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The power of one.


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Right, this is one I have wrote and printed out millons of times. I first wrote this when I was only 8. I am now tring it AGAIN and I knew straight away any body here could help. Here goes...

I'm max. I have a brother (more like a pet) called Alex. We loved our old house, but we had to move. I didn't want to. I would kill to stop my parents if I knew the trouble that house could cause. That house ruined my life. Here is my story...

So, we moved to the city of malix in the middle of winter. Our house was very old, the trees caved over it like walls of caves. There was someting strange about this house. Very strangr...
I walked into the house. I was big. No, it was huge, and empty. Alex rushed inside. I shuved my hands into my pocket.
"Mmm, snot very light. It feels, horrible. I like my old home." I mumbled to myself.

Ok, some one start it of now...
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