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Gauntlet:Legends and Lagacies


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After defeating the great demon Skorne, the Gauntlet all went to the diffent regions of the quest. The colors decided it. Everyone went to their respective region and remained there. However, about 6 months after the Skorne reign, a message was sent out to all regions to meet in the Caverns. All regions knew that when Skorne was destroyed, the Heavens and the Abyss opened up with the guardians of those regions(White/Pink, and Black) had been newluy formed and had not yet been eliminated of Skorne's minions. So the Red, Blue, Yellow , and Green Guardians met in the Caverns. (That'as where we'll be. If you want to be one of Skorne's minions or a boss at the end of a level, pm me.)


Age: (Keep it reasonable)
Guardian: (Color and Race)
Side: (For those of you who want to be bad)
Experience Level:(none over 25...)

White and Pink are the same thing. and the Abyss is the most dangerous because it has the most guards, 2 bosses, but more gold and power-ups. Have Fun and I hope this thing works.
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