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Full moon fever.


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[B]Ok, this is my first time writing this one, so please, be nice...[/B]

Hi! I'm gozita. I'm probale the weirdes boy you'll ever meet! I have parants, but there kinda like foster parent. I know there not my real parents, because...I have a tail, thay never let me outside when its a full moon and my long spikey hair never grows. It goes down to my knee and when I cut it, it just grows back!!! So, I bet your thinking 'CRRREEEEPPPPPYYYY' Well, if you are its not my folt! I was born like this. I don't no what I am or who I am. I mean, who whould call there son 'gozita'? But I now know the ansewer to my past. It all started when....

I was in my room staring at my hands. A few moments ago, a weird ball of light was glowing in my hand. I looked at my mirror. I got up and said to myself "Why?Why do I have to be different? Why can't I be normal?" My long, black spikey hair stood still. I wraped my tail round my waist. I walked out of my room. I then looked at my punch bag, it was ripped and broke. I did that, with one punch! I heade down the stairs. Oh, and theres one other secerat I have to tell you, I can fly....I have been able to do this since I was 10. I have been fly for 4 years. I ran down the stairs and out the door. Then karen (my foster parent) Opened the door.
"Come in at 7! It's a full moon!" I looked back and nodded. I began to walk down the cold street. Then my mobile began to rumble. I picked it out of my pocket and it reed on the screen 'malcom calling'. It was my foster dad. I ansewed it.
"Hi malc."
"Rad! Be sure to come home early! It's a full moon!"
"Yeh, ok. I'll be at the tie-known-do club. K?" I put the phone in my pocket after I switched it off. Then a gang of lads walked up to me. "Oh, not again...." One lad pushed me and said "Nice phone you got. What kind is it? Mind if we take a look?" I backed up crossing my arms. Then I stuck my tongue out at them.
"Why...BOY GET 'EM!" Three lads charged at me. I then rose into the air, and the three boys banged into each other! I lifted myself higher, and higher. Then I swuped down and punched the lad who pushed me. The lad feel on the ground. When I turn round, the others had ran off.
I then headed to the tie-known-do club.
When I got there, I went to the hall. I walked to the doors of the hall and there was a notice saying 'CHANCLED TONIGHT'. I sat down and picked out my phone. I began to enter malcs number.
"Wait! I here on my own! I can do what I want with out malc or karen knowing!" I put my phone in my poket and ran out of the door. I wanted to make this day count, so I had to do someting speical! I then rang up a taxi company.
"Hello? Yes, could I have a taxi going from the david loyds center to the G-max?" I sat down and waited for the cab.
"Hay! I can fly! If I go on the roof and when the taxi guy comes...I'll scare him off!" So I lifted myself into the air. I waited and waited. No cab arrived!
"Thats it! I might as well fly to the G-max center!" So I did that! I lifted myself up and went to the middle of town.
"Now, the G-max should around..." I looked around then I spotted a sign reading 'G-MAX'. I ran over to the sign.
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[size=1]Please don't double-post. ^_~ It clutters the threads, and is against the rules here.

It's not bad, but it would be much nicer to read with paragraph breaks--leave an empty line between them. You also need to be more careful in your punctuation. I know Lady A went through one of your pieces last night, pointing out things. You've made several of the same mistakes here. [/size]
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Sorry. I will try to correct my mistakes. Here The next part.

I looked at the sign. "Right! So it's left and then down that street and left again...or is it right??? Man this is confusing!" I then I decided to fly over. In the air, I could go back and falward without losing my way. I lifted myself slowly into the air.

Sorry I have to get my tea. I will finish this in one hour. Later!
I'm back! Here is the next part of the next part...

I looked around the streets. I saw an old dude on a bench. So, I went over to ask for directions.
"Er...can you tell my were the G-max centre is?" The old guy looked at me.
"Ha...A saiyan...I thought they were gone! Better get home! It's a full moon tonight!" He said. I didn't have a clue what he was talkin about. I went on my way.
"Thanks for nothin ya old life less freek!" I yelled.
"Hmmm, the saiyans never chnage..." I heard him mutter. I looked around. I gave up on the G-max...I dicied to go home. I flew back. As I flew I looked at the full moon over a feild.
I never reilized how preety it was... I looked and smiled. Then I felt my heart beat faster and faster. I landed on the feild. I felt my body grow. I looked in a pool of water and saw that my eyes were red. I stared at my hands as thay grow fur. I felt my face turn into a snout. I saw in the pool of water a ape like form., that grow bigger. I felt my heart pound harder. I then knew, how big I was! I could feel my mucsle grow, and my strengh was amazing! I was so big I could barely see the pool of water. I then heard a voice in my head say;
"Finilly! An oozoru!" I felt my heart make my body walk and distroy! I walked off the feild and into the city. I punched down the walls of the builings! What had become of me? I WAS STRONGER THAN EVER! I DIDN'T CARE FOR DEATH!
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