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A Blind Man's Crusade [poem]

DarK DeatH

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A Blind Man's Crusade

I can see
what you see not,
shadows, fear
and what is not.

Burning souls
and blades of steel,
that you can't mourn
if you can't feel.

Maybe now
it's time to go,
to go to a place
where nothing you will know.

Where it's ashes to ashes
and dust to dust,
where maybe it's a lightning flash
maybe it's a wind gust.

Where trust can burn
and betrayal can kill,
where a cold wind can be hot
and your spirit can feel.

Like the burning souls,
like the blades of steel,
that once you fear
forever you will feel.
Hello, I am a newbie, as you could probably have noticed already.
How do ya all like my poem?
BTW, can someone tell me how do i put an image on my signature? the [img] thing is not working for me =/
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[color=black][size=1][font=rockwell] Pretty good. The poem itself is nice and concise most of the time, and that's what I believe makes for some of the better poetry.

The words are pretty nice as well, and the poem as a whole has a flow. I'd mess with some of the stanzas, though; tweak them. I do it often right before I post any of my poetry. Shall I give an example?

Burning souls
[strike]and[/strike] what blades of steel,
[strike]that you can't[/strike] cold-mourned to the tip [strike]mourn[/strike]
if you can't feel.

Maybe now
it's time to go,
[strike]to go to a place[/strike] to let it go
[strike]where[/strike] for it's nothing you will know.

Not necessarily better or anything there, just mainly showing that it's good to tinker with poems like this.[/color][/size][/font]
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I see... though sometimes it's a bit hard to me to do that, as English is not my main language, so most of the times I use a very basic vocabulary XD
But thanks anyways, I will try to remember that next time I make a poem ^^
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