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More drawings..


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I got pretty bored this week since I couldn't go on the internet, so I made a bunch of sketches and stuff. O_O I made ALL of these in one day, and I haven't drawn much since. I guess that's a good thing in some ways. Whenever I draw in front of somebody, the first thing that usually pops out of their mouth is, "How do you draw so FAST?"


They're mostly sketches, and the in the colored ones, the skin may looks funny since I had to color it orange since I lost my peach colored pencil...^_^ And I drew the Sora and Cloud pics from memory, so it may look different from the original clothing.
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[size=1]Yay, more anime_gurl stuff. ^_^

Very cool, as per always.

I'd like to see something you've spent more time on, too. Shaded and stuff; lots of those would look fantastic as finished works.[/size]
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