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OB Battle Tournament - Come One, Come All


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[quote][size=1][b]People In[/b]
Bayushi Yojiro - Zerosaber007
Tate - Tatum-X (possibly dummy now)
Xra - Xra
Link - Krillen
Nomoku - aYokano
Donnie Yen- AJeh
Jet Li - Psyco
Terrence Kittana - Juuthena
Conan The Barbarian -
Bruce Lee - Shinobi
Vegeta - Schratn9
Velius Excalibur - Tasis
Arano Karakkaze - Medra
Lacrois s'Xalerian - The Harlequin
Sango - G.D. Ryoko
Draguul - Draguul

[b]Table (Click Link to View)[/b]

[b]Current Matches[/b]
Bayushi Yojiro vs Tate
Xra vs Link[/quote]The two pairs of fighters are lead in different directions, and taken to separate areas, apart from each other by around 200 metres.

In front of both pairs of fighters.. a heavy-set cube-shaped steel cage of about 30 feet in length, floors covered with random thrown in items. Magazines, toilet roll, baseball bats.. not necessarily weapons. The four are lead into their cages, the only gate in locked and bolted shut.

They search the floor for anything of damaging value. Nothing. Just random obstacles to trip over. It seemed they would have to duke it out hand-to-hand first...

[b]During matches, I'll thrown in your weapons when it gets dull.
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OOC:This is just an Intro to the battle, I will allow Xra to start the actual fight.

[i][color=limegreen]Link and Xra step into 1 of the 2 cages. Since Xra only has the blades on the back of his hands, Link decides not to bring along his Master Sword or Shield. They walk to the center, shake hands, and walk away with their backs facing eachother.[/color][/i]

[b]Link:[/b][color=green]Well, I guess I'll have to rely on my evasive maneuvers and physical attacks to get through this one. Good Luck Xra![/color]

[b]Xra:[/B][color=royalblue]Same to you Link, may the toughest man win![/color]

[i][color=limegreen]Link pivots his boots to the ground, locks his legs in place, and moves into his battle stance. Xra does the same. They stare off for about 10 seconds, and with smirk on Links face, Link dashes towards Xra and the battle Begins.[/color][/i]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AJeh [/i]
[B][size=1]During matches, I'll thrown in your weapons when it gets dull.
;)[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Like Hell you will...

-- -- -- --
[i]Arano immedietly frowned. Caged fighting? What kind of barbaric land was this? He came to fight, not be pinned like some wild beast. With this outrage, he kept his weapon close. Should anyone try to remove and/or confiscate it, they would be missing an arm or head.

He eyed the fighters stepping up to do battle in the cage...and shook his hed slowly, still frowning. What is the purpose of a true fight if it is interefered with? How could such wholly physical limitations show nothing but a handicap?

Arano stepped away from viewing the bout. It was nothing of interest if the warriors could not fight with their own accord...
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"Huh!?! The fight bega-" POW!! Xra got punched square in the face by link, knocking him down. He quickly gets back up and holds his head.

"OWW!! That hurt." He continued to rub his head.

"What are you talking about? Your face is like steel. I almost broke my hand!" Link shouted back.

"Let's just stick to body shots."

Now it was Xra lunging in toward Link. His hand was slightly extended, upside down. Link dodged out of the way and Xra bounded back and ended up locking fists with Link. Soon Link found out Xra's blades were digging into his wrists. Link scrambled out of the clash.

"Why didn't you bring a sword Link?"

"Cause I thought it would be unfair" He started wiping the blood off the wound."

"O, come on. I've been on tons of adventures. I've gotten stabbed a couple of times. Hey ref, bring in Link's sword, it's getting a little boring."

The sword is thrown in and Link grabs it.

"Ok, now I warn you. I'm quite skilled with this sword."

"Bring it on!"
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[i][COLOR=limegreen]Link dashes at Xra with incredible speed. Link jabs his sword at Xra, but Xra dodges it by jumping into the air above Link. As Xra falls, he takes a swift kick at Links head. Link slides to the right and Xra's foot just misses Link. Link grabs Xra's foot and swings him around in a fashion that would campare it to Mario swinging Boswer around. By ths time Link is spinning so fast that it almost looks like a tornado is present in the cage.[/COLOR][/i]

[B]Xra:[/B] [COLOR=royalblue]Uh-oh![/COLOR]

[i][COLOR=limegreen]At a tremendous speed, Link tosses Xra across the arena and Xra gets impounded into the cage wall leaving a huge dent![/COLOR][/i]

[B]Xra:[/B] [COLOR=royalblue]Ouch! Thats it Link! No friendly fighting, Im going all out!!![/COLOR]

[B]Link:[/B] [COLOR=green]Thats the spirit Xra, come and get some![/COLOR]

[i][COLOR=limegreen]Xra pries himself from the cage wall and falls to his feet. Kneeling to the ground he mumbles words to himself, probably to boost his confidence. He rises from the ground and charges at Link in attck position. His claws extract from his fists and he swings them conintuously at Link. Link dodges one after another as he moves at great speeds. But Link is not so lucky after a while. Xra continues to swing his fists at Link, Link draws his sword and tries to deflect his razor sharp claws, but to no avail is sword is knocked out of his hands and falls out of the cage. [/COLOR] [/i]

[b]Link:[/b][COLOR=green]Oh no! My Sword![/COLOR]

[i][COLOR=limegreen]With a smirk on Xras face he kicks Link in the chest, sending him to the cage wall with extrordinary force. As he hits the wall a piece of the cage falls. Link decides to use it as a weapon therefore it is shaped like a crowbar(sp?). Without saying a word, Link throws the Crowbar at Xra, hitting him on the head as he falls to the ground in pain. Link jumps into the air and body slams Xra as the tiled floor rumbles. With a cough of blood from Xra's mouth he pushes Link off of him and becomes enraged. They go back into their battle stances away from eachother.[/COLOR] [/i]
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I'm going to asume tate is a dummy. So I'm gonna have some quick fun

yojiro stood in the corner with his katana sheathed. Tate was on the other end of the arena the referee said go and youjiro stood there. He was waiting. Tate then came after him. Suddenly yojiro sweep kicked him as soon as he got to him and pinned him against the ground by his neck

Yojiro: Do you work for the tower!

Tate: (Cough) what (cough)

Yojiro: Don't play games with me boy !

Yojiro picked him up by his throat and threw him against the wall as hard as he could making a dent in the arena bars. He then was on him again picking him up by his throat.

Yojiro: Do you work for the tower!!

Tate (cough) what tower what are you talking abou...

yojiro kneed him in the stomach at that point. Tate started coughing up blood.

Yojiro: Last time do u work for the tower

Tate: No i don't know what your talking about ( tate went unconcious at that point)

Yojiro:(softly) I guess he doesn't know no one could take that much abuse and not tell me. Fine now i know its not him.

Yojiro throws the limp body on the floor and the crowd goes wild. The judges throw in his katana. Yojiro attaches it to his obi and tells the judges he is going to let him live.
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The crowd went suddenly deathly quiet, as they realised that the match had already ended. They booed and tried to throw empty popcorn boxes and the likes through the cage. Yojiro could've atleast taken his time and given the crowd what they wanted.

As he began to make his way to the cage door, Yojiro noticed Tournament officials walking his way. And he realised that they would not accept such a short battle so easily. He stopped casually, and waited for the announcement.

[b][color=red]Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the OB Tournament Head Co-ordinator speaking. We have an important announcement to make, which we are sure would interest you all very much. We would first ask you to remain calm, and return to your seats. Refreshments will be brought round again immediately. Tate has decided to forfeit his first round match against Bayushi Yojiro. As according to our rules, if any match is ended in any way within the space of the initial two minutes, then the winner must take another match against another fighter! Ladies and gentlemen... KAISUKE![/b][/color]

The crowd roared in excitement once again. Yojiro let out an annoyed sigh. The cage walls collapsed outwardly, onto a part of the crowd below, that had gotten out of their seats to get a better view (or a better popcorn shot at Yojiro).

A few more officials came with a young man following closely behind.

So this was the one who had only come 17th..

There. Now that gives zerosaber a fight to get into round two. No easy way 'round on this RPG =p[/size]
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This is legit, i checked with Ajeh, so i won't go crazy. He said to keep it fair so I will
Just then, the judge notices Xra's eyes turn red and start to bulk up.

The judge says a little scornfully, "Hey, no powers!"

"Can't go..back...but I'll..stop in the middle...."

Xra gets a little calm. He was still Xra, but a little taller and got a little hairy. His blades were closer to his fingers too.

"Don't worry Link, I just have a new look. Nothing changed, except im not gonna let up!"

With his last statement he lunged for Link, fists closed and landed a punch, right into his chest. Link staggered to regain balence, spit some blood out of his mouth and lunged at Xra once more...
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