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Yu-gi-oh: Battle palace


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Four airplanes landed at a British Airport. Out of one plane walked Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Bakura, Kaiba, Mokuba, Mai, and Bandit Keith. Out of another walked Weevil, Rex, Mako, Esper, Bones, Panik, and the Paradox Brothers. Out of the third one walked Hermes, Ryan, and the Kentaro Sisters. And finally, a bunch of new duelists walked out of the fourth one. They all met up in the airport.

Joey: I'm gonna win that 2 billion and...

Tristan: No way, I'm gonna win and use the money to impress your sister!

Joey: What!? No way!

Tea: Ugh, boys will be boys.

???: And frightened little girls will be frightened little girls!

Panik suddenly appeared.

Tea: EEEK!

Panik: I'm going to eliminate you!

Yugi: This isn't Duelist Kingdom, Panik.

Panik: It isn't? Darn!

Suddenly, a fleet of limousines pulled up. Everyone was driven to a humongous palace.

Bakura: Look at the size of this place! *suddenly goes Yami* And I'm sensing dark energies from the Shadow Realm! I'm going to get this power, and become unstoppable! *goes back to normal*

Everyone was taken through the gate and into a courtyard. Suddenly, a man in British Uniforms appeared.

Man: Good evening! Welcome to Battle Palace! If you lose a duel, then you must give up TWO rare cards and the badges that you wager. You see the three badges on each of the gloves you have on? Those certify that you are granted access to Battle Palace! You must get 12 in all to enter the finals! The one who wins the finals will be able to duel Prime Minister Shade, the one who set up this tournament! If you beat him, you will recieve 2 billion dollars and the strongest card of all: Warlord of Set. Also, try not to break anything! Got it? Ok, access approved. *opens doors*

Mai: That means that just one loss can ruin my deck! I'd better be careful!

Ryan: Hey, who are those guys?

Suddenly, a bunch of duelists wearing masks and capes appeared. They were silent.

Yugi: Come on!

Everyone ran inside, preparing for their first duels.
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Marak: I'm going to find Bakura and take his Millenium Items.

Marak looks at Bakura and sees a smile. Marak glares.

Marak: Yeah, smile because you won't get a chance to later, after I take your millenium items and your soul.

Marak rushes into his room and throws his pack on the bed. He opens the window and sits on the edge. After 5 minutes, he throws his coat on and heads out. He finds Tea's room. He opens the door and enters.

Marak: I'm sorry for intrrupting you but I have a message to deliver.
*hands Tea a letter in a black envelope* I knew your son. He died two years ago.
Tea:I'm sorry. Were you good friends?
Marak: Yeah. We were social to each other. I'm sorry.

Marak turns and walks out, looking for a duel.
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Koe look at the duelist,spoting any duelist he knew.He would duel Rex."Hey Rex."
"Yeah."he answer.
"I want to duel."he said.
"What cards."he asked.
"Blue eyes,and Buster Blader."Koe answer,"4000 LP."
"Ok,Serpent Night Dragon,and Red Eyes Black Dragon."Rex and him dueled.
"Go Urby,in attack mode,A1500 D800(I don't know the def),and go"Rex said.
"Go Lord of D. A1200 D1100,power him up by Malevolent Nuzzler,A1900 D1100,and Flute of Summoning Dragon,playing 2 Blue eyes,in attack mode,A3000 D2500.Blue eyes 1 attack Urby,your LPs are 3500,then Blue eyes 2 attack LP,500.Your turn."Koe smiled.
Rex knew he was going to lose.
"You win.Here."Rex handed him SND and REBD,and the badges.
"Great I have 5 badges,8 more."Koe said.
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Meanwhile, in the dining room, Shade is sitting in a chair drinking a glass of champaigne.

Shade: Mmm, my favorite flavor. William, bring me another!

Suddenly, the man who announced the rules to the duelists appeared, holding a bottle of wine. He refills Shade's glass.

William: Sir, might I suggest that you check on the duelists?

Shade: I think that's a good idea. *gulps down wine faster than a speeding bullet and walks off, his cape fluttering behind him*
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Kiyone walked into her room and sat on her bed. She stared into space for a bit then she began to look through her deck.

Kiyone:I better be careful. I don`t want to get my butt kicked so early in the torument. I better play smart. Some of these guys look like push overs though. I know I should challenge that kid with the bug deck.

Kiyone got up and left her room to find Weevil. She bumped into him almost instently.

Kiyone:Weevil Underwood, I challenge you to a duel!

Weevil: Alright I accept your challenge.

Kiyone and Weevil began to duel.
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After Joey's first duel...

Joey: Alright, Keith! Hand your cards and badges over!

Keith: Over my dead body!

???: I'll be happy to arrange that.

Suddenly, Keith turns around and sees three duelists, each wearing a white mask with a black cape and black top-hat.

Mask #1: How about you duel us?

Keith: Who are you?

Mask #2: We are part of "The Masters," an elite organization of duelists who strive to be the best!

Keith: Well, in that case, which one of you creeps wants to be creamed first?

???: None.

Suddenly, Keith finds himself looking up at Shade.

Shade: You cannot participate in another duel until you hand over the recommended badges you wagered.

Keith: But I wagered all my badges!

Shade: Then you are disqualified.

Keith: You can't disqualify me! *holds fist up at Shade*

Shade: Oh, I'm so scared. Not! *snaps fingers, instantly summoning two British Guards*

The guards grab Keith, take his cards and badges away, and drag him to the door.

Keith: No! I can't give up my chance for riches!

Keith knocks the two guards onto the floor and runs back over to Shade.

Keith: Give me the 2 billion or suffer!

Shade: I'll give you something even "better".

Keith: What is it?

Shade steps on a small button on the floor, opening up a deep shaft underneath Bandit Keith, sending him plummeting.


Meanwhile, in a sewer underneath the palace, Bandit Keith has just been ejected into the water.

Bandit Keith: First Pegasus, now Shade. Sheesh.

He swims away. Back at the palace, Joey grabbed the cards and badges from the two injured guards.

Joey: Alright! Thanks Shade! Shade?

He sees that Shade is gone.

Joey: This day just gets more unusual by the minute. And where did those masked creeps go?
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Kiyone and Weevil started the duel.

Kiyone:Okay Weevil, I`ll go first.I`ll play this card face down in defense mode and put four cards face down. I`ll activate grave keepers servant. Now when you attack, you will have to put the card at the top of your deck to the grave yard.

Weevil:Fine, I`ll play larve moth, then put him in the coccone of evolution. Now in five turns, I will have my ultimate monster.

Kiyone:Oh man. This is getting pretty old. First I`ll activate Lord of D and flute of summoning dragon. I summon my baby dragon and of course my blue-eyes. Next I will activate stop defense and robbin`goblin and I will attack with my three monsters and you loose 5400 life points.

Weevil:Don`t worry, this isn`t over yet. I will defeat you little girl.

Kiyone:Yeah I`ll like to see you try.
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Meanwhile, one of "The Masters" decides to spy on Kiyone and Weevil.

Master: (I will duel whoever wins this duel!)

???: I heard that! I can read minds!

Suddenly, Shade sppears behind the "Master".

Master: You!?!?!?

Shade: Yes, and I don't think you signed up for this. What is your name?

Master: Call me Alan.

Shade: *pulls out a clipboard with a schedule on it* Let's see...Alan...nope, you haven't signed up. *puts schedule away* I'm afraid you must be banned from this premises. Guards!

Two nearby guards reach for Alan. He backflips behind Shade and grabs his neck.

Alan: One more move, and your Prime Minister gets it!

Shade: I think it is you who is going to get it.

Shade steps on another button and sends Alan plummeting down a shaft away from Battle Palace.


Guard #1: Why didn't you use your power?

Shade: I didn't feel like it. Anyway, I'm going to check on the other duelists. *disappears*

Meanwhile, in the sewer, Bandit Keith is covered in sewer water, his clothes are torn, his sunglasses and bandana are gone, and his hair is messed up.

Keith: I've gotta find a way back to the palace! Huh? *notices a light*

Keith finds a ladder under the light and climbs up, finding himself in the streets of England. He notices a tour bus.

Keith: Hey!

Bus Driver: What happened to you? You look like you've been in a sewer! And you smell that way, too!

Keith: Listen! *grabs driver by the neck* I need to borrow this bus! *tosses driver away*

Driver: Hey! Constable (however you spell it)!

Constable: Hey, you can't take that bus!

Keith: Who's gonna stop me!? *gets in bus and drives away like a madman* I've got to find Shade's palace and get my revenge!
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Tea runs after Marak. She grabs his hand. He looks at her.

Marak: Go away!
Tea: If you fight Bakura now, you'll get killed!
Marak: I don't care! Bakura and I have an age old score to settle.

Marak looks up and sees Yami Yugi. Marak looks into Yami's eyes.

Marak: *goes Yami: Welll, It's Yugi Mutoh.
*Yami: You are your father's kid.
*Marak: You are you calling a kid and what do you mean by that?!
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The current life point status with Weevil and Kiyone was 2600 to 8000. Kiyone knew she was going to win the duel.
Kiyone:Okay now since I activated robbin`gobblin, I will send three cards from your hand to the graveyard. Your move.

Sweat poured down Weevil`s face. Finally he made his move.

Weevil:Okay, I`ll play Legul in attack mode. I activate its effect and attack your life points directly. I end my turn.

Kiyone: That was the one of the worst moves I ever saw. I`ll offer away baby dragon and summon the summond skull. I`ll use lord of d to attack legul and the blue eyes to attack your life points ending the duel. Now give up your badges and your two rarest cards.

Weevil gave Kiyone two badges and his two rarest cards. Kiyone went back to her room to prepare for another duel.
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Comis: I now place Secret Message L on the field, ending our duel.
Kid: What? How?
Comis: Now hand over your rare cards...
Kid: No!
Comis: I'm afraid so.
Comis grabbed the kid and searched for his prizes.
Comis: Ah, the Tri Horned Dragon you thought would save you... and this one too, Fairy Box. And now I have my two cards and badges, you are free to go.
Comis released his opponent and shoved him away.
Comis (to himself): This place is too easy... there must be some competition here... after all it is being hosted by Prime Minister Shade... Ah! Is that YuGi Moto that I see?
YuGi, Tea, and Tristan began to draw closer and closer to him. Comis walked into their path ready to challenge YuGi. But then...
Tristan: Hey you! I want to duel you!
Comis: I can not deny a duel by the rules, so let us get thisover with... Life points start at 4000! Let's Duel! I place two cards face down on the feild and summon a monster in defence mode. Your turn.
Tristan: I summon the Cyber Comander in attack mode, Attack!
The Cyber Commander attacked fliping over Comis's monster, Revival Jam. The Revival Jam Dissapeared.
Comis: I shall offer 1000 Life Points to resurect Revival Jam and Activate Solemn Wishes, when ever I draw a card I gain 500 life points. My turn, my life is returned to 3500. I play the Magic Card, Dark Door, now we can each only attack with one moster per turn. I now activate the last card I had face down on the field, The card of safe return, when ever a moster is returned to the feild from my graveyard I may draw 2 cards. I now summon the Big Shield Warrior in defence mode, and end my turn.
OOC: write more later...
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Marak walked through the palace and noticed from a bridge the battle betwen Comis and Tristan.

Marak: Man, I wanted to duel Tristan. He sees someone else watching on the far side of the bridge and decides to duel him.

Marak: Rex! I challenge you!
Rex: ok. Let's duel.

Marak goes first.

Marak: I place one magic card foce-down, and Cyber Falcon in attack mode. Your turn.
Rex: ok. I place on card face down and one monster caard face-down defense position. I'm not crazy, but it's your turn.
Marak: I am crazy. I place Beaver Warrior in defense mode. End turn.
Rex: You're an idiot! I place Cold Wave down and attack Beaver Warrior with Uraby.
Marak: Doesn't hurt me. But I will lay one monster face-down.
Rex: I will...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rex starts grabbing his head screaming. Marak looks at Rex and sees a shadow behind him. Bakura steps oput, holding the Millenium Rod.

Bakura: Just like your father. He was weak.
Marak: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY DAD!!!!!!! He was a great duelist, a great person, and the greatest father. I'll get you back for him.
Bakura: Revenge or Retribution?
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Comis: What are you waiting for Tristan, make your move.
Tristan: I offer The Cyber Comander to play Swamp BattleGuard, in attack mode. Now, attack Big Shield Warrior.
Comis: That is a good strategy, Tristan. You may lose 800 life points, but my Big Shield Warrior is switched to attack mode. My turn. I place on card face down on the field. Your move.
Trisatn: I play one card face down on the feild. Now, Swamp BattleGaurd, attack!
Comis (sarcastically): Oh no!
Tristan: Your life points drop to 2300, ha!
Tea: Good job Tristan!
YuGi: Becareful, Tristan.
Comis: Now we have fun. Activate my face down card, Heavy Storm. All Magic and Trap cards on the field are destroyed. I now offer Revival Jam to play the Summoned Skull. I now play Offerings to the Doomed to Destroy the Swamp BattleGuard. Finally, I play MegaMorph to raise my Summoned Skull's attack to 5000, Attack.
Tristan: No!
Comis: That was so exhilirating. Now I'll take my prize
Comis glanced over at YuGi.
Comis: Don't worry litle YuGi, we'll have our duel. Hahahaha!
Comis turned away and dissapeared from sight.
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Marak: Bakura, you shall pay. *Gets idea* My turn. I place time wizard on the field and sacrifice my two monsters to summon Blue Eyes. Time Wizard, Time Roulette! Get me no skulls.

Time Wizards' spinner lands on a ......... house(whatever you call that othee icon).

Marak: YES! Blue Eyes transform into Youth Blue Eyes with a 300 attack/defense bonus. I lay on trap card face-down and end my turn.
Rex: I sacrifice to bring out Twin-Headed Fire Dragon. Go!
Marak: I play Dream Clown in Defense and attack with Blue Eyes.

Marak Life Points: 7000
Rex Life Points: 3400

Rex: I play Gravity Bind. Now, omly level 3 or lower monsters can attack. End Turn.
Marak: I just drew your defeat. Mystic Probe! I negates an continous trap/magic the turn it's activated. Blue eyes attack his life points. Now, you only have 100 life points left. What are you going to do now?
Rex(nervous): I summon Doma the Angel of Silence.
Marak: You can't.
Rex: It's your turn.
Marak: My hand. I have Deepsea Warrior, Umi, and Fire Kraken.
I play Umi and Sacrifice Dream Clown to summon Deepsea Warrior.
It's over next turn. Make your final move.
Rex: I play one card face down and end my turn..
Marak: I play Power of Kaishin, equip it to Deepsea and attack. Now, for my prize, I want your rod Bakura.
Yami: Don't do it Marak.
Marak: Stay out Yugi.
Shade: Marak, it

Marak walks over, takes Rex's bdges, his cards, and goes to his room. Marak jumps on his bed and looks into the past using his Millenium Necklace his aunt gave him.

Marak: Father.

There is a knock on the door, and Marak turns to get it.
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Comis and YuGi had been dueling for quite a while now, and it seemed to be about to end...
Comis: I will finish my turn by playing Secret Message A. Your turn YuGi.
With the help of the many life gaining magic cards in Comis's deck the score stood at Comis-2500 and YuGi-1600.
Comis had all but Secret Message L out and his Revival Jam protected his life points along with his Melinium Sheild(sp?)
YuGi's Dark Magician stood infront of YuGi, helpless.
YuGi: I will place one card on the field. Now DArk Magician, attack the Revival Jam!
Comis: I need not pay the thousand lifepoints to bring back my monster since I shall win on my next turn. Speaking of which I will now search my deck for Secret Message L, and here it is. Now I...
YuGi: Not so fast! I activate Lightforce Sword! Since you only have that Secret Message L in your hand it will be removed for three turns.
Comis: Very well, I will then pass my turn.
YuGi: I play one card facedown on the feild. Your move.
Comis set one monster and waved off to YuGi.
YuGi: Not much of a turn, Comis. I play Stop Defence on your Melinium Sheild, and I summon Alpha the Magnet Warrior and I'll have it attack your face down monster.
Comis: I was hoping you'd use you Dark Magician to attack... you attacked my Dimentional Warrior, now both he and your Magnet Warrior are removed from the game.
YuGi: Dark Magician, attack the Mellinium Sheild!
Comis's life dropped to 0.
Comis: Very well, here are two badges, now what cards do you want?
YuGi: I will claim your Revival Jam and Message Board.
Comis: Fine YuGi, but trust me, we will play again. And next time plan to win.
And with that Comis walked off.
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Kiyone could not find anyone to duel. She started wandering around the palace looking for something to do.

Kiyone:Man I am so bored. Not one deciant duelist here. Mabye I should challenge that Bonez kid. He seems like a push over.

With a smile on her face, Kiyone left to look for Bonez.
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Koe looked for more duelist.Looking he saw Espa.
"You wanna duel?"Koe asked.
"Sure,anyway you look easy!!!"Espa said.
"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"Koe almost fell to the foor.
The started the duel.Espa went first.
"I place down a card in my m/t zone,and place down a monster.Your turn."Espa said.
"I play dark hole and harpies feather duster.Then play Lord of Dragons then play flute of sunnoming,playing two blue eyes in attack mode,and attack your LPs."he took a breath,"Yah,I'm easy."Koe said.
"Fine!"Espa handed him a Jinzo and Metalmorph,pluse two badges.
"7 badges,6 more!"Koe said.
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Joey: Hey bud. Mind if I chill with you for a while?
Marak: No. Come on in. What's up?
Joey: Yugi's having a deep trance-talk with his milenium spirit.
Marak: I do that too sometimes.
Joey: I heard you can see the past and future.
Marak: I can. Why?
Joey: I wanted to know about ancient egypt and the Millenium Items.
Marak: What specifically? I know lots, but we can narrow it down.
Joey: Yugi's puzzle.
Marak: You don't happen to be planning on taking it, do you?
Joey: take the puzzle?! no way.
Marak: Good. Let's go back in time. Get ready. It'll be a shock at first.
Joey: I can take it.
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Comis: I have finaly finished my deck. It is now more powerful than ever. I just need to test it...

As if in answer to his whish a group of kids walked by.
Daveon: Yah, I already have 4 badges... I just feel sorry for the people I've beaten...
Kid: Whoa you're going to the finals for sure.

Comis called out: If you are so sure of yourself duel me. And sence you know you'll win already, I'll put my whole deck and all my badges against all your badges and you 2 rare cards.
Dameon: You're on! (To his friends: Watch me get this suckers deck.) I will play Gemini Elf in attack mode. Your turn.
Comis: I will summon Dark ELf in attack mode, and I'll activate Mystic Plasma Zone. Now, Dark ELf, attack!
Dameon's life points dropped to 3400 and Comis's to 3000.
Comis: I will now place one card on the field.
Dameon: I will now summon one monster in deffence mode.
Comis: I will activate Rageki!
Dameon's face down monster was evaporated.
Comis: I will offer Dark elf to summon the Summoned Skull! And I'll now activate Megamorph! Summoned Skull attack his lifepoints and win the duel!
Dameon: Noooo!
Comis: Now hand over your cards and badges.
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Marak walked the halls and saw a girl walking around. It was Mai!

Marak: Mai, I challenge you.
Mai: Challenge accepted.

The duel Begins:

Mai: I play Harpie Lady in attack mode, play one card in my m/t card zone and play Electro-Whip. Your turn.
Marak: I plaay a monster face-down defense mode.
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"I'm sick of these bad duelist."Koe said.He heard a duelist shout out that he won a duel. out of his room.
"I'll take on anybody!!"he decleared.
"Fine."Koe walk in the ballroom.It was Joey Wheeler.
"Ok!"Joey shouted.
They started the duel.
"I'll play Time Wizard in defense mode and lay down the card in my Magic/Trap zone."Joey said.
"I'll play Neo the Magical Sowrdsman in attack mode."Koe said.
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Marak places another monster face-down and Umi on the field. The current standings were: Marak- 3200 LP and Mai- 2700 LP. Marak had two monsters and Umi on the field. Mai- Harpie Lady and Mirror Wall.

Marak: I end my turn by setting Jigan Bakudan in attack mode.
Mai: Nutso...I play Harpie's Brother in attack mode.
Marak: My turn. Activate Hinotama. 500 LP from you. I will now play Just Deserts and end my turn.

Two turns later:

Mai: You couldn't attack without my mirror wall out.
Marak: With my Mystic Probe, I could and I did.

Marak had his Blue Eyes out and had Mai beaten.

Marak: It's ok. You're still in and I won't take two rare cards, I'll take one and the three badges you wagered.

Marak turned after claiming his prize and saw Joey follow a kid to duel. Marak wtood and watched.

Marak: Joey, Beat him. Then, I'll beat you and go for Bakura and my rod.
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"I should'nt use my Time Wizards effect right now,he dosen't have a lot of mosters on the field..."Joey said to himself,"I skip my turn."
"Ok,I play Change of Hearts on your Time Wizard,and discard him and Neo to play Dark Magician,and attack."Koe said.,"Your at 1500 LP."
"You...I play Dian Keto the Cure Master now my LPs are at 2500,and play Time Wizard,and use his effect!"Joey said.
"HAHAHA!You hot head,say hello to Dark Sage!"said Koe.
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