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Digimon: Dangerous Minds


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Most of the characters in my fic are named after people I know, but their personalities are not the same. I think it is hard to put someones personalitity into words.


The bell rang at the end of ninth period in Jackson Middle School. Zach Wills rushed out of the classroom and to his locker.

?Damn lock,? he said, turning the faceplate and pulling. It didn?t open.

?Need some help?? asked a girl. She was wearing a white shirt with light blue stripes. Her brown hair was tied back with a white ribbon. This was Kayla Webb. She was popular, as was Zach, and had a crush on him.

?No thanks,? he replied. He put all his strength on pulling on the lock. Suddenly, his hand slipped and fell back to Kayla?s feet. She giggled.

?You sure?? she asked politely.

?Well, maybe,? he said, getting up and blushing. Kayla bent down and put in the combination, which Zach had whispered into her ear. She then pulled and the lock opened.

?Presto!? she said, smiling. He bent down beside her to pick up his things.

?Thanks,? he said, blushing again. She smiled and put her hand on his thigh and pushed herself up.

?No prob,? she said, ?gimme a call sometime.? She walked away, waving.


Derek walked past Zach and glared at him. He hated Zach. He deserved the girls more then Zach did. And he was as popular as him. Why did he get Kayla?

?Fool,? Derek mumbled as he opened the door that lead to the gym. He was dressed in red shorts and a white t-shirt. His hair was dirty blonde.

?Stop complaining,? said a guy shooting a basket. He was wearing blue shorts with no shirt. He had brown hair.

?Shut up, Fowler,? said Derek. He was referring to Anthony.

?Whatever Moore,? replied Anthony, rubbing his buff chest. He threw the ball at Derek and hit him in the stomach. Derek just flinched and walked out.


Katy Davis and Shannon Stiltner walked out of the school.

?I think it?s funny that Derek hates Zach,? giggled Shannon.

?You?re about the only one,? said Katy, rolling her eyes. ?Oh, look, there?s Shauny boy,? she added as a boy with a grey shirt and blue shorts on passed them. A girl with blonde hair, blue shirt and white short-shorts on came and stood beside Katy.

?Stop being mean,? she said, ?he hasn?t done anything to you.?

?Oh, Carmen, it?s always like you to ruin and girls fun,? said Katy, walking away with Shannon.

?I thought I was just being....kind...? she said quietly smiling at Shaun. She walked away.


Zach walked down the road, passing various cars parked along the road. Black clouds started to roll in, showing signs of a storm.

?I hope it doesn?t rain,? he said.

?You shouldn?t worry,? said a voice out of nowhere.

?Huh?? said Zach, spinning around to see who was there. No one. ?Um....o...kay...? He started walking again, doubting his sanity.

?It is time,? the woman?s voice said again. Zach stopped and looked around. Still no one, but the wind was blowing abnormally strong.

?Ugh,? said Zach, being pushed into a parked car by the super strong wind. Before he hit, he disappeared.


Kayla walked down the same road Zach had. She had just turned the corner right after Zach disappeared. She had forgot to give him her number.

?That?s weird,? she said.

?Join him,? said the voice.

?Huh? Who is there?? she said, looking around.

?You will see.? the voice replied. Kayla looked up at the black clouds. Rain started to pour. Hard. She started to walked backwards, and tripped over a brick that separated a backyard and the sidewalk. She fell back into a pool, and before she hit the water, she disappeared.


Derek huddled under a tree as it rained. He wasn?t mad, but still hated Zach and Anthony.

?Damn rain,? he mumbled.

?Are you ready?? asked the voice.

?Um.....for what?? he asked, looking around. Suddenly, a lightning bolt hit the tree. Derek ran from it and dove into the grass. A line of fire ran down the trunk of the tree and onto the wet grass. It seemed not to be effected by the rain. It strangely made a circle around him. He stood up and looked at the circle of flames.

?This is some weird ****,? he yelled. Then, some of the flames moved inwards to Derek. As soon as it got to his shoe, he disappeared.


Anthony shot another ball. He made it. He wiped sweat off his forehead and started walking towards the locker room.

?Get ready,? said a voice.

?What?!? he asked, looking around. He shrugged it off and started to the locker room again. Suddenly, the ground started to shake violently. A crack ran up the wall and into the ceiling. Anthony fell to the ground and looked up.

?Oh god,? he said. A piece of ceiling broke off and was falling to where Anthony was. Right before it hit, he disappeared.


Brandon stood in awe. He was watching the scene with Derek. He hadn?t gone to school today and if he had, he would?ve hung out with Zach.

?I better go...see...? he hesitantly said. He rushed to the door then stopped. He was afraid to go outside because it seemed that the fire circle had been caused by the....weather.

Then, a lightning bolt struck the house. Brandon put his hand on the doorknob and disappeared.


?Bye!? said Katy, turning the corner to her street. She started walking to her house, shivering slightly because of the rain.

?Come on,? she said, hoping it would let up. Then Shannon came running up behind her.

?Here you forgot your?? she started, but then a lightning bolt hit an electric pole.

?It is your time,? said a voice. The pole started to fall and the girls started to scream. Before the pole hit them, they disappeared.


Zach slowly came to consciousness. He hadn?t opened his eyes, but he could feel something on his stomach. He slowly opened his eyes to see and small red creature on his stomach, smiling goofily at him.

?Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!? he yelled, leaping up.

?What?s wrong?? asked a familiar voice. He turned around to see Kayla holding a creature that looked like a cat?s head with a tail.

?What?s that? What?s this?? he asked frantically, pointing at the two creatures.

?I?m Nyaromon,? smiled the creature In Kayla?s arms.

?And I?m Gigimon!? yelled the red creature leaping onto Zach?s shoulder.

?Gigi-what?? Zach asked, confused and still doubting his sanity.

?Gigimon,? said another familiar voice. He turned around to see Derek standing in the shadows. He was holding a small pink creature.

?I?m Koromon,? it said.

?Who else is here? Seems everybody keeps popping up.? said Zach sarcastically.

?There?s Anthony, Brandon, Shannon, and Katy,? said Kayla.

?And my brother, Tsunomon and his brother, Motimon, Yokomon, and Chimpmon,? said Gigimon.

?What are you? Where are we?? asked Zach.

?We are Digimon and we are in the Digital World,? said Nyaromon.

?Digi-wha?? asked Zach.

?Gennia will be able to explain better then we,? said a pink little Digimon who had just walked in.

?That?s Motimon,? said Koromon.

?Let?s go into the main room,? said Motimon. He lead them into a large room. Anthony was holding a Digimon with gold fur and horn. Another one that looked exactly like it sat beside him.

?Finally,? Anthony said, ?took ya a while to wake up. Meet Tsunomon and his brother, um, well, Tsunomon.? Brandon was holding a Digimon that looked exactly like Gigimon.

?Meet Gigimon?s bro,? said Brandon. Motimon went to Shannon?s lap. Katy was holding a Digimon that looked like a monkey?s head with a tail. There was a pink Digimon beside her.

?Meet Chimpmon and Yokomon,? she said.

?Hi,? said Zach.

?Gennia should be here soon,? said Motimon. As soon as he said this, two people appeared in the middle of the room. It was Shaun and Carmen.

?Where are we? asked Carmen. Motimon told the two exactly what he told Zach.

?Carmen?s mine!? yelled Yokomon, jumping into her arms.

?Shaun?s mine!? yelled Tsunomon (not Anthony?s) , jumping into his arms. Then, a woman with long grey hair and a purple and gold dress on appeared.

?Ah, Gennia,? smiled Nyaromon.

?Hello, Digimon, DigiDestined,? she said.

?DigiDestined?? asked Carmen.

?Yes, DigiDestined. Those who are to save the Digital World.?

?Save from what? What are Digimon? And what is the Digital World?? asked Anthony.

?Digimon is short for Digital Monsters. Beings who are made purely from data. Created by data from computers. The Digital World....well, it?s even a mystery to me. Only the Digimon Angel?s and God?s know what it truly is.?

?What are we supposed to save the Digital World from?? asked Carmen.

?Evil Digimon. They have been running rampant and are destroying our world.?

?This is way much,? said Shannon.

?Do not worry, Children. You will get used to it. Now, to get you your D-Powers.? She rose her hands. Then, nine devices floated to the kids. Zach?s was light blue, Derek?s was red, Shaun?s was blue, Kayla?s was pink, Anthony?s was green, Brandon?s was red and black, Shannon?s was maroon, Carmen?s was pink and blue, and Katy?s was light green.

?What are these?? asked Kayla.

?These are Digital Power?s, or D-Powers. They help your Digimon digivolve. They can also track and locate Digimon or each other.

?Cool,? said Carmen.

?Now for your Digimon. I will infect you with the Neo Sphere allowing you to digivolve differently then normal.? She rose her arms again. Nine purple spheres entered the Digimon. Then, they started to glow.

?Gigimon(Zach?s) digivolve to.....Dorumon!?

?Gigimon digivolve to....NeoGuilmon!?

?Nyaromon digivolve to.....NeoSalamon!?

?Tsunomon(Shaun?s) digivolve to......NeoGabumon!?

?Tsunomon digivolve to....NeoBetamon!?

?Motimon digivolve to....NeoTentomon!?

?Yokomon digivolve to....NeoBiyomon!?

?Chimpmon digivolve to.....Monmon!?

?We?re...different,? said NeoTentomon, looking down at himself.

?Now, you need to go to File Island. Be careful. I will see you later.? She disappeared. So did the kids and Digimon, but they reappeared in a forest.

?How do we get there?? asked Zach.

?Who cares? Duck!? yelled Anthony. Everyone did so as a black fireball soared over their heads. A black T-Rex like Digimon walked over the hill.

?Uh-oh!? said Monmon.
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cool but one problem, when you have the digimon digivolve you dont even tell us what they look like.... you gotta be more discriptive at times... soemtimes more than others

and the switching between sceans.. kind of hard to follow.. i could never write that way... Umm.............. Anyways

over all its pretty good
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