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Okay this for all the old members of Paranormal Inc we can't start two without the end of one so in the beging of 2 we will finish one. New players are welcomed as well.

My charecter remains the same

fill the info if you wish to join as a new person
Race: Human , anything paranormal
Affiliation: Paranormal Inc , the Cult of Zion, Goverment, ETC

The new plot will be up soon but as we all know it deals with the Paranormal and the Cult Of Zion insted of the Goverment this time around.
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Story Line

The events of strange Paranormal powers continue through out the earth. The goverment has left and closed it's book on the Paranormal, now strange undead monsters awaking the only cause is the Cult Of Zion who is out to release it's master's from their prisons. Alex Zemdi still continues his work to solve the mystries of the Paranormal along with Raccoon the founder of Paranormal Inc. The two are once again out looking for the truth but this time the truth might be more than the world can handle
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