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Jonny cash and nine inch nails...


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Ok, I was flipping through the channels and heard a the lyrics to a song...

They sounded familiar, really, really, familiar.

Then I noticed that the lyrics were that of a song named "dirt." (If I remember correctly.

The NIN song that I knew so well all those years ago, and here was jonny cash doing a cover of it.

It was quite the shock... it made me realize that reznor is as good a writer and perfomer as I thought all those years ago.

It also made me think about how cool some of that music was...

I also think it was really cool to see cash singing it... he did a good job and it made me happy to see it.

So, have any of you seen this?

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The song is called Hurt. And yeah, we discussed this a few weeks back.

I don't know who is a NIN fan here. I seem to be one of the bigger ones. Hurt isn't exactly one of my favorite NIN songs, but Trent always does a nice job with it live.

The Cash song is effective. It's like him singing his obituary, and it sends off extremely different, but still similiar emotions. I think it [i]needs[/i] the video though, as it's not something I'd ever listen to on its own.

In other news, this board needs more Nine Inch Nails fans. Trent and company have gotten even better since then in my opinion. It's a shame so many people simply don't feel the need to find this out for themselves.
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I was really big on the nails...

Infact, I went out of my way to get all of the halo albums and I dont know exactly how it worked out in the overall, but I had halo 1-10.

It was cool to see that they made all of those albums...

Forgive me if Im mistaken on specifics about the albums.

I got away from the nails as I got older and started listening to other stuff.

I just remember the albums that stuck out in my mind... and I remember how... what was it, the downward spiral/ halo 8, turned into a major hit and got mtv play...

So that got me a little honked off.

But most of those albums were really good... along with alot of the stuff nin did for other projects.

Like the song for "the crow" sound track.

That was a cool song also...

Infact, I was in a bar and heard that song with the pharse "I was up above it..."

I dont remember the song name or album, but I think it was halo 5.

Either way, dont feel alone, I was a huge nin fan, and might still be one deep down.

Oh yea, could you correct me on this stuff? I know I might be wrong and it might take some effort, but I would love to have a refresher course.

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Heh. I'd love to. As for your questions...

There are currently 17 halos, which includes the Closure tape set that most people forget about. At times it's a bit aggrivating. The band (which really is just Trent if you want to get down to it) only has three real LPs, Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral and The Fragile. Broken is an EP, the rest are singles. I guess And All That Could Have Been is most likely considered a LP, but the main release of that is just live tracks (other than Still, which was a bonus disc in some sets... which is some new stuff and acoustics of older songs).

So yeah, TDS is Halo Eight. Halo 10 is Further Down the Spiral, but there are two versions of it... The Euro release and the US one, both of which have songs the other doesn't. I wound up having to buy both.

The song on the Crow soundtrack is "Lost Souls" which is a cover of another band that slips my mind at this point. The "I was up above it" song is Down In It, which is featured on Halo One to Three (One being its own single, 2 being PHM and 3 being some mixes on the Head Like a Hole single). Halo 5 is Broken, which was mostly done in secret and does not feature that song. It's a great disc though.

So hmm. Don't know what else you might need to know... but at the [i]very least[/i] buy The Fragile. It's a beautiful set once you're willing to sit and listen to it fully.
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Thanks alot...

I can say for sure that I had halo 1-10, but I dont know the specifics of those...

unfortunatly, over time, they all dissapeared.

I dont think I have a single one right now...

I just might pick up some.

Thanks for the info on the nails and it really is cool to get a jog for the old memory.

If you want talk about nin some more, feel free to start a thread about it and I will erase this one.

trent rocks...

BTW, I think the last thing I was around for in the nin era of my life was "the perfect drug" which came out after I was already "on my way out the door."

That song and another with david bowie.

Oh well, thanks for all the advice.
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Eh. I'm sure the NIN thread won't get so far lol. So no big deal. I'll wait until they actually put something new out (or are at least close, which is what I'm doing with the Manson CD despite it being leaked).

Perfect Drug was kind of heartbreaking, much in the way the song Deep was... Everyone wants something new, so we cling onto what we get. In that case, it was just one song. The most annoying thing is that the original Perfect Drug isn't even on the goddamn Perfect Drug Remixes Halo.

And the Bowie song was I'm Afraid of Americans. Good song, great video. I love Bowie almost as much as NIN heh.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]

And the Bowie song was I'm Afraid of Americans. Good song, great video. I love Bowie almost as much as NIN heh. [/B][/QUOTE]

I sure hope that song didnt have mojor political expressions... just might ruin me as a nin appreciator.

It could also turn me into a nin hater.

I am very political at times and enough so that I even will do things like never watch certain actors movies based on their un-needed political comments.

So... it would be a real shame to hear that they went political more so than I thought as I left.

Of course, even when I was younger, all of the stuff could have had politics I didnt pick up on.

If you know any politics they express, specifically in their music, please mention them.

I would love to hear it.

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Eh. It wasn't like a war song or politcal song or anything. Really you could replace "Americans" with anything in the song. The video was great mostly because it had Bowie walking down streets with Trent basically stalking him. I liked the part where Trent fills a car fulls of holes with this imaginary gun. It's enjoyable heh.

NIN has always had this vague "anarchy" idealism, but I don't feel that it ever got to the point where his lyrics directly attacked set political systems... I can't think of one song honestly, but who knows how he really meant any of the songs when he wrote them. Certinaly, in all my years reading interviews and such, nothing like that has ever come up.
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