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Our OWN Digimon: Brought into effect


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Ok...The poll thread went over better then I expected. Now to put it into effect. Since there were so many good idea's, this is where we will spin them into one "story". Each of you who wants to contribute, list atleast 5-8 Digimon (and or humans) and their bio's-personalities. After we have that down, we can start on a story line. Ok?

Here are my characters:

The humans

Drew Latchkey- Born and raised in LA. Has an attitude and isn't afraid to use his fists to do his talking. He is an orphan, abandoned at 3yrs old and left at his aunt's. Ran away from his aunt's at 10 and has been on the streets since. He is 15 now.

Tamara Marion- Born in Jackson, Ohio moved to LA with her parents when she was 6 years old. Very kind and gentle, but kind of a loner. She is very close with her little sister, Desiree and is always by her side. She is 16 years old now.

Desiree Marion- Born in LA and is younger sister to Tamara. She is mature for her age (6 years old), but still has some childish acts in her. Tamara and she have a very strong bond unlike any other.

Frank Damba- Born and raised in San Fransisco. Very passionate in music, jazz especially. A goth in feelings, but not "style". Has a secret hatred of his father for taking him away from his little brother, Tyler when he was 13 and Tyler was 5. He is 15 years old.

Antonio Dominion- Born in southern Italy and moved to Richmond, Virginia when he was 8 years old.Very calm and collected in nature, he'd rather talk things out rather then fight. His mom and dad aren't very literate in English, so he tutors them daily to help them. He is 15 years old.

Andros Wills- Born and raised in Japan. He recently moved to LA with his mother after his father died. Very shy and quiet, but hates when people put him or anyone he cares about down. His 8 year-old sisters, Kara and Tara are his best friends in life other then his grandmother. He is 16 years old.

Kara & Tara Wills- Born and raised in Japan. Moved with their brother and mother to LA. The two like to complete each others sentences and confuse people by acting like each other. They admire their big brother greatly and want to grow up to be just like him.

The Digimon

BlackAgumon(Shade)- A misunderstood Digimon. He IS a dark form, but isn't evil. He is very couragous and will do anything for his tamer, Drew. For this reason, he is associated with the Neo Crest of Courage.

Monmon(Beau)- A very wacky and friendly Digimon. He isn't very literal, but he is smart. His friends are the most important possesions in his life. Because of this, he is associated with the Neo Crest of Friendship.

Labramon(Merry)- A child Digimon, she is loyal and loves her Tamer, Desiree. Anyone who she cares about, she loves deeply and will always. For this reason, she is associated with the Neo Crest of Love.

Veemon(X)- A Digimon who packs a punch. He is always there and there is no doubt in any-mon's mind who is the most trustworthy Digimon there is: X. For this reason, he is associated with the Neo Crest of Trust. His tamer is Frank.

Taromon(Kami)[A Lop/Ter/Cirri twin. Red and gold with two horns on his head and a diamond on his chest]- A Digimon who savors the moment and always shows up when expected. His friends are his power and his power is with his friends. For this reason, he is associated with the Neo Crest of Reliability. His Tamer is Antonio.

Guilmon(Darryl)- This playful critter is an exception to the rule that all Virus Digimon are bad (like BKAgumon). His intelligence couldn't get him into Stanford, but he makes do with what he has. He makes everyone feel good and likes to have fun. For this reason, he is associated with the Neo Crest of
Sincerity(sp?). His Tamer is Andros.

Elecmon(Leo)- He is young but wise and treats everyone with respect. His Tamers, Kara and Tara, provide enough love for him to last on for a life time. His motto is this: "We all are one in all and forever we will be." No one truly knows what it means, but he says it is about equality. For this, he is associated with the Neo Crest of Equality.

How's about that? We can have as many characters we want. I am thinking an international thing...but I want to hear your ideas!
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We can kinda cut unnecesary characters out if we feel we need to. Plus, I have an idea. If all the characters are on different continents, we each can write our own sections to it and then when they all meet, we'll mix.

I don't know where this thread should go...it's more of a manga-wannabe-thing and I wouldn't care if they moved it.
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Well, it's been placed in the fan fiction section, but that's where I think it belongs.

I'm only going to have two human characters, which makes it easier to do more with them. Also, I don't have to allow as much time for character development, allowing me to focus on the story more.

These two live in Redmond, Washington, which is where I'm going to start them.
David: Born in Redmond, he has lived there all his life. At the age of 10, he developed an intrest in computers. He has the answer to any computer-related question you could ever ask him. However, he has problems explaining the answers to people who don't know a lot about computers. Some of the words and phrases he uses in everyday conversation make what he says hard to understand at times. David is 16, and is homeschooled along with his twin, Eric (Their parents can't afford to send them to a decent private school and hate public schools).
Eric: David's twin brother. He doesn't look exactly like David, but he's close. While David became interested in computers at the age of 10, Eric got into electricity. He is to electricity as David is to computers: Ask him a question about that subject, and he'll know the awnser, even if you can't understand it when he explains it to you.
Eric and David have basically the same personallity: Neither will back down from any challenge unless their lives depend on it. They are very determined, but neither is very good in social situations. They rarely leave their house, and as a result live very isolated lives. People who visit the family are confused by the fact that David and Eric almost never talk to each other. The two have been so close that they don't need to say anything; they have an almost telepathic bond, and seem to be able to tell what each other is thinking.
David and Eric met their Digimon partners two years ago. They immeadeatly told their parents. Their mom almost fainted, while their dad had to be prevented from getting his gun and shooting the creatures. scince then, their parents have adjusted. David began studying Digimon and the digital world, while Eric was curious about the devices found with the Digimon. After David did some research, he discovered that the devices, called D3s, could be used to travel to the digital world. They go there often, and have learned a lot about the abilities of their digimon partners. They've learned about digivolution, and their digimon are able to digivolve to the ultimate level.

Terriermon: David's partner. Terriermon is very couragous, and won't back down from a challenge no matter what. He is also very protective of David.
Lopmon: Eric's partner. This Lopmon is a male. He is to Terriermon as Eric is to David: The two are twins, don't speak to each oher for the same reason as David and Eric, and have nearly identical personalities.
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Guest jalakl
What about an RPG? Does that count?

I've got five characters. Some of which I've mentioned once before.

---AKIRA--- [& Raidemon]:
Age 13
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Brief Profile: Akira plays on the school baseball team. He's a friendly person who thinks on his feet. He doesn't like Ivy too much, as she constantly gets on his case.

Rookie level
Brief Prof.: Good fighter, NOT a friendly type, at least, not at first. He doesn't belive in working with humans.

---IVY--- [& Aeromon]:
Age 13
Hometown: (same as above)
B.P.: Hard worker, loves playing sports, but is not on the school team. She's a decent cook, pretty social, however, she can get pretty hot-tempered easily. She doesn't like Akira much and just enjoys annoying him every now and then.

Rookie level
B.P.: A sad, yet relatively happy digimon. Aeromon doesn't like fighting.

---KAI--- [& Elecmon]:
Age 13
Hometown: (same as above)
B.P.: Enjoys computer technology, but is only learning about it and doesn't know a whole lot. He likes to theorize, though. He loves wearing his red and yellow bandana. Sometimes, he also has the daunting task of separating Akira and Ivy from their squabbles.

Rookie Level
B.P.: Cool and collected. Acts like a leader, yet seems to be more of a second-in-command type.

---JANICE--- [& Vixenmon]
Age 16
Hometown: (same as above)
B.P.: A take-charge kind of girl. Doesn't prefer procrastination. She's a very fashionable girl who seems to carry around her European bag everywhere she goes.

Champion level
B.P.: (Story [and digimon] varies depending on story settings)

---LIAM--- [& Dinohumon]
Age 16
Hometown: (same as above)
B.P.: Somewhat relaxed, yet somewhat restless. Often has something interesting to say. Enjoys rock and roll music.

Champion level
B.P.: (Story [and digimon] varies depending on story settings)

I'll edit those once I find out how the story is going to start out.
If you want digivolutions, let me know. ^_^

-Tony B.
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Ah...I might as...


We have too many characters here!

Good thing I stopped myself and noticed this.

How many characters are there right now? There's ten in the last character post alone!

Dude, I have written a digimon fanfic. I have twelve charactrers - six humans and six digimon - and it was HELL to write for them!! Somehow I managed to do it for 219 pages, but that's beside the point. IT WAS HELL ON EARTH!

I'm sorry, but you should not have allowed for so many characters to be created. It's a nice idea for an RPG, but there are too many here for this story to go very far. Trust me. I know. I'd suggest three humans and three digimon at most (following the idea of Tamers,) or just six humans or six digimon (following the idea of Frontier)

They creators of Digimon did this so that they could do better character developement. I mean, imagine the Hell they went through for 01. And then they had to do 02! Ack! I don't want to imagine that! It HURTS!

Look, you probably just wnat to have basic stereotypical characters. I know, I know, it's used, but speaking from personal experiance, for the good of this story, do it. I'd have the following:

Nerd character - glasses, really smart, but few friends. Quiet, but incredably smart and good at imrpovisation. Not quite like Jou or Izumi, but along those lines. If he makes friends with anyone in the group, it'll be with the Loner. Prefferably male in gender; and the digimon will likely be smart like the nerd, but more outgoing

Loner character - stays away from the group; doesn't get involved. Quiet, but even more so then the nerd character. Convinced that she's useless to the group, but has a special talant of some kind. She probably comes from poor upbringings. Think along the lines of Ken. Prefferably female in gender, and the digimon will probably be just as quiet and withdrawn, but more sure of herself

Ditz character - Completely unawear of the woreld around her. If told to bring 'only the essentials', that will likely include make-up and an industrial-sized hairdrier. Yet she can sometimes see through to things that others can't, although she likely doesn't even know that she's doing it. Think of Mimi, is very likely female. The digimon partner will either A) be just like the character, or B) be an ugly one but which shines with an inner beauty

"Holier-Then-Thou" character: Better then everyone else. Why? because it's just something he is. He doesn't have to be mean, and he doesn't have to be cruel, but he still probably thinks of himself as the greatest. Think ofTai, Daisuke, and Takuya. Can be either male or female character equaly. Digimon will share the same attitude as the human partner but is more realistic in it's veiws ("Of course I was afraid! I'm not Supermon!")

Joker character: Life is a joke. Why is life a joke? because when people fight over stupid peices of land, you have to remember to laugh sometimes. he always has a sarcastic remark or a quick joke ready, and they're fired off in equal proportions at all the other characters. But he, like the ditz, can sometimes see the world in a differant way. I can't really think of a character like this from a Digimon series, but if anyone here read Animorphs or Everworld, then marco and Christopher, respectively, are these characters. Digimon will be a carbon...sorry, a silicon...copy of the character, but knows when to be serious. Prefferably male

Jock/Bully character - Same idea of the Holier-Then-Thou character, but in a more muscular, stupid, Give-Me-Your-Lunch-Money way. In a Digiworld situation, he'll likely be the first to freak out and the last to charge into battle. Perhaps the only good point to this character is that he's also arrogant. While a "Holer-then-Thou" character may realise he's not the best, the same does not apply to this character. Think of Vegeta from DBZ. Male, always always always. Digimon is exactly like the human
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Well, according to Tamer_Zach, each writer will be focusing on the characters he or she creates, which solves not only the problem of managing all those characters, but also the problem of who writes about which characters. if people can handle development of larger numbers of characters, then let them do it. I couldn't, which is why I don't have many.
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[quote]Well, according to Tamer_Zach, each writer will be focusing on the characters he or she creates, which solves not only the problem of managing all those characters, but also the problem of who writes about which characters. if people can handle development of larger numbers of characters, then let them do it. I couldn't, which is why I don't have many.[/quote]

There's a problem with that, though. If each writer writes only for thier own characters, when we do not have one collective Digimon series, but rather four seperate fanfics. If one writer cannot pull in the other four characters for usage, then there's no point to calling this "Our OWN Digimon: Brought Into Effect". It should be more along the lines of "Our OWN Digimon: A Collective Mass of Disorienting Posts"

I've got a lot of experiance with this. When you have gone two seven Annual Meeting of the Board of Fanfic Villains, two of them which went on for more then 50 pages (of twenty-five posts per page), and where godmoding was not only allowed, but EXPECTED, then you can see disorientation from a mile away.

Please, listen to me on this. I know next to nothing, but this is one thing I do know: You're doing this the wrong way. What should really be done is this:

1) have people come up with humans/digimon/both, like you're doing now
2) Do many, many polls, electing and eliminating each character, until you're left with a predetermined ammount of humans/digimon/both - let's say for the sake of argument, five humans and five digimon
3) Pair off one human with one digimon
4) Find an ammount of people who wish to write for this.
5) Give them an order in which they shall write, and then they are responsible for every episode. For example, Sue is responisble for everything third episode, while bob is responsible for every fifth.
6) Write and pray. From then on, it's just write and pray

Otherwise - this is from personal experiance, again - all that is going to come of this is the following:

1) There will be many, many characters introducec
2) Nothing but characters will be introduced
3) People will stop posting here
4) This topic will fall behind and be forgotton

Or, if you're lucky,

1) People will make characters
2) People will start writing the episodes, but each set of characters is independent form one another
3) People stop posting
4) This topic will fall behind and be forgotton

I speak with experiance, again, and I cannot stress enough how many times I have seen this happen.

Not only that, but you're also going to have to collective come up with a storyline.

Example: When I was writing Neo Destined, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do five steps later. Even as I wrote down the first lines, I was thinking about how Zack was going to meet up with Sarah, John, Dana, Alex, and Kai. Even as Kai and Zack were being controled by Gorgonmon, I saw Zack falling in love with a Geistmon, while still loving Sarah. And even as I wrote that, I was planning out my next series, Neo Frontier, right up to the birth of Faith - which was the midpoint of the series.


Oh, and um, Zach? No offence, but Andros doesn't sound at all Japanese. I think it's Latin, actually, but that's beside the point. It should be more like Anudorosu, if I'm getting my romanji correct, but most Japanese names aren't more then 3 syllibles long. That one appears to be five. A-nu-do-ru-su. Andros is only two, but it's not Japanese...a problem

Constructive critisism
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Actually, having different people post with different characters doesn't mean that there will be many seperate, unconnected plots. It Tamers: V2, we've each taken a different group of characters and made our own plot threads, but they've all been connected. It doesn't take much effort to do. Also, there can be points where these characters meet up with each other, but it's not really requiered for a connected story. Trust me, I've got experiance with the different-people-writeing-for-different-characters method. It works if people try.
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Just because the country that Latins came from doesn't exist anymore, it doesn't mean there are no more Latin people. For a while there was no Germany, but there were still Germans. No Polland for a long time, but there were still Polish people. The same is true for Latin people. No country, but still the people.

And Revenge-2, if you don't think that thiss will work, you don't have to participate.
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I think by Latin he means latina, as in hispanic. Andros isn't a Spanish/Mexican/South American name either, though. Maybe he was from the KO-35 colony?

Just take a look at your phonebook under something like Velasquez or Martinez or some other really common Hispanic last name and you'll find a zillion perfect choices. If you need a Japanese name, check the credits of Batman Beyond. So much of its crew is Japanese that it should technically be considered an anime.

He's right about one thing: Planning ahead is essential. And anyone will tell you that the more characters you have, the harder they are to wrangle, and that goes quintuple for the amount of writers. Get it down to three writers max, and six DD/Digimon pairs max. (In a quintillion years I'll never figure out how the 01 writers managed to do it with eight. If I were doing a Digimon series there'd be five characters, six tops.) But if the plan is having a gazillion writers with a gazillion characters EACH, it goes without saying that that can only end up at the bottom of a sea of confusion.
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I think they managed to do eight because they gave each character an 'episode of thier own', where you got an intimate look at how they act. Especially durring the Devimon saga, when Devimon splits them up.

Hikari never really got one of those, though, did she? Poor her.

I think they could have more writters then just three, but certainly no more then six or seven. And, like I said, six characters total, weather they be humans, digimon, or some combonation of the two.

If you want to develop all the characters, that is. If you simply want to develop the humans and have the digimon as things which are conviniantly there (like in 01, which is probably how they managed to do the stuff they did), then you could have eight humans and as many digimon, and just ignore the digimon character developement.
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The Greeks influenced a nomadic group of people, who I believe were called the Eucretians, in many things, inclduing language. The Eucretians eventually migrated to Italy, upon which time they had become the Latins, as they spoke Latin, which had evolved from Greek.

For several years most of the powerful Latin tribes were in northern Italy, with a few smallers ones in central Italy, which probably traded with the Greek city-states which were on the coastlines of Southern Italy. Eventually, a few of the central Latin towns merged together to form Rome, upon which time the Romans were born unot this Earth.
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  • 2 weeks later...
A.C.E.: born in America age 15. his parents left him for dead when he was 5 after that he wanderd to Wisconsin were he ment Bit witch became his best friend.

Bit: Born in America age 15. he was born and raised in Wisconsin were he went to sword classes to master his ninja sword.When he was 11 he ment A.C.E. witch is his best friend.

Horndramon: Rookie level A.C.E.s digimon.He has a temper when A.C.E. gets hurt and can become the all mighty Cyberbulldramon,his evil brother has attacked the digial world many times.

Drilldramon: Rookie level A.C.E.s digimon.He hatched from the same egg as Horndramon but has a mild temper and becomes the all mighty Cyberspikedramon same as horndramon his evil brother Darkcyberbulldramon(he is both Horndramons and Drilldramons brother) has attacked the digial world many time.

Virusdramon: Rookie level Bits digimon.He is very kind and considerit to others but has a very ill temper towards Horndramon and Drilldramon but watches what he does not to upset Bit,and he has the power to become the all mighty Cyberkilldramon.

Bubbledramon: Rookie level Bits digimon.He has a very cool temper and rarely blows his top he hatched from thwe same egg as Virusdramon,he rarely says any thing to Drilldramon,and has the power to become the all mighty Cyberzerodramon.

Darkcyberbulldramon: Mega level A.C.E. First digimon.When this digimon hatched he was the evil Shadowhorndramon,though evil and unwilling he follows A.C.E. when hes in the digal world(hey,he may be evil but even bad guys have a heart[well some times{and of couse he hasn't forgoten the one who became his first friend}]).
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