax sis,? Mimi calmed. ?She?s one of us!?

?Oh!? Everyone gasped. Macayla giggled.

?That?s right! My partner is Kapurimon!?

?He?s the baby form of Andromon!? Izzy exclaimed.

?Whoa, that?s cool,? Tai commented. Macayla took out a picture of the little digimon.

?He?s a cutie!? Yolei said. Everyone agreed.

?I hope we can be of some help to you all,? said Macayla.

?Don?t worry,? answered Tk, ?I?m sure you?ll be great!?

Davis smiled at Tk again. Kari saw him and nodded. Davis put his arm around her shoulder. At last. Some normalcy around here.

?Fishing strike!? The Divermon began their attack.

?Pepper Breath!?

?Blue Blaster!?

?Poison Ivy!?

?Super Shocker!?

?Marching Fishes!?

The rookie digimon did their best to fight back.

?It?s no use! They?re Ultimates!? shouted Gomamon.

?We have to get that door open!? Agumon commanded. Just as he finished the words, the door began to glow. Palmon was the closest to the door, and she began to glow too.

?Palmon digivolve to?.Togemon!?

?Togemon digivolve to?.Lillymon!?

?Alright! Get ?em!? Shouted Agumon.

?Flower Wreath!? Lillymon shouted. A mass amount of flowers built up a barrier between the Divermon and the others.

?Okay, now let?s get this door open!? Lillymon ordered. ?Flower Cannon!?

The attack hit the door, and a loud crack followed. The door slowly began to rise.

?Look at that!? called Agumon. The others looked in amazment as the door revealed it?s hidden secrets.

?I really need to be getting home,? said Ken.

?Yeah, the storm seems to have broken, for now. We can go,? Matt said picking up his keys. ?Tk and I will take these guys to their hotel. See ya!?

?I?ll take Ken and Davis with us,? Said Tai. ?You commin? over, Sora??

?Sure Tai. I don?t need to be home until later anyway.?

?Cody and I are going to walk back with Izzy to his
apartment building. It?s only a couple of blocks,? said Yolei.

?I can take you guys home from there,? added Izzy.

?Bye everyone!? Kari said, climbing into her brother?s car.

Later, in Tamachi, Tai had just dropped Ken off.

?Hey Ken, still sleepin? over tonight?? Davis called.

?Of course! I?ll have my mom drop me off on her way to work tonight.?

?Great! See ya then!? Davis shouted as they drove off.

?Wormmon popped his head out of Ken?s bag.

?Ken, remind me to bring my earplugs. Davis?s snoring could wake the dead!?

?Couldn?t be any worse than yours!? laughed Ken.

?Huh? I do NOT snore!? Wormmon screeched. Ken laughed as they headed up the stairs.

?Hi Mom. I?m home!?

?Ken, honey. How was your morning?? his Mom smiled.

?Just great Mom!? Ken smiled back.

?I?ve packed your things for tonight. They?re on the couch.?

?That?s great Mom! Davis is expecting me about six.?

Ken smiled and walked to his room. Spending the night with Davis was always fun. Ken opened his door and flinched.

?What is it, Ken?? asked Wormmon.

?Is it cold in here, or is it just me??

?Well, the terrace door is open,? Wormmon noticed. A cold wind blew through the open door. The thunder rolled as the storm began again.

?Something?s not right here.? Ken looked around his room.

?What? Is it Daemon again?? asked Wormmon, more than a little worried.

?I don?t know, buddy. I just don?t know.?

Suddenly, Ken fell to his knees, and scowled with the pain inflicted on him.

?Ken!? Wormmon ran to his partner. Then, without warning, Wormmon was jolted back by a stunning blow.

?Uummph!? Wormmon hit the wall. Ken looked up in time to see a black cat digimon flash out of his room. It looked just like Gatomon. Ken raised his eyebrows in suprize just before he lost consciousness.
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Chapter 8:
Black Gatomon

It was 6:30pm, and Ken and Davis were in Davis?s room watching TV and talking. Minomon and DemiVeemon were on the floor playing with some toys. Ken observed the two.

?I?m glad to see he?s not as worried about this new digimon as I am.?

?Take it easy, Ken. It was only a scratch. You hit your head when you fell, that?s all,? Davis said lightly. Ken rubbed the back of his head.

?But I don?t think I hit my head.?

?For all we know, it was just some stray digimon, and you scared it,? Davis remarked after a moment.

?I think that digimon?s attack did something to me to
make me pass out. I was just lucky Wormmon was able to wake me before my mom found me,? Ken said.

?No doubt! She would?ve freaked!? Davis laughed. Ken laughed too, but then took on a more serious tone.

?You mean you don?t actually think that it was the same Gatomon look-alike that you and Kari saw at the café??

?I dunno,? Davis answered. ?We?d better keep our guard up, I guess.?

Ken suddenly lightened up.

?Hey! I brought some new computer games to play!?

?All right!?

The two became entranced in their new games, and Ken was able to put aside his worries, as was always the case when he was with Davis.

A white light surrounded an obelisk-like structure with a translucent sphere atop it. The monument began to slide forward. Each crest symbol, engraved in the stone, began to glow in their respective colors. All that is, except one cross-shaped crest. Gennai appeared.

?Well done, my friends. You?ve uncovered the ancient powers! Each crest symbol contains a sphere similar to a digi-core from Azulongmon, only these are much more powerful.?

As Gennai spoke, something broke through Lillymon?s barrier. A black streak shot through the cave, and past the obelisk. The sphere behind the cross symbol disappeared. All went quiet.

?What was that?? asked Tentomon.

?I have no idea, but it just stole the sphere of faith!? Gennai shouted.

?What?s the sphere of faith?? Palmon asked.

?It?s one of the ancient crests used by the original Digi-Destined.
It is the same type of crest as those of hope and light,? Gennai explained. ?We must get it back!?

The digimon, including Biyomon, all gathered round the stone tower.

?Prepare to receive your power!? Gennai exclaimed. Lights in every color flashed all through the room as the digimon got closer to the obelisk. The ones in the colors of the crests struck the digimon. They all glowed an eerie white for a while, then things calmed down again.

?Each of you now has the ability to warp digivolve,? Gennai began. ?We need you all at mega level if we are to win this battle. Daemon seems to have found a way to digivolve into a previously unheard of level. This will be a lot of work!?

?I have the sphere of faith master.?

?Excellent BlackGatomon. You?ve done well,? Daemon spoke
lowly. Then, he rose from his throne. ?It?s time!?

?Yes your evilness, I am ready,? BlackGatomon bowed.

?You will destroy those insolent digi-destined now!? Daemon let out a bellowing laugh and held up the sphere.

It was Friday morning, and Ken and Davis were still asleep. Davis?s mom woke them up.

?Davis! Izzy?s on the phone for you.?

?Hello?? Davis yawned.

?You and Ken have got to get over here right now! The digimon found the power!? Izzy nearly deafened Davis, who almost fell
out of his bed.

?We?ll be right there!?

?Huh??? Ken said drowsily.

?The digimon found the power! We?ve got to get to Izzy?s right now!? Davis shouted and started out the door.



?Your clothes.?

?Oh yeah?? Davis mumbled.

Half an hour later, all the Digi-Destined were in Izzy?s room. Gennai was on the computer screen explaining what the new power was capable of.

?After we scan Gatomon?s tail ring, this power will allow you new Digi-Destined to DNA Digivolve once again. From there, you all can go to Mega, just like Imperialdramon.?

?Whoa!? Yolei said

?Cool!? Cody added.

?As for the rest of you,? Gennai continued, ?your digimon will be able to warp digivolve, like WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.?

?Okay!? shouted Mimi.

Gennai wasn?t finished. ?The problem is getting the power to you. We are able to communicate, but we cannot travel between the worlds. Daemon has used the powers of the Dark Ocean to digivolve into a very powerful mega stage. I?m not sure we can still call it a mega. He?s stolen the sphere of faith, and there?s a danger of him becoming even more powerful!?

?Can that happen?? Tai said, a little stunned.

?Leave it to us to have to encounter it,? Yolei grumbled.

?I?ll work on the gate problem,? Izzy said to Gennai. ?How are things there??

?Even though the threat is in your world, things here are looking grim,? Gennai confessed. ?The digimon were able to recharge with some of the power, and they?ll take care of things for now.?

?So what do we do now?? asked Kari.

?Wait,? Matt answered sternly.

?I really wish I could help,? Macayla said.

?Oh!? Joe gasped.

?What is it?? Mimi asked him.

?Quick! Izzy, zoom in on that obelisk!?

?Uh, okay, but why??

?Just do it!? Joe demanded. ?There. Look at that symbol.?

?That?s the Crest of Faith,? Izzy spoke up. ?It works a lot like the digi-egg of miracles that Davis encountered.?

?I know. Now look at Macayla?s necklace,? Joe pointed. Sure enough, the symbols were the same.

?That looks like one of the tags that we used to have, doesn?t it?? Sora noticed.

?That?s because it is!? Izzy suddenly realized. ?It?s the crest of Faith! You are more help than you know, Macayla!?

?Oh?well I? Cool!? Macayla smiled.

?Where did you get it?? asked Tk.

?My Great-Grandmother gave it to me just before she died. I put it away in my jewelry box, but when I found my Digivice, the necklace was laying next to it. I?ve worn it ever since.?

?That means?? Joe began.

??That her Great-Grandmother was one of the original Digi-Destined!? Izzy finished.

?I was getting to that!? Joe muttered.

?So, why didn?t she get a D3 like us?? Davis wondered.

?Because the digi-egg of miracles was destroyed when
Kimeramon was defeated. It would have been hers, had she have had to give up her crest powers like us. Since she didn?t, she kept all the original powers. Gennai said that this crest is the same as the crest of hope and the crest of light!? Izzy explained.

?But there is a sphere of faith, and right now, it?s in the hands of evil!? Ken reminded them. Izzy turned to Gatomon.

?Are you ready to do something about it??

?You bet!? Gatomon handed Izzy her tail ring. He placed it in a cube attached to his computer and scanned the data.

?Okay, now were in a position of power!? he exclaimed when it was done.

?You mean we can DNA digivove?? the digimon shrieked.

?You bet! Now we nee to work on getting that power here so we all can reach our Mega levels!? Izzy replied. He turned to Davis.

?We older kids will stay here and work on getting the other digimon here. You guys had better get over to Kyoto. There?s a
report of something weird there.?

?Right!? They agreed.

Later in Kyoto?

?Whoa!? Tk gasped. ?Now that?s what I call a storm.?
The sky was black, and the wind howled. Strong gusts were blowing everything around. Lightning flashed vividly, followed by deafening thunder.

?Something tells me this is no ordinary storm!? Cody said.

?When did you become Mr. Obvious?? Yolei snickered.

?Stop here, Yolei,? Ken said, pointing to an empty parking lot.
Gatomon jumped out of the car.

?Com?on! Let?s find these?.uummmphhh!? Gatomon tumbled backwards on the ground. She instantly snapped to her feet, and scanned around.

?Alright! Who was that? Show yourself!?

?Very well,? said a cool voice. Gatomon looked up, and everyone was speechless. There, standing across the street, was a black version of Gatomon herself. The digi-cat brushed her claws and examined them.

?Sorry. White?s just not my color,? she said coolly. ?Allow me to introduce myself. BlackGatomon?s the name, Lightning Claw?s my game!?

The lightning glared off of the digimon?s sleek claws.

?This will be fun, he he.?
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Chapter 9: Cat Fight

The lightning flashed in Gatomon?s eyes. The thunder was booming. The two digi-kitties stared at one another, ready to pounce. Gatomon stood on all fours with her back arched and tail in the air. BlackGatomon stood in much the same stance, her yellow eyes glaring at her adversary.

?You don?t look so tough!? Gatomon hissed.

?Try me! Lightning Claw!?

Gatomon was able to dodge the attack, and get one of her own in.

?Lightning Paw!? She growled. BlackGatomon tumbled into the deserted street. She rose, and shook the blurriness from her head.

?Nice, but match this! Tail Whip!? BlackGatomon wrapped her long tail around Gatomon. The others just stood there, amazed at the catfight in front of them.

?Be careful!? was all Kari could manage to say. BlackGatomon jerked her catch towards her to attack. Gatomon expected this, and held up a shiny claw at the last second.

?Lightning Paw!? Again, BlackGatomon tumbled backwards. Gatomon leaped forward and the two embraced in a ball of flying fur. Growls and hisses, as well as fur, flew from the entangled digimon. They struggled and fought all up and down the block. Finally, BlackGatomon flew back, yet again.

?Had enough?? Gatomon panted. BlackGatomon struggled to her feet. Yolei reached over and closed Davis?s gaping mouth. She did the same to TK, then turned to Ken.

?Geez, you too?? and she shut his mouth, only more forcefully.

?Ouch?? Ken rubbed his chin. Kari and Cody laughed.

?Enough!? snatched a cold, dark voice. Daemon appeared in the sky overhead, holding a sphere.

?You fools! Now that I have this sphere, do you really think you have a chance? You are unworthy of my personal attention. BlackGatomon! Stop them!? He held up the sphere, and absorbed some energy from it. He focused it into a beam, aimed at BlackGatomon.

?BlackGatomon digivolve to?..Devidramon!?

?That?s why she was so easy to beat! She was only a rookie! I could have sworn she was a champion level!? Gatomon called.

?Wait, look!? Ken shouted.

?Devidramon digivolve to?? LadyDevimon!?

?I don?t know about you, but I am getting really sick of this
witch!? Yolei huffed. ?Hawkmon!?

?Right! Hawkmon digivolve to??Aquillamon!?

?Okay, Let?s do it!? Kari added.?



?DNA digivolve to??Silphymon!?

?Darkness Wave!? LadyDevimon howled. She glowed a brilliant red, and a bolt of lightning hit her. Thousands of bats converged into a single beam, knocking Silphymon two blocks away. Just then, Cody got mail.

?Kari! Yolei! Izzy says the sphere gives LadyDevimon powers equal to that of a mega without her actually digivolving!?

?Static Force!? The blast caught LadyDevimon by surprise, knocking her to the ground. She quickly bolted up and knocked
Silphymon down to the same spot. There was a massive explosion.

?Oh no!? Kari and Yolei cried. They ran to the crater where Silphymon had landed. They peered over the edge, just as Silphymon de-digivolved into Poromon and Salamon.

?Hahahaaa! I?ll be back for you!? LadyDevimon hissed, and disappeared. The storm ceased. Davis went over to Kari.

?They did their best.?

?They need to rest now,? Ken said to Yolei.

?We?d better get back to Izzy?s and regroup,? TK added.

At that moment?

?What was that!?? Daemon scolded.

?Gatomon is champion level! I am just a rookie! I took Silphymon on with no problem?or didn?t you see that?? BlackGatomon fired back. She instantly regretted it, as she ended up ten feet from where she was standing. She struggled back to her feet.

?Don?t you snap at me, you insolent little pest!? Daemon boomed.

?Of course, your evilship.?

?Next time, do not lose. You have the sphere?s power now. That increases your strength without needing to change form.?

?I will not fail you master.? BlackGatomon bowed, then she vanished.

Back at Izzy?s?

?Bad news, guys!? Tai shouted.

?The sphere gives a digimon the powers of a level higher than it?s own!? Izzy exclaimed. ?It can give an Ultimate digimon the
powers of a Mega, without digivolving!?

?We have to focus on getting the other digimon here!? Matt said.

?Izzy, what about the gate at Heightenview Terrace?? Yolei asked.

?That?s the most obvious point to focus on, but it?s still sealed by BlackWarGreymon?s data,? he replied.

?What about a data scanner?? Ken asked. ?Couldn?t we use it to download his data and open the gate??

?Ken! You?re a genius!? Izzy praised.

Ken laughed. ?So I?ve been told! Actually, it?ll be a lot like when Owikawa scanned the Dark Spore inside of me.?

?Let?s get to it then!? Davis affirmed.

?Hold on!? Sora broke in, ?What if Daemon tries something??

?We can DNA digivolve!? TK replied.

?That?ll at least hold him off?I hope,? added Cody.

?Alright! Let?s go!? Tai shouted.

?I?m with you, bro!? Kari followed.

?It?s settled then. We?ll all go,? Joe said.

?Even me?? asked Macayla.

?Yes. I have e-mailed Gennai, and told him to get Kapurimon together with the others,? Izzy explained.

?We need all the help we can get!? Mimi smiled.

?Great! I?m in! Let?s go!? Macayla said excitedly.

Later at Heightenview Terrace?

?The digital gate is somewhere up there,? TK said pointing up the mountain.

?We?re up, TK!? Kari smiled.

?You bet!? he replied cheerily.

?Now that?s the old TK!? laughed Tai and Matt.

?Digi-armor energize!? said TK and Kari together.

?Patamon armor digivolve to??Pegasusmon, flying hope!?

?Gatomon armor digivolve to??Nefertimon, the angel of light!?

?Ready partner?? asked Nefertimon.

?Let?s ride high!? Pegasusmon replied.

TK and Kari climbed on the backs of their digimon and soared into the air. They circled the mountain several times, but saw no sign of the gate. They headed back down.

?Nothing,? Kari said, rather disappointed.

?I have an idea,? Cody said. ?Digi-armor energize!?

?Armadillomon armor digivolve to??Pteramon!?

?Whoa! That?s cool!? Davis remarked.

?I came across him when I was looking over the new program. I used the digi-egg of love. Pteramon has built in radar,? Cody explained.

Within a matter of minutes, Pteramon had spotted the gate. It was covered by a rockslide. Pteramon, Pegasusmon, and
Nefertimon gave everyone a lift to the site. The digimon returned to their rookie forms.

?You?re up, Hawkmon!? Yolei said. ?Digi-armor energize!?

?Hawkmon armor digivolve to??Harpymon!?

?Alright! I used the digi-egg of light. Harpymon?s Mythical Wind attack will take care of the rocks in no time flat!? Yolei told the others.

?Mythical Wind!? Harpymon shouted. Several whirlwinds surrounded the rocks and blasted them away. Harpymon returned to Hawkmon.

?Okay. Now let?s get to work!? Izzy said enthusiastically.

?Not so fast!?

Everyone turned to see LadyDevimon floating above them.

?That?s it! I have had it with you!? Kari screamed.

?Uh oh?? Tai said. He knew what was coming.

?Oh really. And what were you planning to do?? LadyDevimon snarled.

?This!? Kari opened her D-Terminal, and a white light shot out of it to Gatomon.

?Gatomon digivolve to??Angewomon!?

?Blondie! It?s been a long time!? LadyDevimon smirked.

?Not long enough, you reject from the underworld!? Angewomon snapped.

?I?m crushed! Such harsh words from a dear old friend! And after all we?ve been through!? Laughed LadyDevimon.

?Here?s something to go through! Heaven?s Charm!? The attack hit LadyDevimon head on and knocked her out of the air.

?Wow, the sphere is more powerful than I suspected!? Izzy observed.

?Ooo?okay, that?s it. Darkness Wave!? LadyDevimon?s attack again focused into a single beam, and Angewomon narrowly escaped it. What followed next was nothing short of ?Catfight, Part 3?. Hair pulling, slapping, biting, name calling, you name it. The guys looked up with gapping mouths, while the girls cheered Angewomon on. Meanwhile, Izzy had resumed scanning the digital gate.

?Just a few more minutes?Hang on, Angewomon!? He said.

In that instant, Angewomon hit the ground in an explosion of rocks and debris. She reverted back to Gatomon.

?Let me at her! That witch! She?ll pay!? Gatomon said, bounding out of the crater.

?Allow me to be of some assistance,? Hawkmon said. ?Hawkmon digivolve to??Aquillamon! Aquillamon!?


?DNA digivolve to??Silphymon!? Almost within the instant of digivolving, Silphymon fired back a white-hot Static Force, right into LadyDevimon?s stomach. She gasped and sputtered. Then she started laughing.

?Hahhahaa! You are pathetic! Darkness Wave!? Silphymon was slammed into the side of the cliff.

?It?s all over for you! Crimson Claw!? LadyDevimon drew out her long, saber-like claws and thrust them straight towards Silphymon, who was stuck in the cliff-side.

?Quick Kari! Silphymon needs more power!? Yolei called.

?Right!? The two sent more of their sphere power to Silphymon. The trapped digimon began to glow so bright, that LadyDevimon halted her attack.

?Silphymon Mega digivolve to??Valkyrimon!?
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Chapter 10: Daemon?s True Form

?Whoa! Silphymon was able to use the power core to mega digivolve, just like Paildramon!? Izzy shouted. ?Let?s see. Valkyrimon. This Mega-level digimon uses her Feral Sword and Lightning Arrow attacks, along with her Golden Falcon to vanquish evil in its tracks. A prodigious addition to our team!

?Awesome!? Davis said.

?Now, we?ll end this.? Kari said firmly.

?Once and for all!? Yolei added.

Valkyrimon drew her gleaming sword from its sheath. LadyDevimon stared hard at the new warrior in front of her. Her scarlet claws gleamed in the flashes of lightning. A kind of sword fight ensued. LadyDevimon struck at Valkyrimon, and each time she either, blocked or countered the strike.

?Crimson Claw!? LadyDevimon thrust her attack forward, but Valkyrimon dodged it, and immediately countered.

?Feral Sword!? But LadyDevimon swooped out of the way.

?Done!? Izzy suddenly shouted. ? We have to get the data from the gate to my computer at home!?

?We?re not leaving until this is finished!? Kari demanded.

?As it soon shall be.? Valkyrimon no longer had both Aquillamon and Gatomon?s voices. Instead, she spoke in much the same voice as Angewomon. She drew her bow, and a golden arrow.

?Lightning Arrow!? As she spoke the words, several bolts of lightning struck the arrow, and Valkyrimon let it fly. The Golden Falcon she carried took flight and bolted up high in the sky. It spread its wings, and a powerful light beamed toward the flying arrow, energizing it even more. The Arrow hit LadyDevimon directly in the chest. She cried out in pain, and there was a powerful explosion. The shockwave knocked everyone to the ground.

As everyone stood, and the smoke and dust cleared, Davis couldn?t believe his eyes. There was LadyDevimon, still hovering in the sky, with the exploded arrow sticking out of her chest. She looked down at it, and cracked an evil smile, as she pulled it out of her. The wound instantly closed up.

?This is like a nightmare!? Davis finally said. Kari and Yolei couldn?t believe it. What else could they do? But as LadyDevimon?s wound finished healing, she devolved back into BlackGatomon.

?I?ll be back for you!? she hissed, and disappeared into the night. Everyone was frozen in their tracks. The storm left as suddenly as it had appeared.

?Did that just happen?? Tk finally spoke.

?I?I am not sure.? Izzy managed. Yolei laid a hand on Kari?s shoulder.

?We?ll get even Kari.? Kari was fuming.

?Geez. I?ve never seen Kari this angry.? Davis remarked. Tk grinned

?I have!?

Valkyrimon devolved back into Salamon and Poromon.

?Right now, we need to focus on getting the rest of the digimon to the real world.? Izzy finally reminded.

**Back at Izzy?s house.**

?Okay, I?ve found a way to delete BalckWarGreymon from the gate opening.? Izzy began.

?Delete him?? Yolei asked, a little worried.

?Don?t worry, I?ve copied his data to my hard drive, and when this is all over, I?ll send him back to Primary Village.? Izzy soothed.

?Okay. Izzy, while you finish your program, the rest of us are going to chill and watch a movie or something.? Tai said.

?Have you lost your mind?? Kari asked, in a harsh tone.

?We have to rest and clear our minds if we?re to be as sharp as we need to be when we next face Daemon. Trust me on this one.? Tai replied, his knowledge showing through.

?Did Tai just say something intelligent?? Joe smirked. Everyone laughed.

?I guess you?re right Tai.? Kari finally gave in.

?Okay guys. Make yourselves at home.? Izzy smiled.

Later on that evening, Davis and Kari sat on a small couch, while the others watched the movie.

?You haven?t forgot about our plans for Saturday have you?? asked Davis.

?Of course not! How could I?? Kari smiled.

?Well, with Daemon and Tk and everything, I??

?Davis,? Kari interrupted, ?Tk and I are just friends. Just because Tk?s back to his old self, doesn?t mean I?ll just up and leave you for him. Do you think I could do that after all this time??

?Well I?? Davis stopped. After a moment to get his words straight, he continued. ?I just remember how things used to be. I don?t want to have to go and always feel like I have to prove myself anymore. Not to you, or the others. Sometimes I feel like you and Ken are the only ones who care.?

Yolei was closest to Davis and Kari and overheard Davis?s speech. She got up and went to him.

?Davis, look. We may not always see eye to eye, but after hearing what you just said, I feel terrible. Not that I was eavesdropping or anything?Anyways, I like you. I may not always show it, but you are my friend. I want you to know that.?

?Thanks Yolei. That means a lot. Really.? Davis smiled.

?Besides that, do you really think you need to be jealous of Tk anymore? Look!?
She pointed over to Tk and Macayla, who were huddled close together by the coffee table.

?Awww.? Kari giggled. Davis laughed.

?I guess you?re right!?

Yolei returned to her spot in front of the TV. Davis looked at Kari and just stared for a moment.

?What?? Kari asked.

?I-I was just thinking how lucky I am. Things like this never used to occur to me.?

?Things like what?? Kari asked.

?Like you like this moment in time. I?m with the girl I love, my best friends are here, even in the midst of all the chaos we still have moments like this. I just never used to notice things like that.? Kari lifted his chin, and kissed him for a long moment. They?d kissed before, but never this long, this way. It kind of surprised Davis. He just stared at Kari. Kari wasn?t sure what that meant.

?Davis, I?m sorry. I??

?No, no, it?s okay, Kari. You just surprised me, that?s all.?

?I?ve wanted to do that for so long.? Kari admitted.

?Me too. I was afraid of what you?d do or say though!?

Kari giggled. ?Me too!?

They hadn?t noticed Tk begin to watch them. He felt a little sad, but he knew he?d done the right thing. He thought to himself that what people say about your first crush being the hardest must be true. All sadness left him, though, as Macayla returned to his side. Tk sighed, and gave in. He?d finally been able to let go.

Gatomon was asleep on the back of the couch oblivious to everything. She was exhausted. But she suddenly felt a cold and somewhat dark feeling overcoming her sleep. She raised her head, then her ears. She became totally alert to whatever this presence was. Yolei got up to get a drink and noticed her.

?What is it, Gatomon?? She turned to Ken, who had followed her. He was in a dead trance. She nudged him, but he wouldn?t move.

?Ken?? She said lightly. ?Ken? Ken what is it?? She tried to capture his attention.

?Ken! Ken, talk to me!? She became frantic.

?Wormmon bounded up to Ken?s shoulder. ?Ken, what is it? Please tell me!?

Ken just stared out the window, his eyes wide open. Kari stood to go to him, but had to sit back down.


?Kari, are you okay? What?s wrong?? Davis shook her.

?It has to be the Dark Ocean!? Gatomon said. ?I thought I heard water!?

?Ohhh!? Kari screamed. ?It?s too strong! It?s never been this dark!?

Ken, who was sitting by this time, bolted upright and headed towards the window. Yolei and Wormmon tumbled back.

?Ken?! Where are you going??

Mimi and Sora went to Kari while Tk and Davis tried to hold Ken back.

?Snap out of it, Ken!? Tai shouted. Ken broke loose of their grip and screamed, half in terror, half in pain. Izzy, Joe, and Matt heard the commotion and ran to the living room. They entered to find Ken lying on the floor, crying in pain. Kari was huddled together with Mimi and Sora sobbing.

?What?s going on?? Matt demanded. Joe ran over to Ken, who was obviously in pain.

?Where does it hurt, Ken?? Joe asked patiently, taking his pulse.

?M?my?my neck!? Ken managed.

?His neck?? Yolei cried.

?Oh no! The Dark Spore!? Wormmon exclaimed.

?Ahh-haahh-ahhhh!? Ken writhed.

?He?s going into shock! Get his feet up with something now!? Joe ordered.

?Hang on, Ken,? Davis encouraged as he placed his friends legs on several pillows. It was no use. Ken soon lost consciousness. Mimi went over to help Joe. She had had some nursing training in New York, and now was the time she appreciated it most. She took some of Ken?s vital signs while Joe tried to bring him to.

Kari, meanwhile, suddenly felt relieved.

?It happened again,? she said.

?What did?? asked Sora.

?The last time this happened, Ken and I were both experiencing the same thing. Then he fainted and I was okay. Weird, huh??

?The Dark Spore must be activated by the Dark Ocean. That must be why you can sense it.? Cody hypothesized.

About an hour later, Ken was lying on the couch, resting fitfully. Joe checked him out.

?He?s stable. But I don?t know how he?ll fair if we don?t get that dark spore out. It seems to have become active on its own.?

?How are we going to do that?? Tai asked. ?It?s not like we can just do surgery or something.

?There?s only one way.? Izzy spoke up.

?You mean???

?Yup. We have to give the Dark Spore to Daemon.?

?But he?ll take over the whole world!? Matt shouted.

?Shhhhh!? Yolei scolded. Ken stirred, still obviously in pain.

?We?ll just have to believe that the power the others found is strong enough to defeat him.? Gatomon said quietly.

?And if it isn?t?? asked Macayla.

?We can?t afford to think like that.? Mimi said.

Outside, the clouds loomed ominously in over the bay. A newsflash scrolling across the screen on the TV warned of a severe storm coming.

?You know what that means.? Cody glared.

Tai walked up to Davis and Yolei. ?It?s time.?

Izzy loaded up his laptop and some other equipment in his backpack.

?Sora, you and Matt come with me. The rest of you get ready for Daemon and his goons, and we?ll be there as soon as possible. Joe, make sure that Ken is taken to safety as soon as the Dark Spore is out. We can?t afford not to have Imperialdramon on our side. I?m sorry Davis, but Veemon will be on his own until Ken comes round.?

?That?s alright. I just want what?s best for Ken.? Davis replied.

?Gosh Izzy, when did you become the leader?? Tai joked.

?This is serious, Tai.?

?I know. I was just kidding. You know me, always trying to lighten the mood.?

?Good luck, guys. We?ll be there as soon as we get the others here.? Izzy finished.

?Wait,? Tai said, ?What if Daemon sends someone after you??

?I?ll call Davis if we run into any trouble. I?ll be okay Tai.? Izzy reassured him. Davis walked over to Tai.

?Don?t worry. Exveemon can fly pretty fast. We?ll be there for them if they need us.

?Don?t worry, Tai. We?ll be fine.? Matt added. Sora wished she had Matt?s confidence.

?Okay! Let?s do this!? Tk perked up. Davis and Tai helped a dazed Ken to his feet, closely guarded by Yolei. She carried Wormmon, and followed the others down the stairs.

?We?ll be back soon!? Sora waved, trying to sound hopeful.

?Let?s take Ken to the park. That way no one else gets involved.? Kari suggested. Yolei suddenly remembered the incident with LadyDevimon and the skater guy she?d helped in the park three years ago. She shuddered at the thought of how close she?d come to dying that night. Then she remembered how she?d felt when Silphymon had destroyed LadyDevimon. What if it came down to that again? What if someone else was attacked? Yolei felt the tears welling up in her eyes. Ken, though only half conscious, saw.


?Don?t try to talk Ken. Save your strength. I?ll be okay, its gonna be different this time. You?re gonna make it!? Yolei said with a sudden burst of confidence.

About half an hour later, everyone stood in the park. The wind had picked up and distant thunder rolled. They were waiting for evil.

?I am sick of all this waiting!? Davis shouted.

?Easy, buddy,? Tai calmed. ?They?ll be here soon enough.?

Tk patted Davis on the shoulder. ?I know exactly how you feel.?

?How?s Ken doing Joe?? Kari asked.

?He?s hangin? in there, but I don?t know how much longer.?

Gatomon cocked an ear to one side.

?What?? Veemon asked.

?I hear it too!? Patamon said.

?Hear what?? Mimi asked.

?I do believe it sounds like water.? Hawkmon concluded.

?That can only mean one thing.? Wormmon gulped.

?Daemon!? Armidillomon said pointing to the sky.

Sure enough, the storm clouds overhead began to churn unnaturally. They began to part in the center, revealing another dimension. It was the Dark Ocean. Ken began to tremble violently.

?He?s having some kind of seizure! Joe shouted.

?Oh Ken!? Wormmon said.

?Show yourself, you creep! We?ve got what you want!? Davis shouted.

?As you wish.? A familiar dark-robed figure appeared in the portal, accompanied by LadyDevimon.

?Give me the Dark Spore,? Daemon scowled.

?Here it is,? Tai said, pointing to Ken.

?Come and get it!? Tk ordered.

?LadyDevimon, if you will.?

?Yes master!? LadyDevimon floated down to where Ken was lying.

?Out of the way, pest!? She scowled at Wormmon. ?You too, fools!? Yolei and Joe backed away. LadyDevimon raised a scarlet claw. She said some words in a cryptic language over Ken, and he stood straight up. Ken began to glow red. LadyDevimon looked him over, then laughed.

?A pity. Such a nice looking young man. Darkness Wave!?

?Noooo!!? Yolei screamed. Tai and Tk held her back as they watched, fearing the worst. Thousands of crimson-glowing bats surrounded Ken for endless minutes. Finally, they returned to LadyDevimon with the Dark Spore. Ken was still standing there, clothes tattered and torn, and a bit of blood running from his lip. He fell to the ground. Yolei ran to him, along with Joe and Wormmon. Davis just stared, as a tear ran down his face.


?Hahhahaa! You fools! Now we?ll be unstoppable!? LadyDevimon cackled as she flew up towards Daemon.

?Here it is, your darkness.

?Finally! The legendary dark spore of Millenniumon!? Daemon began to glow a dark blue-purple color that could only be described as evil.

?He?s?he?s?? Kari stammered.

?He?s digivolving!? Tk finished.

?But isn?t he already a Mega?? Macayla asked.

?Yeah, how can this happen?? added Cody.

Daemon revealed himself. He was now without a robe, and his true form was shown. He still had a black light around him.

?You digi-destined have unlocked the power of Daemon, creepy mode!? LadyDevimon introduced.

?You guys had better get ready!? Davis turned to the digimon.

?Right!? they all said.

?This will be our biggest challenge yet,? Tai said, more than a little nervous.
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Very Very Very Gooooooood!!!!! More! More! More!


Don't be so hastey...he isn't writing it for YOU or anyone except himself so he can take his time. Just because you hate cliffhangers, he doesn't have to hurry. Maybe HE loves cliffhangers.
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