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Standing at the Window of my Mind


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[color=midnight][center]Standing at a window
Wondering what's inside,
I saw a million things fly past,
For all I had to hide.

A mitt from happy times gone past,
A song from days long gone,
A jacket from my younger days,
A picture of happiness for which I long.

These memories, at the window,
Cut deeper than a knife.
Has all my happiness disappeared?
Is there nothing left but strife?

I wonder, as the things fly by,
Of what things might have been
Had I been inside looking out,
Instead of outside looking in.

The happy times I look toward,
The sad times ahead to see.
All I am prepared for,
All that's coming to me.

Where will life take me next?
When will I find myself?
How will my life end at the last?
Am I damned to Hell?

I don't know what my future holds,
Nor do I have a plan.
All I know is to do what I must,
To do the best I can.

With fervor I look forward,
With joy I take her hand.
For next to her, I am free.
Leaning on her, I make my stand.

Can life get more complicated?
Can joy ever cease flowing?
I look toward the future with her,
Neither of us truly knowing....[/center][/color]

[color=teal]Something I wrote today in C-5, after Stephanie, my girlfriend, whispered that she didn't care what my future or past was, as long as I stayed by her. I know it sucks. Well, I promised. And I keep my promises, no matter the personal cost. Even if it means giving up my PS2 for an hour a day, the attachment WILL be me and her in 6 years. I PROMISE!!!!! [/color]
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Thats nice. I thinks it one of the best peoms I heard for centurys! It takes me back to the old days when me and my mates used to write peoms with a stick, with back in them days were red because of the war and all, so any way the immporant thing was I had a stick...And what was I talking about???
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IT is verry good. BTW u should change the pic, she edited so the girl had blond hair, I saw it, looks really good. BUt the poem, I love it. I'm gonna start writing again. And BTW DON'T TA KNOW HOW TO TELL UR SISTER HI ONCE IN A WHILE?!? Hummmm?? Lol, well Still, Ya could improve on the flowing of the poem ,the word choice and the way u set it up are asome, Great job, 10/10 ^_^
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