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Accesories for the PS2


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While during some research for Final Fantasy XI, I realized that there would be system requirements. Among them were the following: BroadBand Unit (hard disk drive), compatible modem, keyboard and mouse. Now its to my understanding that a network adaptor would be the compatible modem, and I already have a keyboard.
Now I've heard about release dates for more on-line gaming supplies. The LogiTech USB Headset, used to chat with other gamers, will be released on May 15th. And also on May 15th, the LogiTech Optical Mouse is being released. All with plenty of time for Final Fantasy On-Line, which is being released November 4th.
But what about the BroadBand Unit, it was released in Japan in 2001, but what about here in the US?
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You are confused. Broadband has to do with modems and their speeds (aka DSL and Cable, etc). The Network Adapter can handle broadband as well as dialup internet connections.

FFXI is announced for E3 this year. They are already accepting beta testers for the PS2 version, and the hard disk (which is what you keep calling a BroadBand unit, which it's not) is done for US models.

It's supposed to be packed with FFXI in the US, for about $79 (seems really low, but whatever). There was little reason to release it here without a game that really needs it anyway, and at this point FFXI is the only one that requires it.
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