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Heres the ground rules:
1. You can either make your own army or join with others. If you plan to join with others, only 2 ppl per team. that way i can manage it easily. PM me if you want to join up with someone. If you want to make your own, PM me on what your army is. It can be imaginary or use real ppl.
2. Limit your army down to a 500 and its 500 per person if there are teams. You can have divisions like the front lines, reserves, etc.
3. Weapons are allowed but dont overdo it. Be reasonable. Weapons from perfect dark can be used. If you know any weapons made for the military, those are allowed. Tanks and artillery are also allowed. NO NUKES!!!! Its gonna be game over for all of us if nukes are used. Then its stalemate.
4. An air force is allowed for each member. So its 50 planes each. It can be a wide variety of fighters, attack planes, bombers recon, etc. The F-117 and B-2 are not allowed. In other words, no stealth fighters. Too cheap.

i cant really tell on what kind of place were gonna fight on. but im gonna wade it out till some ppl join

if youre interested, PM me or post up your name and army. U can also have a team name.
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