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Guest Kumomaru

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Guest Kumomaru
Kumomaru is the last of the Oboro ninja clan. He was known as shinobi. The Oboro ninja were wiped out by an evil force known as Neo Zeed. 3 years have passed since then and Kumomaru is now rouge ninja seeking revenge. Armed with a Katana, Buster sword, Throwing stars, Shurikin(crimson blades), Desert Eagle, sevral kinds of explosives, Sawn-off shotgun, A stealth camo and a few powers he is seeking out Neo zeed. Untill one day Zeed takes control of the earth and enforses new laws. He also puts a bounty on Kumomarus head. Kumomaru must overcome every foe and take down Zeed. One day Kumo is walking through a forest wene all of a sudden trees fell all around him and tank surounded him. Then a man poped up from the biggest tank.
"Kumomaru or should I say shinobi your mine!"
"No Way!"shouts kumo"Who are you?"
"I am the 7th warrior of the order of Zeed"He replies"I am Shingo Master of armements!"
"Not for long"
Kumomaru drew his Buster sword and lept high into the air dodging the explosion. He then charges at one of the tanks dodging its fire. He ran past the tank and drove his sword along it. There was no one in side they were robots exept for Shingos Tank.
"Dodge this Ninja boy!"
"Nikata!(remote misile)"
It looks like there is no escape for Kumomaru.
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Then Tate dashes in and slices the missle in half, Kumo and him jump to dodge the blast." Tsk,tsk,tsk Kumo I thought you could take better care of yourself." Tate jumps and cuts the tank's gun off. " I'll let you take it from here Kumo!" Tate disappears.
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Guest Kumomaru
"Damn were did he go!"
"Your litle friend may of disabled my tank but I still got fire power!"Shouts Shingo
He pulls out a gatling gun and starts blasting it at kumomaru who sumersalts behind the reckage of a tank.
"My buster sword isnt cut out for this but my Katana and Desert Eagle are!"
Kumo shieves his Buster swrd and draws his Katana. He walks out from behind the tank and deflects the bullets off his Katana.
Shingo stops to reload but Kumo takes out his Desert Eagle and shoots him in the hand.
"MY HAND!!!"Cries Shingo"We'l meet again you can count on it!"
Shingo runs of into the distance Kumomaru shieves his Katana and puts his Desert Eagle away.
"Now I have to find that guy Tate"Says Kumo"Whats this?"
Tate had left his number on the ground.
Kumomaru enters the next town he comes to and uses a pay phone to call Tate.
Bring. Bring.
"Hi its Kumo thanks for saving me back there"
"No probs,look we need to meet up go to the nightclub on the west side of Tria(the name of the town)"
Tate hung-up.
at about 10pm Kumomaru went to the club to meet Tate.
Tate had reserved a table at the Heavens Gate strip Club witch doubled up as a hotel.
"Im lookin' for a guy named Tate"
"Yes sir he is the owner ofthis establishment, and you are"
"Oh sorry the names Kumomaru"
"Mr Tate has been expecting you sir!Err by the way you arnt THE Kumomaru are you?"
"Errr No of course not"
"Ok right this way sir"
The waiter led Kumo down a long coridorfull of pornagraphic pictures to a V.I.P room.
"Are kumo"Welcomes Tate
There were a lot of big players in that room but Kumomaru didnt know any of them.
"Tate I didnt know you owned this club!"
"I killed the previous owner"
"Oh I see"
"Iv booked you a room free of charge and ill send my best girl up there to acompany you"
"Here take this its a codec you can use it to contact me and others you meet who have one or something similar"
"So you got a bounty on you aye Kumo, dont worry about it. Hardly anyone likes being ruled by Neo Zeed so relax"
"That bumchum at the door didnt look to happy that I was called Kumomaru I told him I wasnt the one they were looking for."
"Egnore him,Now you go and get some rest your room is the penthouse suite Ill send Meryl up at around 11 ok"
"sure See ya"
"Have a good night"
"I will thanks"
Kumomaru didnt go straight to his room he wandered for a bit and got bored. Wene he got to his suite Mryl was already in the bed.
"Well hello Kumo!"
The next morning Kumo and meryl layed side by side.
"Whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this"
"Iv only just started your the first"
"Tate said you were his best girl"
"didnt you enjoy it?"
"I did the best yet"
"I like you Kumo, do you mind if I stayed here for a while?"
"No its fine"
"See you around"
Kumomaru went down stairs and sat and talked with Tate.
"Kumo Zeeds palcae is not far from this town and I think thatwe should try and destroy it!"Sugests Tate
"Are you crazy thats suicide!"
"No there is a good reason Zeed is takeing this towns women!"
"But what about this club?"
"Only a handfull are real women"
"Shes Real"
"Thank god!"
"We must wait for peple to come and help first"
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"Well Kumo it seems that Meryl has a crush on you. You sly dog heh heh".
"Anyway that Zeed is a real freak. He needs to be dealt with."
Tate started polishing his sword. " Hope some people come soon I want to start busting some skulls!" " Chill out man!' Kumo said.
" Have some patience dude, they will come."
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Guest Kumomaru
"We still need more people thow!"said Kumo in frustration"I put up a sighn in the recruitment sector in the north of Tria so that should help."
Just then the doorman came bursting in with a bereta in his hand.
"You are THE Kumomaru!"
"Damn Busted!"Says Tate in desperation
Kumomaru turned on his stealth camo.
"were did he go?"
"He just vanished!"
The doormans bereta fell to pieces.
"What the..."Kumomaru then reapears with his Buster Sword"AARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!"The doorman runs screaming!
"We gotta get the hell out of here man!"Yells Tatum!
"What , Are you out of your mind hel be back any minint!"
"Not without Meryl!"
The builing started to shuder.
"Thats them come on!"
"Hold them off Meryls still in my room!"
"Be quick man!"
"You just worry about your club!"
Kumomaru rushes upstairs but Zeeds men below throw molitov cocktails through the windows starting a fire! Kumomaru reaches the Penthouse floor, fir surounds him everywere. Tim slows down. Evrything is clear. Kumomaru closes his eyes and consentrates.
"MERYL!"He shouts
"Cough,cough Kumo Help!"she shouts back
"Shes inthe bathroom!"
Kumomaru dashes through the fire and bursts into the bathroom and grabs Meryl he then grabs the bed sheets and parachoutes out of the window.
The club burns to the ground.
"Damn!"Yells Tate who is waiting in the ally
Kumo and Meryl land safly.
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HE IS GONNA PAY! Tate said in rage.
"This is some bull." Tate charged at the ninjas , while Kumo followed. Meryl watched.While Kumo and Tate faught, one of Zeed's men grabbed Meryl ," Kumo mmmmph!" she screamed but was gagged and dragged away." No!" Kumo screamed. " Kumo, I'll hold them save Meryl."Tate said "What about you" Kumo said " Just go!" Tate screamed
Kumo ran off.
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Guest Kumomaru
Kumomaru had chased Zeeds ninja into the eastsideof tria (The slums).
Buster sword at the ready he slowly walked forward. Sudenly a giant tornado started and was heading for Kumomaru. Kumo looked up at the tornado, there seemed to be a pairof eyes at the top Kumo threw a shurikin at it and amediatly it stoped. There was a look of terror in the giant pair of eyes now. Thw tornado stoped. and in its place stood a man with a shurikin in his forehead.
"Damn you!"
"Who are you!"Shouted Kumomaru
"I am Lee Ming The 3rd warrior of the order of Zeed and master of..."
"Wind! Please save your life story!"Jokes kumo
Kumomaru then lunges at Lee and stabs him in the gut.He then disapears into a cloud of dust.
"I dont think thats the last of him!"
Kumomaru then goes on.
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