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(US/CAN) General thoughts and ratings for .hack//SIGN 9, "Epitaph"


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[size=1]This is something new I want to do. Every week a new episode of .hack//SIGN will air in the US and Canada. A new thread will be created as a result, in hopes of creating a discussion. If someone would like to create simiilar threads for episodes airing in other countries, that would be fine as long as they follow this format.

[b].hack//SIGN - "Epitaph" - Episode 9 - April 26, 2003[/b]

1. This is for your thoughts AFTER you've seen the episode. Don't post advance spoilers here, or your thoughts about such spoilers.

2. Please rate the episode from 0 to 10. Please put your ratings at the top of the body of your post and in [b]BOLD[/b].

3. This is for your ratings and general thoughts, comments, and impressions. If you have specific thoughts or comments on specific issues or points, a new thread would be more appropriate.

4. Normal spoiler rules apply: spoiler tags are required for any spoilery statements. Very vague "I liked it" type comments don't need tags.

5. If you're going to mention any spoilers for future episodes, please use spoiler tags correctly.

6. Please try to keep this thread on topic.[/size]
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[B]RATING: 6[/B]

i thought that todays episode was a good episode even though it was, for the most part a filler although it did have [spoiler]lots of talk on the key of the twilight[/spoiler] i also thought that [spoiler]that the entire part with the grunty was so cute and i was so sad when it died and the girl was dissipointed :bawl:[/spoiler] over all i thought it was a good episode although one episode a week isnt enough! they need to run like 2 or 3 a week and at reasonable times too!
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Guest bebop23

IN Epitaph we get to see a different side of Tsucassa, he has been the loner the entire time, but now we get to see him caring for a little grunty. He even cared for it so much he spent hours looking for the purple cherry to cure it, and don't forget he could feel the cold in the winter area. One interesting fact was the mention of Helba's name and the strange german post on the message boards. If anyone has the video game, part of that german post is read at the start of the game and you get two more pieces(you can't read one). It puts a twist on the situation that will happen.
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[size=1][b]Rating: 6[/b]

This was an interesting episode. Not much actually happened, but we learn where the series might slowly build up to. Since I do not know anything about the conclusion of the series yet, I can only speculate about what will happen in the future. [spoiler]The Kay of the Twilight[/spoiler] definitely looks like it will play a big part in the rest of the series. How they are going to use it, and what they are going to use it on remains unseen.

I don't know if I would consider this episode to be filler or not. Our heroes have a plan, which is good. It is always good to see anime characters use their minds instead of randomly fighting anyone who they come across. Of course, a little action would be nice too. .hack//SIGN has a very stylish take on combat, but we hardly eevr get to see it. Maybe future episodes will contain more action, and less Tsukasa.

Ugh, Tsukasa gets on my nerves sometimes. This week he was bearable, though. [spoiler]When the Grunty died, he took is really hard. That surprised me, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. He is the only person who takes The World seriously, because he has nowhere else to go. When the girl discovered that her Grinty had died, she wasn't sad. She was just angry that Tsukasa was unable to save the Grunty. The animal was just a possession to her, and Tsukasa was the only one to understand that.[/spoiler]

There's a lot of depth on this show. I wonder what will happen next...

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[b]Rating: 5 (maybe 6)[/b]

Maybe that rating seems a bit low, but for some reason it works for me. I think that reason is because I became bored during the epsiode, which generally does not happen when I see new episodes of anime.

I do not really think this episode was a filler, since more leads were opened and the characters have started working by a plan, but for the most part Tsukasa was not really needed. His time on the show [i]was[/i] a filler. It did not really touch on anything we did not already know about him and his perception of The World.
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