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G-Gundam: The rise of the Ragnork!


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Once again I'm shooting for a G-Gundam RPG.Well I'll tell you my new story.

[I]A dark storm has once again hit the Gundam Fight.Well devolping new weapons,the colony of Neo Japan made a grave mistake.By fusing Dg cells with a new subtance,the Dark Gundam's original role would be completed.Things went horrifingly wrong.Be cause they were dormant for so long,the DG cells grew vilont and uncontrolable.When fused,the two form a radical new death force,know as the Ragnork Gundam.From this new horror,a moblie armor formed.Called Sinister,this along with the Ragnork Gundam,have but one plan.The death of any thing opposed to the Dark Gundam's original wishes.Now,Domon Kasshu's only son must stop this threat from ever completeing this oblective. [/I]

Okay,the first five,not counting me,can be part of the Shuffle Alliance.These members can also have a Golden Hyper mode(in which you master later) and a Special attack allowed because of their crest.You are aloud up to Four moves for your Gundam.And please,no"I will tap you and you will die.HAHAHA" Gundams.Thank you.

To sign up you need
NameName of Fighter:
Pilot Suit Desc:
Shuffle Symbol: (I will accept a new one,the Wild Card)
Special Attacks:
Super or Hyper modes(And golden for those special few):
Desc(of fighter and Gundams) :

Okay got that,good.I hope you enjoy this and it's not a flop.
And my sign-up.

Name of Fighter: Kyoji Kasshu

Height: 6"5'

Weight: 252lbs

Age: 16

Gundam: Shining Gundam MkII.Then Seiryu Gundam

Pilot Suit Desc: Shining: Same as Domon's.
Seiryu: Blue instead of black with the normal Red dot in the middle.

Shuffle Symbol: King of Hearts

Special Moves:

Shining Finger
Ulitimate Shining figer
Shining Finger Sword
Golden Shining Finger Sword.

Dragon Breath Finger.
(Hyper mode moves follow)
Dragon Breath Sword
Frozen Dragon Blast
King of the Frozen Dragons Tenkyoken

Shining: Golden Seiryu: Hyper and Golden

Desc: Kyoji: Has blue eyes and black spiked hair.His normal clothes are a pair of black jeans with a rip over the left knee.He wears a blue shirt with a neon green jacket over it.

Shining Gundam MkII: The Shining Gundam in super mode.the only way it can power up is by going golden.[url]http://www.gundamw.net/g_suits/gf13-017nj-super.jpg[/url]

Seiryu Gundam: Has Silver and Blue Legs.It kinda looks like a blue and silver Burning Gundam exept at the wrist of each had is a small blue dragon head.Has a pair of Dragon wings on his back.

Hyper Mode: the End of the arms and legs become frozen. The face also freezes,but makes it look like the Shining Gundam's face in Super mode.The dragon wings become four wings with a frozen ring(like Burning's in it's Hyper)In the middle of them.

Bio: Son of both Rain and Domon,Kyoji is named after Domon's deceased brother.Trained day in and day out by Domon,Kyoji finally recived the Crest of the King of Hearts.When training for the next Gundam fight,Kyoji learned of the new threat.He knew he was the only one who could stop it.Domon was against it,but knew it was the truth.Kyoji helped his mother customize the Fallen Shining Gundam.Kyoji fell to earth and was told an assistant would be sent.He had but one mission,erase the Ragnork Gundam and Sinister.

I hope you have fun with this and sign up,thank and Now to go sleep.
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Sounds a bit complicated for me but I`ll give it a try.
Name:Masao Takeshi
Gundam:Shadow-Death gundam(It`s a cross between Shadow gundam and deathsycthe h custom)
Pilot suit desc:It is black and red with no sleeves. It has the south korean flag on the back.
Shuffle symbol:the queen of spades
Special moves:Shadow death buster blade, death arrow,shadow sword, Shadow-death buster kick. Hypermode=shadow blades of death
(Same moves in hyper mode but they are enhanced)
Desciption:Masao has long black hair with red highlighting. She wears a short black jean jacket, a red tanktop,black jeans, and white sneakers. She has blue eyes.

Gundam: The shadow-Death gundam is red, black, and white. It looks like a girl with black metal hair. it has red shoes, black legs,a red, black, and white looking skirt armor and black arms but its mosly covered by a big metal black cape.(In hypermode it looses the cape and black and red bat wings unfold from its back)

Bio:Masao was born on the south korean colony to a korean mother and a japanese father. Her parents were killed when she was little so she was taken to a military base where she was trained to be the ultimate gundam fighter. When she went to earth, she decided to look around. She is usually very quiet but enjoys the company of others.

I hope thats okay.
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Name: Lance Ganger

Height: 6"

Weight: 217 lbs.

Age: 20

Gundam: Sonic Gundam (not related to sonic the hedgehog in any way)

Pilot Suit Desc: Blue with a red stripe around the waist. There is a white "X" on each of his shoulders.

Shuffle Symbol: Club Ace

Special Moves: Hyper Wave, Blazing Thrust; Hyper Mode Moves: Final Run

Description: Lance has blond, spikey hair and brown eyes. He wears blue jeans and a red t-shirt. He always has brown gloves on.

Gundam Description: The Sonic Gundam has blue legs and a red main body. The arms are mostley white, except for the wrists, wich are red. There is a green orb in the center of the Gundam's cockpit. On each shoulder is a guard piece which is red; they kind of resemble the Gundam Maxter's shoulder pieces except they are less rounded. The head had a standered V-fin white. It's armaments are 2x vulcan guns, stored in head; 1x short buster rifle, stored at side, hand held in use; 1x Beam glaive, stored on back, hand held in use.

Bio: Lance lived a pretty good life. He was born on the neo America colony where his father worked as a succesful Doctor. Around the time he was 13, Lance and his younger brother were attacked by a group of thugs form Neo Japan. Unable to defend him, his brother was violentley beaten. He was sent into critical condidtion and emerged paralyzed from the waiste down and with severe internal injuries. Lance developed a deep hatred for Neo Japan. He learned how to fight so that he could prevent further eventslike that which happened to his brother. He was recognized as a great fighter and was made Neo America's gundam fighter.
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